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TIOT: Sephora by O.P.I. Break a Leg Warmer (plus Ellagee Not the Droids You’re Looking For)

19 Aug

I’m still having a terrible time with my nails! I started taking these vitamins from Deva, and my nail strength is definitely improving but (and I realize this is weird!) my nail polish keeps like… popping off! It comes off in whole sheets sometimes, like my nails are repelling the polish! Honestly, I have no clue what to do about it, haha. If anyone has any advice, I’d be immensely grateful!

In the mean time, I’m just going to keep changing my polish like daily because that’s how long it lasts!

Anyway, here’s a Try it on Tuesday for you!

2014-08-12 22.27.55-2 copy

The base color for this was Sephora by OPI Break a Leg Warmer (I have to assume this was from their winter collection before they discontinued the line) plus I used Ellagee Not the Droids You’re Looking For (which is also sadly unavailable anymore but came to me in nail mail last Halloween). I really love this grey color, though I wouldn’t mind if it we’re maybe 10% less black, if it were a softer grey. Not the Droids You’re Looking For is one of my fave glitter bombs based on the name alone, but it’s also super cute with blue, silver and gold glitter flecks, very reminiscent of the droids you are, in fact, looking for.

Alright, that’s all I have for today. If anyone has a suggestion how to deal with my nail polish-repelling problem, please let me know in the comments! I’m pretty desperate haha.


Zoya Lux

10 May

Hi friends, I’m so sorry it’s been ages since I updated — I got really busy at work and blogging just fell to the side. Luckily, most of that work is finished now, and today is my day off so here I am!

So I recently received a package of polish from Gini aka Sassypaints for Easter, and in it were a bunch of different polishes that I’ve been dying to try! Sadly, I’ve been so busy I’ve hardly had the chance! The other day, I finally got to try the first one — Zoya Lux.

2014-05-06 22.28.05

Disclaimer: Polish given to me by a fellow blogger. All opinions are my own.

I’ll be perfectly honest here — textured polish is not my thing, mainly because it’s a hassle to remove. That’s basically how I feel about glitter polish, too, and look at that — this polish is both! It’s a textured glitter polish. Very shiny. No absence of glitter here! That being said, it wasn’t actually so bad to remove — after a couple of days, my polish just popped right off! I’ve been having this trouble with almost all of my polishes lately, I have no idea why. For some reason, my nail beds are repelling the polish. Sometimes I look down and am missing a whole nail’s worth of polish and I have no idea how or why! While it helps make it easier for me to remove the polish — I wish it would stop, haha. If anyone has any recommendations (new base coat maybe? I’ve tried dozens), please advise me in the comments!

Anyway, I’ll definitely say this polish is unique. It’s very sparkly and eye catching, but at the same time the color is pretty muted — just a faint rosy silver. If it wasn’t so glittery, I doubt anyone would have noticed my nails. The texture was kind of funky — I’m easily distracted and I found the texture when I accidentally touched it to be very noticeable. My sister really liked it, though. She thought the texture was cool. I’ve still got two more of these textured glitter polishes to try, so I’ll probably warm up to them. One thing I do like a lot about textured polishes is that they dry super fast. And I love Zoya because it’s 5 free and vegan! It’s really a quality brand and I’m so thrilled and thankful to Gini for sending these to me!

I hope everyone has nice Mother’s Day plans tomorrow — if you haven’t gotten your mother something nice yet, a mani/pedi at your local salon is a foolproof gift 😉

Super Saturday Six

22 Mar

Happy Spring! A few days into spring here in Vermont and we’ve gotten approx. 8 inches of snow already. Woohoo, lucky me, right? I hope you all are having better weather. And that, eventually, spring really does come.

Anyway, let’s get started on our Super Six!

