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Fab Friday 5 + Spider-Man Nail Art!

17 May

Hey friends, hope y’all have been having a fabulous week! I’ve been so busy I can barely keep track of the days! I had my annual meeting (big to-do) at my primary job plus at my design job, I’ve got 2 orders of books (one of which is already complete, wooooo!) plus it’s wedding season so I’m a busy girl! Of course it’s never all work and no play for this vegan, and I’ve managed to find some time to paint my nails and even see a few friends and have a couple of drinks. And! I’ve managed to put together a fabulous five for this week:

  1. This week’s favorite tumblr is, hands down, disneyunhappilyeverafter, which features Disney characters in much more realistic situations. (trigger warnings for images depicting: drug use, animal abuse, racism)
  2. Lots of really good posts this week about street harassment. Check out this one about “Walking While Fat and Female” which contains possibly the best quote ever about the claim that “not all men are like that”:

    “You telling me that not all men do that doesn’t make my walk, or drive, or existence safer. It makes it more challenging to say, “This happened and it was wrong.” It makes it harder to call out this behavior for what it is — misogynistic, sexist, rape culture bullsh*t behavior. I don’t care that not all men are like this. I care that it happens.”

  3. Check out this super pretty mani from the Bookish Manicurist (whose blog I adore soooo much!!). I would never have the patience for a galaxy manicure (so many layers!) but I love seeing them:
  4. Have you seen the evil cow meme? If not, you are missing out! (I know this is kinda old but it’s trending among vegan tumblrs right now and I had never seen it before lol)
  5. I am so freaking happy that Kimber is back and posting so many beautiful pictures! I don’t know how she does it (I’m sure it involves a nicer camera than my cell phone and probably a lightbox and a little patience lol) but regardless, I love everything she photographs, including this fabulous new polish from Philly Loves Lacquer (vegan and cruelty free! And who doesn’t love everything about Philly??)

I didn’t want to run off without showing off some nail art of my own, so I tried my hand (pun lol) at nail stamping again tonight… and it was a complete and utter failure haha. It’s a work in progress I guess! Lots of practice, I’m sure I’ll get there someday. PLUS I broke a nail at the gym (did I mention my sister and I go to the gym like EVERY DAY now? so. much. fun…..) yesterday and I had to replace it with a false one and it just looks a little too weird and..  yeah, no nail stamping. BUT I do have this little gem from a couple of weeks ago:

2014-04-29 20.45.11

I did this in honor of the new Amazing Spider-Man movie released at the beginning of May. I’m lucky I had my step dad around to take me because the rest of my friends/family were too busy/uninterested. I’m not going to review the movie (short-and-sweet-version: major plot gaps – even bigger than the first movie – but if you don’t overanalyze, you will enjoy it) because I had a good time (and Andrew Garfield is not unpleasant to look at for 2 hours) and that’s what counts. I did this nail art using Into the Night from OPI’s Amazing Spider-Man Collection (appropriate, right?) and Wet N Wild I Red a Good Book plus Art Club White striping polish. All freehand, as made obvious by the mediocre art haha. I liked it, though, and it was a big hit at the movie and before.

So that’s it for me for now. I’ll probably give stamping another shot tomorrow — 10th time’s the charm? — and get back to you on the results haha. Also I’m taking a break for Memorial Day and going to visit my friends in Philly and then off to DC for a night to have a bit of a (well-deserved) vacation. Idk if I will post or not, it’ll depend on my mood. Thanks all and have a great weekend!

PS: It occurred to me that I am not appropriately tagging my posts on this blog with trigger warnings!! It’s second-nature to me on my main blog, idk why I would be stingy here but I guess it just didn’t occur to me! Starting today, everything will be appropriately tagged with “[insert trigger here] tw” so you can block appropriately. If you have a specific trigger you need labeled (even if it’s an unusual one), just contact me and I’ll accommodate!


Fabulous Friday 5

6 Sep

Friday morning! Coffee! Pay day! New polish Friday! Oh my!!

Right. So, it’s Fabulous Friday here at Vegan Nail Art, Baby, hope you’re ready for it because I’m sure not.

  1. Fellow vegan and nail art blogger The Bookish Manicurist did this spicy little number for this week’s Mish Mash Challenge. The theme of which was “hot.” I love the simplicity of the design, the bold colors, the variety in the design on each nail and, of course, that all the polishes are vegan!
  2. Samantha over at Incidental Twin put me on her blog and has my swatch up in her etsy shop! (insert shameless self promotion here)
  3. Pigs are as smart as dogs! (actually they’re probably smarter than most children) So why do we love dogs but eat pigs?

    From the Of Course Vegan‘s blog:

    The lead scientist for the project is Lori Marino, a lecturer in psychology at Emory University who has conducted extensive research on the intelligence of whales, dolphins and primates. She plans to review existing scientific literature on farm animals’ intelligence, identify areas warranting new research, and prepare reports on her findings that would be circulated worldwide via social media, videos and her personal attendance at scientific conferences. “I want to make sure this is all taken seriously,” Marino said in an interview. “The point is not to rank these animals but to re-educate people about who they are. They are very sophisticated animals.”

    PS Of Course Vegan also did this great post about Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik

  4. Holy snap to the heavens, Seche is doing nail color now! Yes, as in Seche Vite. Color. What can I say except…

    Of course there’s no where near me that even sells Seche Vite, let alone their color polishes. Anyway, Set in Laquer did a bunch of swatches (lucky lucky) so definitely check those out. According to Set in Laquer, they are one coat polishes. Here are the colors they’re doing:
  5. One of my favorite fandom polish makers, LynBDesigns (I’m sure you remember her from TioT and my weekend mani a couple Fridays ago) just hit 2000 likes on Facebook! To celebrate, she put together an awesome giveaway. All her polishes are vegan so go enter!

Weekend mani

I’m working all weekend (boo) and I’ve actually got someone coming today to have their nails painted (what? am I starting a salon? No, I’ve just offered manicures as part of my local time bank. It’s going to be the first manicure I do on another person, too, so wish me luck!) so I’m not doing anything fancy to my nails. Sorry. In fact, I’m not even going to give you an image of my weekend nails, instead I’m going to give you an oldie-but-goodie picture from when I first got my stamper. My stamper was one of the things that really made me want to nail blog, so we owe this pic a lot:

2013-07-15 20.29.55

This mani is from… Wow, July 15th, 2013. Seems like soooo long ago! The colors I used were

  • Base color: OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! Okay Fine! from their Germany Collection (you may notice I use a lot from the Germany collection — that’s because my sister bought me the set 🙂
  • Stamp color: Uhhhhhhh. Idk it was so long ago! But it was probably… OPI That’s Hot Pink


Six is for… Salad! But not the boring kind of salad. Oh no, it’s the Vegan Stoner nom nom nom kind of salad! Enjoy!