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Fab Friday 5 + Spider-Man Nail Art!

17 May

Hey friends, hope y’all have been having a fabulous week! I’ve been so busy I can barely keep track of the days! I had my annual meeting (big to-do) at my primary job plus at my design job, I’ve got 2 orders of books (one of which is already complete, wooooo!) plus it’s wedding season so I’m a busy girl! Of course it’s never all work and no play for this vegan, and I’ve managed to find some time to paint my nails and even see a few friends and have a couple of drinks. And! I’ve managed to put together a fabulous five for this week:

  1. This week’s favorite tumblr is, hands down, disneyunhappilyeverafter, which features Disney characters in much more realistic situations. (trigger warnings for images depicting: drug use, animal abuse, racism)
  2. Lots of really good posts this week about street harassment. Check out this one about “Walking While Fat and Female” which contains possibly the best quote ever about the claim that “not all men are like that”:

    “You telling me that not all men do that doesn’t make my walk, or drive, or existence safer. It makes it more challenging to say, “This happened and it was wrong.” It makes it harder to call out this behavior for what it is — misogynistic, sexist, rape culture bullsh*t behavior. I don’t care that not all men are like this. I care that it happens.”

  3. Check out this super pretty mani from the Bookish Manicurist (whose blog I adore soooo much!!). I would never have the patience for a galaxy manicure (so many layers!) but I love seeing them:
  4. Have you seen the evil cow meme? If not, you are missing out! (I know this is kinda old but it’s trending among vegan tumblrs right now and I had never seen it before lol)
  5. I am so freaking happy that Kimber is back and posting so many beautiful pictures! I don’t know how she does it (I’m sure it involves a nicer camera than my cell phone and probably a lightbox and a little patience lol) but regardless, I love everything she photographs, including this fabulous new polish from Philly Loves Lacquer (vegan and cruelty free! And who doesn’t love everything about Philly??)

I didn’t want to run off without showing off some nail art of my own, so I tried my hand (pun lol) at nail stamping again tonight… and it was a complete and utter failure haha. It’s a work in progress I guess! Lots of practice, I’m sure I’ll get there someday. PLUS I broke a nail at the gym (did I mention my sister and I go to the gym like EVERY DAY now? so. much. fun…..) yesterday and I had to replace it with a false one and it just looks a little too weird and..  yeah, no nail stamping. BUT I do have this little gem from a couple of weeks ago:

2014-04-29 20.45.11

I did this in honor of the new Amazing Spider-Man movie released at the beginning of May. I’m lucky I had my step dad around to take me because the rest of my friends/family were too busy/uninterested. I’m not going to review the movie (short-and-sweet-version: major plot gaps – even bigger than the first movie – but if you don’t overanalyze, you will enjoy it) because I had a good time (and Andrew Garfield is not unpleasant to look at for 2 hours) and that’s what counts. I did this nail art using Into the Night from OPI’s Amazing Spider-Man Collection (appropriate, right?) and Wet N Wild I Red a Good Book plus Art Club White striping polish. All freehand, as made obvious by the mediocre art haha. I liked it, though, and it was a big hit at the movie and before.

So that’s it for me for now. I’ll probably give stamping another shot tomorrow — 10th time’s the charm? — and get back to you on the results haha. Also I’m taking a break for Memorial Day and going to visit my friends in Philly and then off to DC for a night to have a bit of a (well-deserved) vacation. Idk if I will post or not, it’ll depend on my mood. Thanks all and have a great weekend!

PS: It occurred to me that I am not appropriately tagging my posts on this blog with trigger warnings!! It’s second-nature to me on my main blog, idk why I would be stingy here but I guess it just didn’t occur to me! Starting today, everything will be appropriately tagged with “[insert trigger here] tw” so you can block appropriately. If you have a specific trigger you need labeled (even if it’s an unusual one), just contact me and I’ll accommodate!


Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge — Black & White

12 Feb

Hey check me out! Posting the Mish Mash on time 🙂

So This week’s mish mash theme is black and white which is absolutely perfect because that’s my favorite color combination! Well, actually my favorite color combination is black, white and pink. I’ve based my entire apartment and wardrobe off this color scheme, so obviously I had to cheat and use pink for the mish mash.