  1. There are soooo many animal ingredients hidden in cosmetics and beauty products, it makes my head spin. Luckily, VegansofIG just put together a comprehensive list of ingredients to watch out for! There’s also this great resource from Vegan Wolf with a list of basically every animal ingredient out there.
  2. I need to share with you the best vegan food blog of all time! AlloftheVeganFood is my new favorite tumblr. This blogger is amazing — they put together lists and “round ups” based on requests and reply to like every request they get! I wouldn’t have the time or the patience.
  3. Lacquer or Leave Her did an amazing mani and review of MoYou London’s Artist Collection 07. I can’t get over the mani — so cute.
  4. Hooray for anti-rape campaigns that focus on aggressors instead of victims! The Scottish Police recently created a sexual assault prevention campaign that not only avoids victim blaming but also isn’t heterosexist/ignorant of male rape victims. So much love.
  5. Have you heard about Philly Loves Lacquer? They’re a great vegan, cruelty-free polish indie based in my second favorite city in the States! Kat Stays Polished is having a fabulous giveaway featuring Philly Loves Lacquer’s Shopping Madness Trio (which I almost bought the other day haha)
  6. After the horror all my nails breaking two weeks ago, they are starting to recover! To celebrate, I tried out a recent acquisition, LynBDesigns’ Time and Relative Dimension in Space (TARDIS).
    2014-03-21 23.04.05 copy 2014-03-21 23.03.28 copy
    This is one of 14 (yeah 14!) polishes I received from LynBDesigns for some design work I did. I love this color (even though I don’t support Doctor Who anymore, I can’t say no to a color like this!), and I love the glossy finish it has. I didn’t use a topcoat for this (primarily because I was late for work haha) but it’s not one of those rough-feeling glitter polishes, so I didn’t need to worry about it. I’ve got plenty more polishes from LynBDesigns to try out (though I plan to send a couple to a fellow blogger for an Easter gift), so you can expect to see a lot of this kind of polish in the future.

So that’s our Saturday six — sorry it was late, but you know how I am. It’s also a work weekend for me, and I’ve been crazy busy. My friend who was visiting last week is gone now, so I’ll probably be posting a couple of times this coming week. I also just ordered something very special and exciting but I’m keeping it a secret until I have it in my hands to share with you! Have a happy, safe and hopefully warm weekend!

Fabulous Friday Five

28 Feb

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve got some cool stuff to share with you all so let’s get right to it.

  1. Usually I post from the mish mash here but instead of I’m just gonna pick a post from one of my favorite beauty bloggers The Nailsaurus! Now, I’m not into Legos but this nail art is hella cute
  2. I discovered a new crazy awesome vegan food blog! Check out Vegan Crunk
  3. Do you have a smart phone? If you do, I hope that means you’re doing your part to help give clean water to children in need via Unicef’s Tap Project
  4. Okay, I couldn’t not show you this awesome nail art from Set in Lacquer. I mean, Candy Crush, how adorable! Talk about talented, too, I would never have the patience for this
  5. Ruby Wing just released their newest collection, see it swatched at Pink & Polished!

So yesterday I broke not one but TWO nails at work and I’m pretty annoyed about it. You’ll be unlikely to see the index finger of either of my hands in any photos for the next few weeks or so unfortunately 😦 Despite that, I did put together a weekend mani:

Disclaimer: Polish gifted to me. All opinions are my own.

2014-02-27 23.39.41 copy

My mom gave me this polish (LA Colors Sassy Sparkle) because it’s her favorite glitter topper. I decided to try it out with this super simple mani. I used Color Me Monthly 1982 Vintage for my base coat, then painted silver and black stripes on my accent nail, plus added a line of gems. On top of all that, I used LA Colors Sassy Sparkle. I like the polish, but it doesn’t really make the radar for my favorite glitter toppers. Seems like something I might use if I didn’t feel like doing any actual nail art on a particular day, haha.

Have a great weekend everyone!

A Fabulous Mish Mash Saturday — and Short Nail Reveal!

1 Feb

I was definitely planning to post this on Thursday so I would be only a day late on my mish mash and a day early on my fab 5 (one day late, one day early, it cancels out to make me on time), but then as usual, I got busy and now I’m late on both 😦 Sorry!

Okay so big change this week! I decided to file my nails wayyy down! Short nails are trending right now, and I felt like I needed a mini-nail make over. Personally, I’m not in love with the look of short nails — I think they make my fingers look stumpy — but they’re a lot easier to manage and shape, plus they don’t interfere as much with my typing (which I do constantly due to my jobs and my blogs). Besides, they’ll grow back 🙂

So this week’s mish mash challenge theme is “green” which gives me an excellent chance to show off a polish I’ve been secretly in love with — Ellagee Get Away from Her, You Bitch! 2014-01-29 22.19.04

This polish is amazing because it glows in the dark. I tried to get a photo of it for you, but my camera absolutely refuses to pick up the glow-in-the-dark bits. My photo of this in the dark looks like this:

2014-01-29 22.22.08Can you see it? haha. If you go to Ellagee’s shop, though, someone did manage to get a nice image.

As you can see in the top image, I did a little green stroke across my nails and added gems for fun. I used Ellagee Glass (my all time favorite) for my top coat.

