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Fabulous Friday 5

23 Aug

Good morning everyone!! Why am I so chipper? Ah yes, because it’s Friday. And I have Friday mornings off! (Don’t be jealous, I work Friday afternoons/evenings and all weekend– actually I don’t have a single day off until Labor Day weekend). PLUS I get paid every other Friday (today is payday!) which means it’s NEW POLISH FRIDAY! If you have any suggestions for cruelty-free, vegan indie polishes, please please please leave them in the comments.

Anyway, In honor of my weekly morning off, and in honor of one of my all time fave blogs, Role/Reboot, I’ve decided to put together my five favorite nail art, nail polish, beauty and/or vegan posts of the week. I’ll try to do this every Friday, but don’t be shocked if you see some fabulous Saturdays or Sundays in the future.

  1. A Polished Prance did this fabulous needle drag marble for her Mish Mash Challenge this week and I can’t get over how beautiful it looks:
  2. LynBDesigns and a bunch of other indie polish makers are hosting a MASSIVE giveaway. Definitely, definitely check it out:
  3. Did you hear that All Lacquered Up has been collaborating with Sally Beauty to produce 6 new Fingerpaints colors?? Well, they’re all available now, and check out how awesome they are:
  4. Role/Reboot: Beauty Is Not An Attitude. Great commentary on the “beauty comes from within” (aka if you’re not pretty, you’re not trying hard enough) motif. From the article:

    “The problem with the “beauty is an attitude” logic is that it places all the blame and responsibility on women…. “Beauty is an attitude” suggests that if we just smile bigger, if we just feel better, if we just learn to be happier and more confident, then we will look better, too. In this system, beauty is still really important. We are implicitly acknowledging that we want to look beautiful, we care deeply about looking beautiful, we should look beautiful. Only now, it’s our fault, psychologically, if we don’t. If we don’t, we aren’t just failing to be attractive, we’re letting ourselves down with our crappy personalities, too.”

  5. My Vegan Cuts Beauty Box shipped this week! I love, love, love Vegan Cuts (it’s like livingsocial except more awesome) and this is the 2nd month of their all-vegan beauty box. I actually won my box this month after I filled out a survey, which is extra fabulous. Both months so far, the boxes have included at least one vegan nail product in addition to the other fabulous cruelty free, vegan beauty products. Here’s what was in my box this week (Yes, I will totes be reviewing those nail wraps sometime soon heck yeah):
    2013-08-23 09.27.09

The last thing I want to include in my “fab Friday” is my weekend mani. I’m actually going to see Ke$ha in concert this weekend (damn straight gurl don’t judge me) so I will be changing this mani tomorrow (you’ll see it for my “Music” edition of Mish Mash on Wednesday). Today I’m wearing Wet N Wild Caribbean Frost for my French tips and I added a single coat of Colorless Skein from LynBDesigns‘ “Baker Street” collection (yes! that’s right Sherlock-inspired nail polish! I love this brand). I have to confess that I love it. It’s like nail art in a bottle! It’s full of these funky shaped glitters (stars, squares, hearts, strips, and hexagons) which look really dynamic over both bare nails and dark polish.

2013-08-21 23.19.37 copy 2013-08-21 23.19.18

You thought I was done but…


Six is for Sexism: The wage gap between men and women in America is no secret, and here’s an excellent video of Disney Princesses explaining it to you:

It should be noted, though, that the statistics they site are an average of wages earned by women in the workplace compared to men. But when you add race as a factor the gap becomes even scarier.

Okay, that’s really it! I know I was sneaky with my #6 (you thought this was all about nails and beauty then BOOM! feminism outta nowhere) but I promise it won’t be sexism every week. I look forward to the alliteration possibilities in the future 🙂

Have a fabulous Friday!