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Fabulous Friday Five

28 Mar

So I woke up this morning to find a fresh layer of snow across my town. It’s almost April and the weather forecast promised me warm weather today…

I’m sure spring is coming… some day….

Anyway, let’s get started on our Friday 5:

  1. I’ve been dying to share this with you guys. Over the Top Coat did an amazing mani featuring everyone’s favorite snowman! She made this (and a few other!) manis using Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer ‘s amazing new Storms of Arendelle Collection. I contacted Shirley Anne Nail Lacquer because, omg, yes, gimme! but is it vegan…? And the verdict is… yes! Cruelty-free and vegan friendly!!! Waiting until my next paycheck to go on a buying spree is gonna be crazy tough.
  2. It’s no secret that I’m anti-Moffat in all forms (especially Doctor Who) so you won’t be surprised when I share this blog post with you: Steven Moffat – A Case For The Prosecution by Jack Graham
  3. I know I mentioned AlloftheVeganFood.tumblr.com last week, but look at this amazing Ethiopian Food post they put together at my request!
    Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 2.08.30 PM
  4. My favorite within-driving-distance-without-planning-a-day-trip place to get nail polish is, hands down, TJ Maxx. You might infer from that statement that I live in a pretty small, not exciting town. Which is true — but TJ Maxx is actually a town over from mine, I don’t have any big stores near me (unless you count Rite Aid…), which is just fine because I don’t like to support corporations when I can suppose local business owners. That being said, no where sells nail polish near me except TJ Maxx (my Rite Aid’s collection of vegan-friendly polishes is so meager it’s a sham), so I’m always happy to see others benefiting from the joy of TJ Maxx’s polish bounty! Small Budget Beauty just got a great haul from TJ Maxx, Big Lots (which I also have near me and have snagged a couple of Sephora polishes at) and Ross (which I do not have near me 😦 or even I think in my state…). It’s inspiration to get some fabulous inexpensive polish after I get paid!
  5. One of the things that drives me crazy about the birth control access debate (other than the fact that such a topic is even being debated) is the focus on this crazy idea that “I shouldn’t have to pay for some woman to have all the sex she wants!” (which is such a cissist and slut-shaming argument to begin with that it’s fucking disgusting) because guess what else hormonal birth control is used for? HEALTH. (oh yeah and let’s stop pretending like people with uteri are using HBC to “avoid the consequences of sex” because oh yeah, there are fuckton of sex consequences beyond pregnancy, or have we recently eliminated all STDs???) Our Bodies, Our Blog just did a fabulous post about how contraception is a health issue for everyone, not just for women with an argument I hadn’t heard before — pregnancy planning for optimal mother-and-child health.
    From the article:
    “When a pregnancy is planned, women can start prenatal care, including increasing their intake of folic acid; work with their healthcare providers to address relevant medical conditions, as well as substance abuse; and take other steps that lead to healthier outcomes for both the mother and the infant. Pregnancies that are unplanned are more likely to be affected by delayed prenatal care, maternal depression, low birth weight, poorer childhood physical and mental health, and other complications. Breastfeeding rates are also lower after unintended pregnancies.”
    It’s a pretty interesting argument and definitely worth the read!


6. The frustrations of being non-white in Hollywood:

I haven’t been doing much with my nails lately due to heavy work load and heavy snow fall —

What my mornings are like

but last night I did manage to muster up some ambition and I put together this manicure based on my friend’s art suggestion:

2014-03-27 23.15.29 copy

My friend’s original instructions for this mani was to use a bunch of different purples and make perpendicular black lines. I did actually make a manicure following those exact instructions, but I didn’t like it enough to justifying taking pics. Plus I wanted to do something a little more spring-feeling in hopes of inspiring my local weather forecast to improve… sadly no luck thusfar, but we”ll see!

