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Summer Nails (Color Club Lady Holiday and Apollo Star)

4 Jul

Didn’t want you all the think I abandoned you again — I’ve been traveling, but my nails are painted and I’m going to show them off. I haven’t got too many tools or options with me for going all out and fancy with my nails (gave 99% of my polishes to my mom when I ran off on a road trip) but I make due. Right now, I’m sort of in love with these Color Club polishes my friend gave me in a Vegan Cuts beauty box.

2015-06-26 10.07.07

Apologies, photo taken at a hotel!

So this is Color Club Lady Holiday on my thumb, index, middle and pinkie then Apollo Star on my ring finger/accent. I love both colors, especially Apollo Star though I find it chips a little easier than the rest of the Color Club line. It’s a lovely almost-textured gold glitter, and it covers extremely well with just one coat. Lady Holiday is an almost-grey with a hint of green. I love my grey polish, so no complaints here. The above is 2 coats.

So that’s it for now, I’m still on my journey across the US. You can always track my journey and my nails on instagram. Oh and… Happy 4th of July!


A Fabulous… Sunday?

13 Apr

Good morning everyone, sorry I’ve been such a lazy toad and not updating at all last week. Truth is, I’ve been busy making important life decisions and… studying!


Soooo I’ve decided to take the LSAT. Idk if I’m going to pursue law any further than that, but it’s likely (if I can avoid a massive mountain of debt) that I will actually go to law school. No, I don’t know where I want to go (except that it will be an ABA accredited school). No, I don’t know exactly what I want to study (except that it will be a juris doctor degree and probably involve women’s rights, animals rights or environmental law). All I know for certain is that I plan at this moment to take the LSAT. Which basically means the next 5 or so months will be full of me studying and then studying some more. For this blog (and my nails), it basically means I’ll have less time to spend painting my nails and therefore as well less time to update the blog :/ I will try my best to keep up with it though!

Anyway, that’s why I haven’t updated in like 1.5 weeks. Moving on, here’s our fabulous 5:

  1. Easter is coming! Check out this super cute mani from Jen on Nailpolis:
  2. This comic is so accurate it’s painful
  3. This week’s fave tumblr is childfreehumor.tumblr.com

  4. Have you seen OPIs new nail tints? Personally I’m not that into them, but I love Lucy’s Stash‘s ideas for how to use them!
  5. My polish bff Sam at Incidental Twin has done it again — check out her fabulous new Star Trek line, swatched by Accio Lacquer. My absolute favorite is Squier of Trelaine, look how spacey it is! Love it. Too bad I’m on a no-buy and can’t snatch one up for myself 😦


Six is for Sexism:  Unequal pay for women continues, and the GOP literally does not care.

I have a weekend mani, but I’m not going to post about it until later after I’ve had a chance to try and review the rest of the new SquareHue polishes I got. Check it out on my instagram in the meantime.

Have a great rest of your weekend and a good week everyone!

Fabulous Friday Five

15 Feb

Well, happy Valentine’s day! No doubt you’re all basking the beautiful chaos of the most recent snowstorm to sweep the East Coast.

What’s that, you’re not basking? Your car is buried in 2 feet of snow and all the trees around your  house are covered in ice causing them to break and bend? Pffffttt it’s not so bad is it–



2014-02-14 10.53.04

Oh. Okay then. Perhaps the chaos is *not* so beautiful.

But! It did result in a lot of people (not me) having the day off, and snow days can be fun, right?

Anyway, it’s Friday and let’s get on with our fabulous Friday five!

  1. I think this week’s challenge was my favorite out of the whole bunch because I love the black and white manicures! And I have to show you all Glittery Fingers & Sparkling Toes fabulous black, white and silver ombre. I’m extra jealous because I’m terrible at ombres.
  2. I made a terrible (and belated) attempt at a Valentine’s mani (see the bottom of this post), so I thought I’d show you one I saw and loved from Nail Addicted Sisters because I’m ashamed haha
  3. I’m a little late in showing this to you all, but Vegan Beauty Review put together a cruelty-free fashion guide for Valentine’s day!
  4. Do you have any idea how much the federal government of the United States has spent on marriage promotion???? LIKE A BILLION DOLLARS. Feministing put together a handy list of 5 things on which that money could have been better spent.
  5. You might have heard that Michael Sam, soon-to-be-professional football player has come out publicly! It’s been sad that a lot of football coaches have been reacting negatively, but this one newscaster gets it right.

Alright, and now I’ll show you all my weekend mani aka last-minute Valentine’s manicure

2014-02-14 19.02.21So I originally intended something much more deluxe than this — a “modern art” mani using every shade of pink I own à la Nail Art Novice but then I tried doing the manicure while drunk and… no, just no. Do not paint your nails if you have vodka in your system. JUST DON’T. This has been a public service announcement from Vegan Nail Art, Baby.

Moving on, I decided last minute to paint my nails as you see above. I started with a base coat of OPI A Oui Bit of Red then used Wet N Wild Make Them Boys Go Loco (from their Fergie collection haha) on all but my accent nail. On my ring finger, I painted a misshaped heart in black (to match my own heart).