2014-02-11 22.12.57Believe it or not, I did this mani entirely freehand, no tape. I went into this without a real plan, except I knew I wanted a white base, black tips and to sneak some pink in there. I started with a base coat of China Glaze White on White and used LA Colors Metallic Pink and a striping brush to make a clean line diagonally from one side of my nail to the tip. After that dried, I used my Art Club Black striping brush to make a clean line over the pink line and then filled in the top triangle. It was fantastically easy to create this look using just striping brushes.

That’s it for me, but I’ll see y’all on Friday! Don’t forget to check out the other gorgeous manicures from the other challenge ladies 🙂

A Fabulous Mish Mash Saturday — and Short Nail Reveal!

1 Feb

I was definitely planning to post this on Thursday so I would be only a day late on my mish mash and a day early on my fab 5 (one day late, one day early, it cancels out to make me on time), but then as usual, I got busy and now I’m late on both 😦 Sorry!

Okay so big change this week! I decided to file my nails wayyy down! Short nails are trending right now, and I felt like I needed a mini-nail make over. Personally, I’m not in love with the look of short nails — I think they make my fingers look stumpy — but they’re a lot easier to manage and shape, plus they don’t interfere as much with my typing (which I do constantly due to my jobs and my blogs). Besides, they’ll grow back 🙂

So this week’s mish mash challenge theme is “green” which gives me an excellent chance to show off a polish I’ve been secretly in love with — Ellagee Get Away from Her, You Bitch! 2014-01-29 22.19.04

This polish is amazing because it glows in the dark. I tried to get a photo of it for you, but my camera absolutely refuses to pick up the glow-in-the-dark bits. My photo of this in the dark looks like this:

2014-01-29 22.22.08Can you see it? haha. If you go to Ellagee’s shop, though, someone did manage to get a nice image.

As you can see in the top image, I did a little green stroke across my nails and added gems for fun. I used Ellagee Glass (my all time favorite) for my top coat.

Speaking of the Mish Mash challenge, let’s get down to this week’s fabulous f’Saturday five (or perhaps we should call it the Spectacular Saturday 6?).

  1. As always, I like to feature one of my fellow mish mashers as number one in my top five, and this week it’s definitely Nail Art Novice with her block-style nail art! She used all 40 of her green nail polishes, and if that’s not dedication idk what is. And, on top of it all, it’s a beautiful manicure.
  2. You probably remember I did a lot of swatching this past week and last, including Sue.me Lacquer’s first collection and I’m pleased to tell you all that her shop is live! Her polishes are now available for purchase on Etsy and Storevy.
  3. I am so happy, I might cry — Lolita, the beautiful orca that has been enslaved by the Miami Seaquarium for over 40 years finally has a chance at freedom. I’ve probably mentioned Lolita before, if not on this blog, she comes up a lot on my main blog, but for those who don’t know much about Lolita: she is an orca captured at a young age in the last live-capture of orcas in Puget Sound and sent to prison at the Miami Seaquarium where she has been forced to perform for forty years. She has been without another orca since 1980. She also lives in a tank so small, it is actually considered illegal. Sadly, she has been excluded from the Endangered Species Act which would have protected her because of some totally bs grandfather laws. And now, at last, ALDF (Animal Legal Defense Fund) has gotten her protection under the Endangered Species Act and she might finally be able to retire. For more information about Lolita and her life, please watch Lolita: Slave to Entertainment. It’s an old documentary (2005) so just remember she’s been suffering for almost 10 years since that movie was made.
  4. So on Wednesday, I did some swatching for Rainbow Honey and I want to remind you that you can get $5 off your next order if you use the code ILOVENAILBLOGS at www.rainbowhoney.com. Also, if you want to see a couple more swatches, Sassypaints2012 also did some (and her photos are a lot nicer than mine!) so check that out too.
  5. For those of my readers planning to sit down and watch the Super Bowl tomorrow, please remember that chickens are the real losers at the Super Bowl 😦 please consider a healthier, cruelty-free snack option to enjoy with your game! And good luck to whichever team you’re rooting for 🙂