For this mani, I used all Wet N Wild polishes. The base coat for all but my accent nail is I Need a Refresh Mint, the base coat on my accent nail is Candy-licious and the purple is On A Trip, all from their Mega Last collection and purchased for me by my mother for my birthday.

Alright, I gotta get some work done so I’m out — but I’ll try a new polish for you all on Monday! Have a great (snow-free) weekend!



Super Saturday Six

22 Mar

Happy Spring! A few days into spring here in Vermont and we’ve gotten approx. 8 inches of snow already. Woohoo, lucky me, right? I hope you all are having better weather. And that, eventually, spring really does come.

Anyway, let’s get started on our Super Six!

  1. There are soooo many animal ingredients hidden in cosmetics and beauty products, it makes my head spin. Luckily, VegansofIG just put together a comprehensive list of ingredients to watch out for! There’s also this great resource from Vegan Wolf with a list of basically every animal ingredient out there.
  2. I need to share with you the best vegan food blog of all time! AlloftheVeganFood is my new favorite tumblr. This blogger is amazing — they put together lists and “round ups” based on requests and reply to like every request they get! I wouldn’t have the time or the patience.
  3. Lacquer or Leave Her did an amazing mani and review of MoYou London’s Artist Collection 07. I can’t get over the mani — so cute.
  4. Hooray for anti-rape campaigns that focus on aggressors instead of victims! The Scottish Police recently created a sexual assault prevention campaign that not only avoids victim blaming but also isn’t heterosexist/ignorant of male rape victims. So much love.
  5. Have you heard about Philly Loves Lacquer? They’re a great vegan, cruelty-free polish indie based in my second favorite city in the States! Kat Stays Polished is having a fabulous giveaway featuring Philly Loves Lacquer’s Shopping Madness Trio (which I almost bought the other day haha)
  6. After the horror all my nails breaking two weeks ago, they are starting to recover! To celebrate, I tried out a recent acquisition, LynBDesigns’ Time and Relative Dimension in Space (TARDIS).
    2014-03-21 23.04.05 copy 2014-03-21 23.03.28 copy
    This is one of 14 (yeah 14!) polishes I received from LynBDesigns for some design work I did. I love this color (even though I don’t support Doctor Who anymore, I can’t say no to a color like this!), and I love the glossy finish it has. I didn’t use a topcoat for this (primarily because I was late for work haha) but it’s not one of those rough-feeling glitter polishes, so I didn’t need to worry about it. I’ve got plenty more polishes from LynBDesigns to try out (though I plan to send a couple to a fellow blogger for an Easter gift), so you can expect to see a lot of this kind of polish in the future.

So that’s our Saturday six — sorry it was late, but you know how I am. It’s also a work weekend for me, and I’ve been crazy busy. My friend who was visiting last week is gone now, so I’ll probably be posting a couple of times this coming week. I also just ordered something very special and exciting but I’m keeping it a secret until I have it in my hands to share with you! Have a happy, safe and hopefully warm weekend!

Fabulous Friday Five (and a sincere apology!)

27 Dec


Haha sorry for running off on you all. I know I said I’d be back with a holly manicure for the 12 Days of Xmas challenge but… then I lost power in my apartment. Then I got crazy busy at work. Then my laptop screen stopped working (because of the cold in my apartment caused by lack of electricity!) Then I got lazy. Then the holiday happened and yikes where did the time go??? I’m sorry for taking such a long unannounced hiatus. I’ll try to be in touch sooner next time haha.

