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Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge: Music (Ke$ha-inspired Border Nails)

28 Aug

Okay, so Ke$ha came to Vermont this past weekend and obv, I had to go. (You’re wondering why I love Ke$ha? Oh bb, there are so many reasons). And it was the most amazing, transcendent, life-affirming concert experience of my life. Ke$ha in hot pants? Check. Ke$ha in a sparkly, rainbow leotard? Check. Gay rights activism at a pop show? Check. Sexual objectification of hot, ab-defined men? Check PLUS.  Fire? Glitter? Confetti?? CHECK CHECK AND CHECKMATE. Did I literally dance my ass off? Yes. Would I got again? In a heartbeat. I think I’m in love. Ke$ha says she’s not getting married until any 2 people in the United States regardless of sexuality or gender identification can get married. I’VE BEEN SAYING THE SAME THING FOR YEARS. It’s destiny. Meet Ke$ha, my unofficial finance.

Anywayyyy… this week’s Mish Mash challenge could not have been more ideal! Going to see Ke$ha, I obv had to do Ke$ha-inspired nails for this challenge. (If you haven’t checked out her fabulous nail art, GO GOOGLE RIGHT NOW)

She has so many fantastic nail designs, but unlike Ke$ha, I don’t have a dedicated make up team to put mine together. It’s just little old, 11-hour work days, 6 days a week work days me over here, and —

So I picked one of her simpler designs, border mani. Check out how classy and pretty it is:

God, she’s just so perf, I can’t even — UNNFF

Anyway, here’s my version:


And here’s now to do it!


  • Base polish (that’s the beige above)
  • Black Sharpie marker (you’re all like say what Sharpies on my nails?? but just trust me)
  • Hairspray (now you’re really wondering what’s up haha)
  • Rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs
  • Top and base coats (I use Seche Vite for my top ALWAYS and Smoother Operator for my base)
  • Something sparkly for your accent nail

Step 1: Prime your nails with some base coat. This is not optional.

Step 2: Paint 2-3 coats of your base color. The more polish between your permanent marker border and your nail, the better, IMO.

Step 3: After your base color is super, super dry, take your Sharpie marker and outline your nail. Don’t worry about getting some on your skin (we’ll take care of that in a sec, promise). Depending what you’re doing for an accent nail, you might want to leave the outline off that nail.

Step 4: After your nails are bordered, carefully, gently spray a super thin coat of hairspray over your nails. Let that dry for awhile (this prevents the marker from smearing) before moving onto the next step.

Step 5: After your hairspray is dry, you can use your top coat.

Step 6: Accent nail: So Ke$ha put some bling on hers. I didn’t have that, but I did have some gold polish and the silver hexagon glitter polish from Color Club seen above.

Step 7: Clean up your cuticles (which no doubt are covered in Sharpie) with the rubbing alcohol.

That’s all it took! It was a pretty quick mani, actually, and I really liked it. Loads of compliments at the concert.

The polishes I used were:

  • Base color: OPI Don’t Pretzel My Buttons (from their Germany collection)
  • Accent nail base color: Wet N Wild The Gold and the Beautiful
  • Glitter bling accent color: Silver hexagon glitter polish from Color Club (had no name on it, sorry!)

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