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Summer Nails (Color Club Lady Holiday and Apollo Star)

4 Jul

Didn’t want you all the think I abandoned you again — I’ve been traveling, but my nails are painted and I’m going to show them off. I haven’t got too many tools or options with me for going all out and fancy with my nails (gave 99% of my polishes to my mom when I ran off on a road trip) but I make due. Right now, I’m sort of in love with these Color Club polishes my friend gave me in a Vegan Cuts beauty box.

2015-06-26 10.07.07

Apologies, photo taken at a hotel!

So this is Color Club Lady Holiday on my thumb, index, middle and pinkie then Apollo Star on my ring finger/accent. I love both colors, especially Apollo Star though I find it chips a little easier than the rest of the Color Club line. It’s a lovely almost-textured gold glitter, and it covers extremely well with just one coat. Lady Holiday is an almost-grey with a hint of green. I love my grey polish, so no complaints here. The above is 2 coats.

So that’s it for now, I’m still on my journey across the US. You can always track my journey and my nails on instagram. Oh and… Happy 4th of July!


Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge — Black & White

12 Feb

Hey check me out! Posting the Mish Mash on time 🙂

So This week’s mish mash theme is black and white which is absolutely perfect because that’s my favorite color combination! Well, actually my favorite color combination is black, white and pink. I’ve based my entire apartment and wardrobe off this color scheme, so obviously I had to cheat and use pink for the mish mash.

2014-02-11 22.12.57Believe it or not, I did this mani entirely freehand, no tape. I went into this without a real plan, except I knew I wanted a white base, black tips and to sneak some pink in there. I started with a base coat of China Glaze White on White and used LA Colors Metallic Pink and a striping brush to make a clean line diagonally from one side of my nail to the tip. After that dried, I used my Art Club Black striping brush to make a clean line over the pink line and then filled in the top triangle. It was fantastically easy to create this look using just striping brushes.

That’s it for me, but I’ll see y’all on Friday! Don’t forget to check out the other gorgeous manicures from the other challenge ladies 🙂

Twelve Days of Christmas: Bells

9 Dec

Another day, another mani.

Today’s theme is Bells and I put together a very quick, jingle bell mani for this theme.

2013-12-08 19.31.18

I started this mani with a base coat of Sephora by OPI Looks like Rain, Dear (which is officially my new favorite gold polish ever). Then, on just my ring finger (because I’m lazy), I painted a yellow half circle on the bottom half of my nail using Color Club Yellow. When that dried, I painted the a black outline using my Art Club Black and made the cross at the bottom like the cross you see on the bottom of jingle bells. I free handed the bow using a red striping brush.

This is the kind of bell I was trying to recreate:

I hope you can see it, haha. I think it looks pretty cute.

Unfortunately, I painted my nails with school glue before putting my polish on (so I could peel it off rather than soak my nails) and my nails seem to be repelling the glue, so all my nail art popped off between last night and this morning, haha. Guess that means it will be easy to get started on the mish mash challenge!

Check out the other belles manucures (that’s French for beautiful manicures, BELLES, get it??) from the other fabulous challenge ladies 🙂

Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge: Rainbow

24 Oct

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for another challenge, and this week’s theme is: Rainbow.

You might be able to tell from my logo that I’m a big fan of rainbows, so I was pretty pumped for the challenge. Lucky me, I happened to have every color in the rainbow (ignoring indigo because wtf isn’t that just blue, too?) in polish bottles that came with a striping brush except purple which made it super easy to make this striped mani.

2013-10-23 20.52.42

I loved the stripes by themselves, but I was inspired by some Tegan and Sara fan art I made for a friend of mine a little while ago to add the heart using sharpie.

2013-10-23 20.53.01

In case you’re curious, here’s the fan art I made:



(yes, that’s lyrics to all my favorite songs in the background because I have an unhealthy obsession)

So the polishes I used for this mani were:

  • Base coat: You can’t really see it, but I used LVX Rive
  • Rainbow: Art Club striping brushes red, yellow, green; Milani striping brushes orange and blue; Wet N Wild On A trip (which I applied using a toothpick because I couldn’t find my regular striping brush haha)

I really loved this mani, and so did pretty much everyone I ran into over the past few days. I originally painted it on Sunday and have just been maintaining it through touch ups since because I adore it.