Anyway it’s Friday! So let’s see what the top 5 for this week are:

  1. I’m not the only one who slacked on their mish mash this week haha! But of those I did get to see, I’m loving Pee Before Polish’s Stylized Xmas trees! So cute and I love the colors!
  2. Y’all probably know that I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who but that my tolerance for the show has been… waning. I didn’t watch the 50th Anniversary because, well, a few things beginning with Clara literally exists to save the Doctor and you’re telling me that’s not sexist?? and ending with so you’re saying the Doctor can’t be female or non-white because…he’s actually an alien who has no control over the form he changes into and is also FICTION?? So anyway, I didn’t watch the Christmas episode (goodbye Matt Smith) and I’m glad I didn’t because apparently I would have hated every moment of it: ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special was everything fans dislike about the Moffat era
  3. VEGAN VARNISH! This is is a feature in the upcoming Nail It! Magazine. Even if you don’t have a sub, it’s still cool to see people thinking about what goes into their nail polish
  4. Wanna see some scary facts (like the fact that only 1 of the top 250 films had a non-white female lead)?? Check out this interesting post over at Girlwhowalkedtheearth.tumblr.com
  5. Look! Set in Lacquer did a top-ten-in-2013 post so I don’t have to haha.


Andddd I’ve been away for ages and have hardly painted my nails at all in my offtime so here’s today’s manicure:

2013-12-27 10.33.45 copy 2013-12-27 10.34.41 copy

I received an order from Ellagee right after Thanksgiving, and I have been dying to try what I got! This one is La Fée Verte, and it’s a silver-green thermal. You can absolutely tell just how cold my hands were this morning because I tried to warm the polish up for pictures, but they went back to green before I could get into position for photos haha. Even cold and all green, it’s shimmery and perfect! Such a good choice on my part haha. Can’t wait to try the other one I picked up — it glows in the dark!

Alright friends, that’s it for me today! I’m going to try to get back into a regular schedule of blogging again. Probably Wednesdays for the mish mash and Fridays for the Fab 5. If I get in an odd TioT, so much the better! Sorry again for the hiatus, please forgive me 🙂

A Fabulous Mish Mash Saturday!

2 Nov

Hullo everyone! I’m late with my Fab Friday and even later with my mish mash challenge, haha. Sorry! Idk what happened, my life went from normal-busy (which is still pretty busy) to OH MY GOD WHAT IS TIME EVEN I CAN’T.

Basically, I had a lot of Halloween stuff followed by moving stuff (new apartment YAY). Anyway, this week’s challenge was “pink” and here’s my mani:

2013-10-30 21.49.13-wm

2013-10-30 21.49.32-wm

Okay, I’m not gonna lie to you. I basically took my Try-it-on-Tuesday mani (which I actually posted Monday so you know how long I went wearing this polish….), put some nail art tape across it and that painted over with OPI Senorita Rosalita. Yup, I was too busy to repaint my nails. Yikes, amirite?

Sooo quickly let’s get to the Fab 5 for this week….

  1. Check out this super cute and pretty pink manicure from the Bookish Manicurist from the Mish Mash challenge!
  2. What percentage of older women are satisfied with their body image? (hint: not a lot). This piece hits hard with me because I manage a senior center, and I hear this sort of stuff a lot: weight watchers and special diets and classes at the local medical center and oh only diet soda for me, please. It’s really upsetting for me to hear that sort of thing because…. these women should be respected. They’ve put in a lot of time, a lot of work, a lot of life. They are wise and smart and helpful. They shouldn’t be suffering and struggling, they’ve done enough of that. UGH PATRIARCHY
  3. Last night I went to the Poe Spooktacular in Vermont’s capitol city, and it was really fun (yes, we are that cool — we celebrate Edgar Allan Poe every year) and I EVEN MET THE TARDIS, but there wasn’t ANY vegan food. Okay, so there was bread. That’s. It. NO FOOD FOR THE VEGANS. I asked someone about it and she was like “well, it’s a dessert bar, so…” (and I’m like BREAD IS NOT DESSERT WTF LADY) but also mostly I just wished they made these sweet-and-creepy treats from Vegan Yack Attack

  4. Maybe I’ve got food on the brain but Vegan Stoner posted a recipe….
  5. The Logic of Stupid Poor People (just read it!)