Six is for Sh*tty Things Celebs Have Said — my new favorite Tumblr. If you’re ever wondering what a celebrity has done that was harmful or offensive toward a group of people, this tumblr keeps track of it all. Sadly, there’s A LOT of information on it (because celebs do and say a lot of crappy stuff). It’s organized by tags so if you’re looking for a specific asshat celeb — like say Jared Padalecki — you can just type into your address bar: shittythingscelebshavesaid.tumblr.com/tagged/Jared-Padalecki (or change Jared-Padalecki to any other celebrity such as Jennifer-Lawrence) and voila, at your fingertips you have all the evidence you need to demonstrate to your friends that while, yes, you enjoy a certain actor’s roles you do not necessarily agree with their choices/hate speech.

Okay, I’ve got the day off which means I have 10000 things to do, so I’m off to accomplish things! Make sure you check out the other cute manis by the ladies of Kimber’s Mish Mash challenge! And have a great weekend 🙂

Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge: Favorite Nail Art Technique

26 Jan

Okay, I admit I’m a bit late posting this one — actually, I basically just finished my manicure like 10 minutes ago, but hey, I’m a busy lady.

This week’s mish mash challenge theme was “favorite nail art technique” which basically left me two choices — French tips or taping. I love, love, love French tips, but I had conveniently already painted my nails yesterday with China Glaze Turn It Up Turquoise, so I thought taping was the way to go.

2014-01-25 19.53.27

I made this crosshatch looking by placing random strips of striping tape at different angles across my nails (I do my whole hand before I use polish — it’s easier that way in my experience), then I just painted over them, removing the tape as I went. As I mentioned, my base coat is China Glaze Turn It Up Turquoise which I applied in a flurry yesterday because I couldn’t, god forbidden, leave the house with bare nails, and the top coat is my January pick from Color Me Monthly: Seven Sisters.

I hope you all enjoyed my swatches from Sue.me Lacquer yesterday, I’ve got another bout of swatching coming up because I just received some Rainbow Honey samples in the mail. I hope you’re all looking forward to another round of reviews!

Don’t forget to take a look at the other beautiful favorite technique manis from the challenge ladies!

A Fabulous Mish Mash Challenge

11 Jan

Helloooo friends! Sorry I was away again, I actually had a visitor this past week so I was rather distracted. Back now, though, so let’s get on with our Friday Five!

  1. This week’s mish mash challenge theme was inspired by a decade! I love The Bookish manicurist’s fabulous 1950’s inspired nail art and had to share with you! (I *did* do this week’s challenge, btw — it’s at the bottom of this post!)
  2. Zoya (vegan, cruelty-free!) is doing a crazy sale — AKA FREE NAIL POLISH. 3 bottles for free! Just pay shipping (comes to usually about $12). This sale only goes for 2 more days, so get it while it’s hot
  3. Guess who named a polish?? This girl right here! Just found out my girl Sam over at Incidental Twin has officially listed a polish I had custom made and then named. You can buy my custom named polish HERE!
  4. GRRRR so sick of white men making it harder for women* to get access to abortion.
  5. I’m so freaking jealous of the people who received this Vegan Cuts Beauty Box (sadly I gave up my monthly box now that my student loans are coming due).


Six is for sex! 5 reasons vegans have better sex. I think this article speaks for itself.

Now for the mish mash challenge! The theme was inspired by a decade, so obv I chose the roaring 20s! I decided to go with a little art deco Gatsby-inspired art

2014-01-10 23.37.39

I started with a base coat of E.L.F. Pot of Gold (from their Disney Villains collection) then overlaid some nail art tape in various designs and painted over them with LA Colors black. Super, super easy haha. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Don’t forget to check out the other fabulous decade-inspired manicures this week!

Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge: Favorite Color

2 Jan

Happy 2014 everyone!! I hope you all had an amazing New Year’s Eve and that you ended 2013 on a bang! I had a fabulous end to 2013 but as for 2014… Let’s just say, it can go nowhere but up from here haha.

Idk if you all get into those crazy new year’s resolutions, but I hope you do! I love resolutions because they’re so full of hope! And even if you don’t keep up with them, at least you tried, you know?

So my resolutions for 2014 are…

  1. Remove genderized/sexualized/body-part-specific insults from my vocabulary
  2. Cut back on swearing (LOL yeah a bit lofty for me, I know)
  3. Procrastinate less

I’m pretty satisfied with the ones I chose this year. I’m pretty confident I can at least do #1 and #2, the last one might be a little difficult haha. I was fairly successful with my resolutions from last year — stop texting while driving (my friend called me up drunk NYE 2012 and made me swear to do this lol) and stop weighing myself on the scale. I had some breakdowns on the 2nd one, but overall I did alright!

How about you guys, what resolutions did you have last year? Did you succeed in any of them? What about this year? I wish you all so much success!!

In accordance with resolution #3, I’m here to complete my Mish Mash challenge on time! This week’s theme was “Favorite Color” and I had to make a decision — favorite color of nail polish in my collection? Or favorite color of anything ever? Well, my favorite color is red, but I wasn’t really digging it for New Year’s Eve, so I picked instead my favorite color of nail polish in my collection. Of course, there was a tie for my favorite, so I chose two colors!

2014-01-01 19.20.12


Perfect combo for New Year’s! I started with Sephora by OPI Looks like Rain, Deer, which is absolutely my favorite gold polish in my collection — I use it for everything. I kind of wish I had bought a few more bottles before it got discontinued :/ For my accent finger, I picked Color Me Monthly Alchemist. I love this color because it combines black, silver and gold. Kind of reminds me of Dean Winchester’s impala too 😉 It looked a little boring with just the gold and black, so I painted some T shapes onto them as an accent.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an inlinkz code to connect this with the other Mish Mash challenge manicures. I’m pretty sure we’ll be getting new codes soon though!

Just a heads up! My friend is coming to visit me Friday. I’m planning to still get my Fab Friday up (no procrastination!) but just in case… sorry :/

Fabulous F’Saturday Five

14 Dec

I’m ashamed to say, I was lazy yesterday. I didn’t update for that reason. I’ve come down with a cold, so I called out of my tutoring sessions, too, so you’re not the only one who got left behind. I also decided not to participate in yesterday’s 12 Days of Christmas mani because the theme was Christmas animals and I was completely uninspired haha.

Anyway, I’m back, and here’s this week’s fabulous five:

  1. I want to welcome Aly back to the Mish Mash Challenge after she’s been away for awhile! I picked her to feature this week partly because of that and also because I love the stamp and colors she chose!
  2. You’re going to clutch your heart when you read this next article, which one of my friends shared with me on facebook a couple of days ago. Here’s a touching tale of a mother cow trying to protect her babies from the cruelty of the dairy industry: a mother cow gives birth to twins, she brings one in with her from the field to the farmer waiting to take her baby to the veal crates. The other she hides away in the field. The farmer is mystified because the cow has no milk for him to steal from her, despite her recent pregnancy. Finally, he discovers the calf in the field and that she has been secretly nursing it, thus resulting in no milk for the farmer to take from her. Sadly, according to the article, the farmer did not let her keep her calf and that baby was, too, sent to the veal crates. Never let someone tell you that animals cannot feel.
    alone from the herd
  3. UGH Time once again reminds us that women don’t matter
  4. It’s time to give up zoos. Captivity is the worst kind of life for a wild animal. People say that zoos are educational, but you know what they are? A way for people to watch an animal die behind a piece of glass instead of in the wild. Here are 10 reasons to skip your next zoo visit.
  5. Ohhhh lookie! LVX Nail polish giveaway!! This is one of my absolute favorite polish brands. Vegan, cruelty free and proudly advertised as such. Definitely check this one out!

I haven’t got a bonus for you today, but maybe next week. I’ll be back tomorrow with my holly manicure 🙂