Speaking of the Mish Mash challenge, let’s get down to this week’s fabulous f’Saturday five (or perhaps we should call it the Spectacular Saturday 6?).

  1. As always, I like to feature one of my fellow mish mashers as number one in my top five, and this week it’s definitely Nail Art Novice with her block-style nail art! She used all 40 of her green nail polishes, and if that’s not dedication idk what is. And, on top of it all, it’s a beautiful manicure.
  2. You probably remember I did a lot of swatching this past week and last, including Sue.me Lacquer’s first collection and I’m pleased to tell you all that her shop is live! Her polishes are now available for purchase on Etsy and Storevy.
  3. I am so happy, I might cry — Lolita, the beautiful orca that has been enslaved by the Miami Seaquarium for over 40 years finally has a chance at freedom. I’ve probably mentioned Lolita before, if not on this blog, she comes up a lot on my main blog, but for those who don’t know much about Lolita: she is an orca captured at a young age in the last live-capture of orcas in Puget Sound and sent to prison at the Miami Seaquarium where she has been forced to perform for forty years. She has been without another orca since 1980. She also lives in a tank so small, it is actually considered illegal. Sadly, she has been excluded from the Endangered Species Act which would have protected her because of some totally bs grandfather laws. And now, at last, ALDF (Animal Legal Defense Fund) has gotten her protection under the Endangered Species Act and she might finally be able to retire. For more information about Lolita and her life, please watch Lolita: Slave to Entertainment. It’s an old documentary (2005) so just remember she’s been suffering for almost 10 years since that movie was made.
  4. So on Wednesday, I did some swatching for Rainbow Honey and I want to remind you that you can get $5 off your next order if you use the code ILOVENAILBLOGS at www.rainbowhoney.com. Also, if you want to see a couple more swatches, Sassypaints2012 also did some (and her photos are a lot nicer than mine!) so check that out too.
  5. For those of my readers planning to sit down and watch the Super Bowl tomorrow, please remember that chickens are the real losers at the Super Bowl 😦 please consider a healthier, cruelty-free snack option to enjoy with your game! And good luck to whichever team you’re rooting for 🙂



Six is for Sh*tty Things Celebs Have Said — my new favorite Tumblr. If you’re ever wondering what a celebrity has done that was harmful or offensive toward a group of people, this tumblr keeps track of it all. Sadly, there’s A LOT of information on it (because celebs do and say a lot of crappy stuff). It’s organized by tags so if you’re looking for a specific asshat celeb — like say Jared Padalecki — you can just type into your address bar: shittythingscelebshavesaid.tumblr.com/tagged/Jared-Padalecki (or change Jared-Padalecki to any other celebrity such as Jennifer-Lawrence) and voila, at your fingertips you have all the evidence you need to demonstrate to your friends that while, yes, you enjoy a certain actor’s roles you do not necessarily agree with their choices/hate speech.

Okay, I’ve got the day off which means I have 10000 things to do, so I’m off to accomplish things! Make sure you check out the other cute manis by the ladies of Kimber’s Mish Mash challenge! And have a great weekend 🙂

Nail Mail: Rainbow Honey 2013 Glitters & New Sweet Talk Collection

29 Jan

Last week I received a press sample from Rainbow Honey, and I’ve been dying to show you all. It took me a couple of days to swatch everything (mostly because I wanted to wear each polish for at least a day haha), but it’s finally ready for you!

Included in my sample were 5 glitter polishes: 3 from their 2013 collect and 2 from the brand new Sweet Talk Collection

Disclaimer: Products featured provided for review

Note: I used a base coat of Fingerpaints Easel Come Easel Go for every swatch for consistency (even though you can’t see the base coat in all of the pictures)

2013 Glitters

papillonPapillon– I think this one is pretty appropriately named, haha (papillon is French for butterfly fyi). It’s a clear base with small silver and pink hexagon glitters and larger pink butterfly-shaped glitters. It was very easy to apply and, although not my style, looks very cute on my nails. I’m normally not a fan of funky-shaped glitters because I think they look like modern art adaptations of the objects they are trying to represent, but these glitters are actually perfect. It’s very obvious that they are butterflies, right? Great polish for kids, I think.

magic cakeMagic Cake – Okay, I can see why this was one of Rainbow Honey’s top glitters in 2013 because it’s fabulous. It’s like a rave on the nails! I love this polish, love the bright colors, the multi-shaped glitters, perfection. Magic Cake has a clear base, so you can put it over any color polish, but I’m glad I picked Fingerpaints Easel Come, Easel Go because I think this looks great over silver. Best of all, it was easy to distribute the glitters because there’s a ton of them.

the krakenThe Kraken – Okay, I wish this picture had turned out nicer because this is my favorite polish out of the 5 I received. I used Fingerpaints Easel Come, Easel Go for a base coat, but it was basically unnecessary because the base of this polish is the bright blue you see above, and it does a pretty good job of coverage. There are tons of gold hexagon glitters floating around, and they look green in the blue base. Actually, it reminds me a lot mermaids haha.