A couple of little non-mish mash related things: I have a facebook page now and y’all should probably go like it because I may-or-may not be plotting something that involves using it later (like perhaps a giveaway?) and because I’m going to keep it up today and post there a lot. Really! I am! Or at least I’m going to try 🙂

I wanted to give another shout out to Kimber, who hosts this challenge and who did a guest post for me on Friday. I’m so grateful for both the guest post and for involving me in this challenge which has just been so much fun and constantly educational. Thanks Kimber, you’re amazing!

Alright, that’s it for me, folks. I’ll be back on Friday for a fabulous 5 (though I really want to make it 10 since I skipped last week and have sooo many things to post about!). Make sure you check out the other beautiful manis from the challenge below!



Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge: Book

10 Oct

Wow, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get around to posting this, I actually got so excited for this challenge that I finished it like 3 days ago, haha. I guess I’ve just been so crazy busy, I didn’t prepare well!

So this week’s challenge theme was “book” which was pretty open ended to the point where I had a bit of difficulty choosing. Really, I’ve read so many great books (not so much lately since I don’t have time), and how could I pick just one?? But in the end I did, and I decided on Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Canon Doyle (he and I are so tight, I call him ACD — this is actual fact, I really do refer to him as ACD). As desperately sexist as ACD and his writing was, I love, love, love the Sherlock Holmes books and every reboot only increases my love for the characters and the stories. It’s difficult for me to really express why I like the story so much because pretty much every single version is more sexist than the last (yes, this includes Sherlock AND Elementary) but, well, I like what I like. And I particularly like the character of Sherlock Holmes, even if he is a sexist asshole haha.

Anyway, I opted for a pretty simple mani, which I freehanded using my Art Club precision brushes.

2013-10-06 21.25.39

The polishes I used for this mani were:

  • Base color: ELF Thunderstorm (from ELF’s Disney Villains special edition pack — which is totally worth purchasing even if you have to drive 50 miles to your nearest Walgreens– which I not saying I did….)
  • Nail Art: Color Club’s Art Club White
  • Top Coat: KISS Matte Effect Top Coat

Don’t forget to check out everyone else’s (lovely and amazing!) book nail art 🙂

Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge: Cold (and a huge apology)

20 Sep

Oh my god, I haven’t posted in a week.


I am sorry and ashamed and a disgrace to bloggerdom. I didn’t update for tiot (even though I got a new polish in my Petit Vour box that I’ve been dying to show you all), I didn’t updated on Wednesday for Mish Mash and now, instead of giving you Fab Friday 5… I’m backtracking to Mish Mash.

I am, actually, very sorry. My week has been a slice of hell wrapped in a blanket of too many responsibilities, too many fast approaching deadlines and too many meetings. This was my week:

  • Monday: 1. Find out there’s a grant app due on September 27, and the grant is giving out money for stuff we really need. 2. Start working on grant app. 3. MEETINGS MEETINGS AND MORE MEETINGS HORRAH. 4. Oh, that 10 hour book project is due… today? Lovely. 5. Doctor’s appointment lalala

  • Tuesday: 1. Find out I’m the lead for a petition that needs over 500 local signatures. 2. Work on grant app. 3. Find out I need 3 letters of community support for grant app. 4. Furiously email everyone in town I know to write letters of support. 5. Find out half of them are out of town until the 28th. 6. Get forced to eat something with butter in it by the elderly-but-well-meaning ladies at my job. 8. CRY, PURGE, CRY AGAIN. 7. Wait, there’s more of that book project??

  • Wednesday: 1. Find out I’m supposed to present at an assisted living home 3 towns away?? 2. Attend my regularly scheduled leadership coaching session. 3. Have a mental breakdown and cry over parking spaces. 4. Play dominoes with the elderly-but-well-meaning ladies at my job even though I have grant app??? 5. Oh I’m moving out on Sunday? Sure, no prob. Easy peasy. 6. That book project still isn’t finished and he wants 100 by WHEN??

  • Thursday: 1. Complete and print newsletter. 2. Rearrange newsletter label and email lists. Again. 3. Try to teach my receptionist that not our volunteer isn’t going to murder anyone? 4. MICROSOFT WORD I WILL SET YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN ON FIRE IF YOU DO NOT LET ME PUT AN IMAGE IN THE BACKGROUND OF THIS DOCUMENT SO HELP ME GOD 5. Leave for Boston w/ pregnant sister and her boyfriend only to watch my team lose. 6. Find out I’m supposed to go to the super-fancy Vermont Ice Ball Friday night? ANd I need a plus one??? 7. Get home at 3am after rescuing my dog from being left alone at the copy shop half the night.

