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TIOT: Sephora by O.P.I. Break a Leg Warmer (plus Ellagee Not the Droids You’re Looking For)

19 Aug

I’m still having a terrible time with my nails! I started taking these vitamins from Deva, and my nail strength is definitely improving but (and I realize this is weird!) my nail polish keeps like… popping off! It comes off in whole sheets sometimes, like my nails are repelling the polish! Honestly, I have no clue what to do about it, haha. If anyone has any advice, I’d be immensely grateful!

In the mean time, I’m just going to keep changing my polish like daily because that’s how long it lasts!

Anyway, here’s a Try it on Tuesday for you!

2014-08-12 22.27.55-2 copy

The base color for this was Sephora by OPI Break a Leg Warmer (I have to assume this was from their winter collection before they discontinued the line) plus I used Ellagee Not the Droids You’re Looking For (which is also sadly unavailable anymore but came to me in nail mail last Halloween). I really love this grey color, though I wouldn’t mind if it we’re maybe 10% less black, if it were a softer grey. Not the Droids You’re Looking For is one of my fave glitter bombs based on the name alone, but it’s also super cute with blue, silver and gold glitter flecks, very reminiscent of the droids you are, in fact, looking for.

Alright, that’s all I have for today. If anyone has a suggestion how to deal with my nail polish-repelling problem, please let me know in the comments! I’m pretty desperate haha.


IDK what I’m even doing, but here’s a mid-week fab 5 I guess?

22 Apr

So today is Tuesday which means it’s tiot (ignoring that I actually do my tiot on Mondays) but also, as usual, my life is a mess and I’m crazy busy so I’m gonna get this week’s fab 5 and tiot all in one go. Yes, it’s the Fab Friday 5. On Tuesday.

  1. (MAJOR TRIGGER WARNINGS FOR: rape, rape culture, rape in the military, sexual assault, rape apologists, victim blaming) Amy Schumer is seriously ON POINT with this sketch about sexual assault in the armed forces (and how it is blatantly dismissed, ignored and blamed on the victim).
  2. LynBDesigns just released her new collection — Alice in Wonderland. Naked Without Polish swatched all of them, and I’m totally in love. I think Cheshire Grin is my favorite, but The White Queen is a close second! (Plus look at that logo! So cute, I’m impressed with myself haha)
  3. Let’s talk about the most recent Game of Thrones episode and wtf turning Jaime into a rapist?? (Trigger warnings: rape, incest, sexual violence) (also it should be noted that despite what this post says, Dany & Drogo’s relationship was totes not consensual)
  4.  I know it’s after Easter, but here’s a super cute multi-colored stamping mani (plus tutorial!) from Lacquer or Leave Her!
  5. In honor of my recent decision to take the LSATs and probably go to law school… this week’s favorite tumblr is #whatshouldwecallgradschool

So that’s the fab 5, and now here’s my tiot:

(Disclaimer: Polish purchased by me. All Opinions are my own)

Presentation2(I apologize for the extremely poor quality of this photo — I watermarked it using Microsoft Publisher because I’m at work lol)

So this week I decided to try out China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, which I totally loved. I have 2 sets of polish from China Glaze, and I basically love all of them because they have a matte finish! The color is extremely vibrant and the polish is well pigmented (2 thin coats seen above). Sadly, as with almost all China Glaze polishes I own, it has massive chipping issues. It’s beautiful to look at without a top coat because something about matte finishes really appeals to me visually, but it doesn’t last long. After an hour of wearing this and watching it chip away, I broke down and added a top coat of Ellagee Glass which of course dramatically changed the look and texture of the polish, such a shame.

LIFE NEWS: This weekend I’ve planned a super fun and exciting (vegan, gluten-and-nut-free) masquerade! Follow me on IG (@thesecretvegan) to see how totally awesome it’s going to be! (plus pics of my nail art and my totally cute apartment) AND I’m hosted a nail art competition at my work so I’ll be posting about that soon too 🙂 You’ll get to see my mom’s nails haha.

As always, thanks all for putting up with me! xoxo


Try it on t’Monday – Lacquer Envy Naturally Pink Gel Polish

1 Apr

So I have something kind of exciting and different to share with you all today. After 3 frustrating weeks of nail breakage, I took my mother’s advice and decided to invest in a gel manicure set. Of course, that set me to the task of finding vegan-friendly, cruelty-free gel nail polish which wasn’t as easy as I would have liked it to be.