The Sweet Talk Collection


XOXO – This is the only polish I wish I had tried over a different base coat because it has some silvery-bronze glitters in it that you can’t really see on the silver base. That being said, I still really love the way this polish looks. It’s made up of tons of little glitters, nothing really chunky like the other polishes I received in this sample. And it is absolutely, 100% the perfect polish for Valentine’s day. I mean, I’m not doing anything for Valentine’s (no boyfriend = I can stay home and catch up on Almost Human), but I will be wearing this polish. Probably over a super cute pink like OPI Senorita Rosalita 😉

sweet talk

Sweet Talk – Well look at this, the very polish the collection was named for! This polish has a pale-grey base with small pink, red, purple and (occaisional) blue hexagon glitters. I love the color of the base for this polish, though it makes the glitters look a little muted. I like the spread of the glitters, too, there’s quite a variety. It’s definitely a cute, subtle polish.

So what do you guys think? Do you have a favorite polish from Rainbow Honey? (I’m still in love with Lifestream from their Final Battle collection) Are you going to try any of their new Sweet Talk collection? Rainbow Honey gave me a promo code to share with you all — use ILOVENAILBLOGS to receive $5 off your next order at rainbowhoney.com through March 31, 2014. Happy shopping 🙂

Fabulous Friday Five (and a sincere apology!)

27 Dec


Haha sorry for running off on you all. I know I said I’d be back with a holly manicure for the 12 Days of Xmas challenge but… then I lost power in my apartment. Then I got crazy busy at work. Then my laptop screen stopped working (because of the cold in my apartment caused by lack of electricity!) Then I got lazy. Then the holiday happened and yikes where did the time go??? I’m sorry for taking such a long unannounced hiatus. I’ll try to be in touch sooner next time haha.

Anyway it’s Friday! So let’s see what the top 5 for this week are:

  1. I’m not the only one who slacked on their mish mash this week haha! But of those I did get to see, I’m loving Pee Before Polish’s Stylized Xmas trees! So cute and I love the colors!
  2. Y’all probably know that I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who but that my tolerance for the show has been… waning. I didn’t watch the 50th Anniversary because, well, a few things beginning with Clara literally exists to save the Doctor and you’re telling me that’s not sexist?? and ending with so you’re saying the Doctor can’t be female or non-white because…he’s actually an alien who has no control over the form he changes into and is also FICTION?? So anyway, I didn’t watch the Christmas episode (goodbye Matt Smith) and I’m glad I didn’t because apparently I would have hated every moment of it: ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special was everything fans dislike about the Moffat era
  3. VEGAN VARNISH! This is is a feature in the upcoming Nail It! Magazine. Even if you don’t have a sub, it’s still cool to see people thinking about what goes into their nail polish
  4. Wanna see some scary facts (like the fact that only 1 of the top 250 films had a non-white female lead)?? Check out this interesting post over at Girlwhowalkedtheearth.tumblr.com
  5. Look! Set in Lacquer did a top-ten-in-2013 post so I don’t have to haha.


Andddd I’ve been away for ages and have hardly painted my nails at all in my offtime so here’s today’s manicure:

2013-12-27 10.33.45 copy 2013-12-27 10.34.41 copy

I received an order from Ellagee right after Thanksgiving, and I have been dying to try what I got! This one is La Fée Verte, and it’s a silver-green thermal. You can absolutely tell just how cold my hands were this morning because I tried to warm the polish up for pictures, but they went back to green before I could get into position for photos haha. Even cold and all green, it’s shimmery and perfect! Such a good choice on my part haha. Can’t wait to try the other one I picked up — it glows in the dark!

Alright friends, that’s it for me today! I’m going to try to get back into a regular schedule of blogging again. Probably Wednesdays for the mish mash and Fridays for the Fab 5. If I get in an odd TioT, so much the better! Sorry again for the hiatus, please forgive me 🙂