Basically, I’ve had some stress, but I’m good now. And I’m really sorry I was neglectful.

Moving on.

FINALLY the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge! This week’s theme was “cold” and I picked the first thing that came to my mind: mountains!

2013-09-15 20.50.32

2013-09-15 20.50.41

I should apologize about the state of my ring finger, I had a run in with a business card slitting machine. My hand has healed since I took these picutres though 🙂

So from pinkie to thumb: pinkie – icicles, ring – mountain!, middle – snowstorm, index – mountains, thumb – more icicles.

The polishes I used for this were:

  • Base color: Sally Girl Periwinkle
  • Art: Art Deco Metallic Blue and Art Club White

Okay, it’s a work weekend for me but I’m going to try to do Fab (f)Saturday tomorrow. I’m moving out of my current place and into my new one on Sunday, so idk if you’ll hear anything from me (other than gentle sobbing as I cry myself to sleep at night) until Tuesday. Though I *should* have some nail mail coming soon 🙂 I’ll also try to post some pics from the Ice Ball and maybe some pics of my Kingdom Hearts loot when I have the chance!! Thanks for bearing with me this week xoxo

Don’t forget to check out what the other lovely challenge ladies did for their manis this week!

Fabulous Friday 5

13 Sep

Good morning everyone! It’s another rainy and miserable Friday up here in Vermont, but we’re gonna roll with it. A little rain never hurt anyone, right? Until it floods the parking lot and I have to wade through 1.5 ft of water (and a waterfall!!) to rescue my car.


Happy Friday! Here’s today’s fab 5:

  1. Check out Light Your Nails‘ super cute stamping mani from this week’s Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge. Love the shimmer, and she is super on-point with her stamping:
  2. Feministing answers the question: Should we do away with beauty pageants? (hint: yes)
  3. Ummm duh: study shows plant-based diets improve nutrition
  4. I’m so jealous of Glittery Fingers & Sparkling Toes who managed to get ahold of OPI Black Spotted when it was on sale last month (it sold out super fast 😦 ) but CHECK OUT HOW COOL IT IS!!
  5. Okay, fine, I admit I’m a sucker for vegan beauty boxes. I wasn’t going to but — I finally signed up for Petit Vour. They put up this stupid spoiler about their September box and HOW COULD I NOT??

Weekend Mani:

So I’ve been away for most of the week, trapped at my aunt’s place taking care of her hellhound. It’s basically meant I haven’t had much time for (or ability to) polish, and that’s made me pretty sad. To celebrate coming back home I did this super cute/fun half stripe mani for the weekend (which I have off!!!)

2013-09-11 21.35.30

For this mani I used:

  • Base coat: Color Club Lavender from their Blossoming collection
  • Stripes: Color Club Art Club Red & White Striping Brushes


Six is for Skinny People are People, too: Chelsea Cristene over at Role/Reboot wrote this fantastic article about skinny people at the gym. From the article:

And over the past several years, I’ve received comments telling me essentially this: Practicing healthy habits as a naturally thin person is superfluous, offensive to others, or, even worse, signifies that I have body image issues.

And let’s just talk about that! This is such a thing. I’ve been dealing it with it my entire life. People make me feel bad for trying to improve myself or my health. I told the nurse last night that I didn’t want to be weighed and she told me I “had nothing to worry about” and not to be self-conscious. What she didn’t understand is that I don’t weigh myself for a reason. I don’t weigh myself because I used to have an actual problem, I used to be controlled by the scale. And I’m better now. I got better by focusing on my health not my weight. And when people tell me that I “don’t need to worry” or “you’re too skinny to need the gym” it only makes my recovery harder.

Let’s just remember that everyone deserves to be happy and healthy, so let’s not take our own body concerns out on others.

Wow, sorry to bring out the body dysmorphism there at the end. I didn’t really intend to bring it all down to seriousness, but it seems like I always do.

Anyway, have a happy happy Friday, enjoy any nice weather if you’re lucky enough to have it!