6. Don’t forget Over the Topcoat has a fab giveaway still going, and I’m providing a prize!!

Alright that’s it for me because I have a ton of work left to do!

xoxo Happy Valentine’s Day

Nail Mail: Rainbow Honey 2013 Glitters & New Sweet Talk Collection

29 Jan

Last week I received a press sample from Rainbow Honey, and I’ve been dying to show you all. It took me a couple of days to swatch everything (mostly because I wanted to wear each polish for at least a day haha), but it’s finally ready for you!

Included in my sample were 5 glitter polishes: 3 from their 2013 collect and 2 from the brand new Sweet Talk Collection

Disclaimer: Products featured provided for review

Note: I used a base coat of Fingerpaints Easel Come Easel Go for every swatch for consistency (even though you can’t see the base coat in all of the pictures)

2013 Glitters

papillonPapillon– I think this one is pretty appropriately named, haha (papillon is French for butterfly fyi). It’s a clear base with small silver and pink hexagon glitters and larger pink butterfly-shaped glitters. It was very easy to apply and, although not my style, looks very cute on my nails. I’m normally not a fan of funky-shaped glitters because I think they look like modern art adaptations of the objects they are trying to represent, but these glitters are actually perfect. It’s very obvious that they are butterflies, right? Great polish for kids, I think.

magic cakeMagic Cake – Okay, I can see why this was one of Rainbow Honey’s top glitters in 2013 because it’s fabulous. It’s like a rave on the nails! I love this polish, love the bright colors, the multi-shaped glitters, perfection. Magic Cake has a clear base, so you can put it over any color polish, but I’m glad I picked Fingerpaints Easel Come, Easel Go because I think this looks great over silver. Best of all, it was easy to distribute the glitters because there’s a ton of them.

the krakenThe Kraken – Okay, I wish this picture had turned out nicer because this is my favorite polish out of the 5 I received. I used Fingerpaints Easel Come, Easel Go for a base coat, but it was basically unnecessary because the base of this polish is the bright blue you see above, and it does a pretty good job of coverage. There are tons of gold hexagon glitters floating around, and they look green in the blue base. Actually, it reminds me a lot mermaids haha.

The Sweet Talk Collection


XOXO – This is the only polish I wish I had tried over a different base coat because it has some silvery-bronze glitters in it that you can’t really see on the silver base. That being said, I still really love the way this polish looks. It’s made up of tons of little glitters, nothing really chunky like the other polishes I received in this sample. And it is absolutely, 100% the perfect polish for Valentine’s day. I mean, I’m not doing anything for Valentine’s (no boyfriend = I can stay home and catch up on Almost Human), but I will be wearing this polish. Probably over a super cute pink like OPI Senorita Rosalita 😉

sweet talk

Sweet Talk – Well look at this, the very polish the collection was named for! This polish has a pale-grey base with small pink, red, purple and (occaisional) blue hexagon glitters. I love the color of the base for this polish, though it makes the glitters look a little muted. I like the spread of the glitters, too, there’s quite a variety. It’s definitely a cute, subtle polish.

So what do you guys think? Do you have a favorite polish from Rainbow Honey? (I’m still in love with Lifestream from their Final Battle collection) Are you going to try any of their new Sweet Talk collection? Rainbow Honey gave me a promo code to share with you all — use ILOVENAILBLOGS to receive $5 off your next order at rainbowhoney.com through March 31, 2014. Happy shopping 🙂

Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge: Favorite Color

2 Jan

Happy 2014 everyone!! I hope you all had an amazing New Year’s Eve and that you ended 2013 on a bang! I had a fabulous end to 2013 but as for 2014… Let’s just say, it can go nowhere but up from here haha.

Idk if you all get into those crazy new year’s resolutions, but I hope you do! I love resolutions because they’re so full of hope! And even if you don’t keep up with them, at least you tried, you know?

So my resolutions for 2014 are…

  1. Remove genderized/sexualized/body-part-specific insults from my vocabulary
  2. Cut back on swearing (LOL yeah a bit lofty for me, I know)
  3. Procrastinate less

I’m pretty satisfied with the ones I chose this year. I’m pretty confident I can at least do #1 and #2, the last one might be a little difficult haha. I was fairly successful with my resolutions from last year — stop texting while driving (my friend called me up drunk NYE 2012 and made me swear to do this lol) and stop weighing myself on the scale. I had some breakdowns on the 2nd one, but overall I did alright!

How about you guys, what resolutions did you have last year? Did you succeed in any of them? What about this year? I wish you all so much success!!

In accordance with resolution #3, I’m here to complete my Mish Mash challenge on time! This week’s theme was “Favorite Color” and I had to make a decision — favorite color of nail polish in my collection? Or favorite color of anything ever? Well, my favorite color is red, but I wasn’t really digging it for New Year’s Eve, so I picked instead my favorite color of nail polish in my collection. Of course, there was a tie for my favorite, so I chose two colors!