No bonus! Sorry kiddos, but that’s how bonuses work— sometimes there isn’t one. Sometimes, really, there isn’t time for one! I’ve got another 2.5 million things to finish tonight sooo… here’s a pic of me with a woman dressed as the T.A.R.D.I.S. at last night’s Spooktacular

(fyi, I’m dressed as a hipster Edgar Allan Poe — look at the raven on my wrist…)

Don’t forget to check out the other mish mash manis!!

Try It on Tuesday PLUS Nail Mail: A’dor Beauty Supplies

1 Oct

So I’ve been pretty much trapped in my bed for 3 days now because of a terrible head cold that prevents me from accomplishing anything at all whilst standing up (it’s a real thing — I feel pretty much okay as long as I’m sitting or lying back, but if I stand I get dizzy and feel really fuzzy), so that means I’ve had lots of time to try my new polishes!

I placed an order with A’dor Beauty Supply (my etsy obsession continues to haunt me) a couple of weeks ago and received 10 (yes TEN) polishes from her last week. She has one of those “6 minis for an incredibly affordable price” offers, and how could I say no to that?? Mini polishes are my favorite because I know I will use them up, and they won’t be stuck on my shelf for the rest of my life. Also I prefer the littler brushes that come in the mini bottles because they’re easier to work with on my tiny nails 🙂

Disclaimer: 8 of 10 polishes purchased by me. 2 provided as “beauty blogger gifts.” All opinions are my own.

2013-10-01 12.47.19

From left to right:

Back row: Allons-y (provided as a beauty blogger gift), Red Hottie, Poppy

Middle Row: Gluttony, Shattered, the Universe, Bottled Sunshine

Front Row: The Last Centurion (provided as a beauty blogger gift), The White Pearl, Blue Box

I don’t know if I can count the ways I love this polish! You can see from The White Pearl that I started using the polish right away, and that particular color is the one I used the most so far even though I didn’t get many pictures of it.

So, let me get right down to it. I’ve tried all of them except Red Hottie, so let me show you them before I give a review.

1. Allons-y & Poppy (a cute fall mani with LynBDesigns’ Colorless Skein on top for an accent nail)

2013-09-21 22.30.43

2. Blue Box & Shattered

2013-09-25 08.38.18

3. Gluttony

2013-09-26 20.29.30

4. The White Pearl, Bottled Sunshine & The Universe (ombre)

2013-09-29 15.18.23

5. The Last Centurion

2013-09-29 13.44.48

Whew. That was a lot of pics. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to use Red Hottie, but I’m confident my review of these 9 applies to it as well. Let’s get to the nitty gritty, shall we?


  • Amazing pigmentation! We’re talking 1- coat products for the most part (2 for the Last Centurion and Poppy)
  • Easy removal – except the Last Centurion which is a glitter polish so I expected no less
  • Awesome glitters – the ones that do have glitters (the Last Centurion and The Universe) have plenty of them.
  • Consistency for all was smooth and easy to use
  • Color-by-color:
    The White Pearl – a shiny metallic white, adds another dimension over the plain jelly whites
    Allons-y – great pigmentation, perfect for fall
    Poppy – my favorite orange polish! Oranges and reds are so hard to find vegan versions of, so this was a great find. Not to even mention how perfect it is for October!
    The Last Centurion – two words: HEXAGON GLITTER — I got tons of compliments on this color, too
    Bottled Sunshine – despite the picture I have above, the color on the bottle is not deceiving, it’s really bright! And perfect for my collection because I don’t yet own a yellow polish
    The Universe – Tiny holographic glitters make this color unique and give it just a little texture
    Gluttony – This polish is aptly named. It feels like an indulgence because it’s so richly pigmented
    Blue Box – This could not have had a more perfectly timed arrival, it was perfect for my mish mash challenge last week! Love the color, matches a vibrant and well-cleaned version of the TARDIS haha
    Shattered – Black and white glitter bombs are possibly now my new favorite. Really gives my nails an artist look without too much effort on my side haha
  • Last but definitely not least, all the colors are VEGAN and cruelty free! Olivia at A’dor advertises her products as vegan, which I just love because it makes it easier on me and draws people’s attention to the fact that some polishes aren’t vegan and they should choose carefully


  • I found these chipped within 24 hours if I didn’t use a top coat. Of course, I should always use a top coat… sometimes I don’t because I’m lazy haha. Once I applied the top coat, I had no chipping issues.


Whew! That was a lot to cover in one post. AND I’M NOT EVEN DONE! Haha. Anyway, it’s October which means yay fall and pumpkins and Halloween! I just used some of these polishes reviewed here (named Bottled Sunshine, Poppy and the White Pearl) in a Halloween nail art contest on Facebook, so go check it out and vote for me (insert shameless self-promotion here). Alrighty that’s it for me, have a great day everyone!

Halloween Contest

Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge – Blue

25 Sep

Okay, so today I submitted the grant application I have been working on for the past 2 weeks which means


Anywho. It’s Wednesday so that means it’s time for a challenge. This week’s challenge is “Blue” which is basically just another I DO WHAT I WANT theme, so obviously I made Doctor Who nail art.

2013-09-25 08.38.18

2013-09-25 08.39.14

2013-09-25 08.38.56

I’m sorry, but I think this is the cutest nail art I have ever done. I made one of my fingers into the TARDIS, I mean COME ON. Can we just take a second to bask in the glory that is this adorable art?

Also this is partially inspired by graffiti I found on my building the other day:

2013-06-13 08.57.10

Best graffiti ever.

Moving on. For this mani, I used:

This was the first time I’ve used acrylic paint on my nails, and I actually loved it! You can expect more nail art using acrylic paint in the future. The polish is from A’dor over on Etsy, and since I just received a few (10) polishes from A’dor, you’ll be seeing that in Nail Mail this weekend 🙂

Don’t forget to check out the other lovely art done by the other challenge ladies!!

Try It on Tuesday: Anomalous Bloke (backdated)

13 Aug

IMG_20130813_143146 IMG_20130813_142303

It’s that time again (oh snap, when did it get Tuesday??), and I’ve got some pretty awesome swatches for you. For today’s TioT, I’m wearing LynBDesigns’ Anomalous Bloke from her “The Doctor Is In” collection.

That’s right. DOCTOR WHO NAIL POLISH. (If you think life doesn’t got better than this, she also makes Sherlock nail polish — some of which I purchased and will be using for other TioTs).

This is a very pretty green color and the images really don’t quite do it justice. It’s sort of like money meets Christmas, if that makes sense. It starts with a money-green base but has tiny red and gold glitters which really give it a nice Christmas-tree effect. It also gives a bit of texture, too. Here’s a quick pro-con list of this individual polish:


  • The pigmentation is fabulous. I’m wearing just 2 coats in the pics above.
  • This is long lasting (for me). I wore it 3 days and the only chipping I had was on my right index finger (which I can’t keep polish on to save my life)
  • SPARKLES, BABY. This has the kind of tiny glitter that is really eye catching without being overbearing. My best friend’s mom even complimented me on it last night 🙂
  • Easy to work with formula. There are few things I hate more than polishes that are too thick or too thin. This one was justttt right. I had no trouble evenly distributing the glitter.
  • Unlike a lot of glitter polishes, this was actually easy to remove. I usually do the cotton ball technique of soaking my nails for glitter polishes, but this one I didn’t have to. Polish removal was quick, clean and easy.
  • Best pro of all: It’s alllll vegan, baby. No animals harmed in the making of this polish! Can you be cruelty free with sexy nails? F-yeah


  • Okay, I swear LynBDesigns isn’t paying me to say this but I can’t really think of any cons. The polish is textured because of all the tiny glitters, so I guess if you don’t like that, that could be a con. I do kind of like textured polishes though, so even that I liked. I guess if there’s a con, it’s that Moffat is a misogynist, but that’s hardly LynB’s fault.