2014-01-01 19.20.12


Perfect combo for New Year’s! I started with Sephora by OPI Looks like Rain, Deer, which is absolutely my favorite gold polish in my collection — I use it for everything. I kind of wish I had bought a few more bottles before it got discontinued :/ For my accent finger, I picked Color Me Monthly Alchemist. I love this color because it combines black, silver and gold. Kind of reminds me of Dean Winchester’s impala too 😉 It looked a little boring with just the gold and black, so I painted some T shapes onto them as an accent.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an inlinkz code to connect this with the other Mish Mash challenge manicures. I’m pretty sure we’ll be getting new codes soon though!

Just a heads up! My friend is coming to visit me Friday. I’m planning to still get my Fab Friday up (no procrastination!) but just in case… sorry :/

Fabulous Friday Five (and a sincere apology!)

27 Dec


Haha sorry for running off on you all. I know I said I’d be back with a holly manicure for the 12 Days of Xmas challenge but… then I lost power in my apartment. Then I got crazy busy at work. Then my laptop screen stopped working (because of the cold in my apartment caused by lack of electricity!) Then I got lazy. Then the holiday happened and yikes where did the time go??? I’m sorry for taking such a long unannounced hiatus. I’ll try to be in touch sooner next time haha.

Anyway it’s Friday! So let’s see what the top 5 for this week are:

  1. I’m not the only one who slacked on their mish mash this week haha! But of those I did get to see, I’m loving Pee Before Polish’s Stylized Xmas trees! So cute and I love the colors!
  2. Y’all probably know that I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who but that my tolerance for the show has been… waning. I didn’t watch the 50th Anniversary because, well, a few things beginning with Clara literally exists to save the Doctor and you’re telling me that’s not sexist?? and ending with so you’re saying the Doctor can’t be female or non-white because…he’s actually an alien who has no control over the form he changes into and is also FICTION?? So anyway, I didn’t watch the Christmas episode (goodbye Matt Smith) and I’m glad I didn’t because apparently I would have hated every moment of it: ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special was everything fans dislike about the Moffat era
  3. VEGAN VARNISH! This is is a feature in the upcoming Nail It! Magazine. Even if you don’t have a sub, it’s still cool to see people thinking about what goes into their nail polish
  4. Wanna see some scary facts (like the fact that only 1 of the top 250 films had a non-white female lead)?? Check out this interesting post over at Girlwhowalkedtheearth.tumblr.com
  5. Look! Set in Lacquer did a top-ten-in-2013 post so I don’t have to haha.


Andddd I’ve been away for ages and have hardly painted my nails at all in my offtime so here’s today’s manicure:

2013-12-27 10.33.45 copy 2013-12-27 10.34.41 copy

I received an order from Ellagee right after Thanksgiving, and I have been dying to try what I got! This one is La Fée Verte, and it’s a silver-green thermal. You can absolutely tell just how cold my hands were this morning because I tried to warm the polish up for pictures, but they went back to green before I could get into position for photos haha. Even cold and all green, it’s shimmery and perfect! Such a good choice on my part haha. Can’t wait to try the other one I picked up — it glows in the dark!

Alright friends, that’s it for me today! I’m going to try to get back into a regular schedule of blogging again. Probably Wednesdays for the mish mash and Fridays for the Fab 5. If I get in an odd TioT, so much the better! Sorry again for the hiatus, please forgive me 🙂

Fabulous F’Saturday Five

14 Dec

I’m ashamed to say, I was lazy yesterday. I didn’t update for that reason. I’ve come down with a cold, so I called out of my tutoring sessions, too, so you’re not the only one who got left behind. I also decided not to participate in yesterday’s 12 Days of Christmas mani because the theme was Christmas animals and I was completely uninspired haha.

Anyway, I’m back, and here’s this week’s fabulous five:

  1. I want to welcome Aly back to the Mish Mash Challenge after she’s been away for awhile! I picked her to feature this week partly because of that and also because I love the stamp and colors she chose!
  2. You’re going to clutch your heart when you read this next article, which one of my friends shared with me on facebook a couple of days ago. Here’s a touching tale of a mother cow trying to protect her babies from the cruelty of the dairy industry: a mother cow gives birth to twins, she brings one in with her from the field to the farmer waiting to take her baby to the veal crates. The other she hides away in the field. The farmer is mystified because the cow has no milk for him to steal from her, despite her recent pregnancy. Finally, he discovers the calf in the field and that she has been secretly nursing it, thus resulting in no milk for the farmer to take from her. Sadly, according to the article, the farmer did not let her keep her calf and that baby was, too, sent to the veal crates. Never let someone tell you that animals cannot feel.
    alone from the herd
  3. UGH Time once again reminds us that women don’t matter
  4. It’s time to give up zoos. Captivity is the worst kind of life for a wild animal. People say that zoos are educational, but you know what they are? A way for people to watch an animal die behind a piece of glass instead of in the wild. Here are 10 reasons to skip your next zoo visit.
  5. Ohhhh lookie! LVX Nail polish giveaway!! This is one of my absolute favorite polish brands. Vegan, cruelty free and proudly advertised as such. Definitely check this one out!

I haven’t got a bonus for you today, but maybe next week. I’ll be back tomorrow with my holly manicure 🙂