Here’s a list of the polish brands I was able to find out about:

  • Nubar — all their products are vegan friendly/cruelty-free, including their gel polishes
  • Fingerpaints — all nail polishes vegan and cruelty-free, gel polish included
  • Salon Manicure by Color Club — all Color Club nail polishes are vegan and cruelty-free, including gel polishes
  • Red Carpet Manicure — polishes are cruelty-free but they have not confirmed vegan-ness of their product (I messaged them on facebook and was told that they were looking into it for me, but I haven’t heard back again so I’d be weary of using any of their polishes, especially the reds)
  • Lacquer Envy — all products cruelty-free and vegan-friendly!
  • Lala Gel Polish — all products cruelty-free and vegan-friendly!

That’s everything I know at this moment, and I’l be hopefully updating my resource page soon to reflect my findings.

After all that research, I had to pick a brand so I decided to start with Lacquer Envy because they offered a complete starter kit with a lamp at a (reasonable-ish) price, plus they’re an Etsy company and you know how I love my Etsy.

Disclaimer: Polish purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

So here’s what came with my kit:

  • UV Lamp
  • 2 nail polish colors of my choice (I picked Naturally Pink and Night Tide)
  • base coat
  • top coat
  • Rubbing alcohol pads (like for first aid kits)
  • 4-sided nail buffer

And here’s the Naturally Pink gel polish:2014-03-30 18.10.45

I have to confess this was my third attempt at the polish, and it came out soooo much better than my first two times. Truth be told, I’m roughly 90% positive it worked so much better because I didn’t use the base coat… I know that’s a no-no, but the first two times I put the base coat on and cured my nails, the base coat shrank and had bubbles. You can imagine and understand my reluctance to try it again. The instructions suggest using the base coat, curing it, then two or three more coats of polish, curing again, and the top coat and more curing. It was a slow process. Removing the base coat cuts the time down, plus the finished look is smoother.

About the polish — I love it. Wow, what a difference in nail strength with this on! My nails are no longer flexible, and I’m not worried about them peeling. This color is pretty, a nice pale pink I could probably get away with wearing pretty much anytime. It’s supposed to last longer than regular polish, and I’m sure it will, but my mood is changeable and I suspect I’ll be using this pink as the base coat for my next manicure.

I know from my first two attempts with this polish that gel polish is tricky to remove. I tried the dip-your-nails-in-acetone method and found it very unpleasant — turns my fingers white and damages my nails, plus it takes approx 20 minute to 20 hours to accomplish anything. On my mother’s suggestion, I tried soaking my hands in a water + dish soap combo for 15 minutes, and that worked extremely well! I was kind of surprised. I used an orange stick and the polish slid right off my fingernails. I’ll probably use that method from now on though; my mom gives the best advice! (don’t tell her I said that haha).

Goodnight everyone, have a pleasant and warm week. I hope no one pranks you tomorrow for April Fools — good luck out in the world!

Try It on T’Monday – LynBDesigns Eloquent Dust & Purple Polish of Sex

24 Mar

Hey friends, the mish mash is done for the season, all my friends have left (they come back at the end of April!) and I’m living alone again, doing nothing but working and painting my nails which means — I’ve got time to participate in Sassypaints’ Try It On Tuesday again! But since I work Tuesdays from 9am to 7pm, I’ll be posting on Mondays because I have the afternoon off.

Disclaimer: Both polishes bartered for graphic design services. All opinions are my own.

2014-03-23 22.59.22

So the polishes I used for this mani were Eloquent Dust and Purple Shirt of Sex, both from LynBDesigns’ Baker Street collection. I’ve been wanting these polishes for foreverrrr but I couldn’t justify making a massive polish purchase (because I can never pick just one). Lucky me that I happen to be a graphic designer haha. So let me tell you about the polishes:

  • Eloquent Dust – Based on this scene from BBC’s Sherlock:
    (in case you need a close up of that motion he’s making… lol)

    This is basically the perfect grey polish! I always have trouble finding a nice, light grey color. Every grey polish I own is wayyy too dark or tan/greenish, ick. This is a nice 20% black color that reminds me of those beautiful cool grey Prismacolor markers… ah yes, graphic designer wet dream. This polish has a nice consistency and dries glossy and smooth. Easy to apply evenly. Expect to see it a lot in the future!
  • Purple Polish of Sex: Based on this shirt from BBC’s Sherlock:

    AKA the time Benedict didn’t button his collar while filming haha. So this polish I didn’t really “try” just used quickly as an accent with some striping tape on my ring finger. From my brief experience with this polish, I can tell you it was very sheer and I should probably have used another coat to produce a stronger color. That being said, I think it will make a nice base coat for a future mani.

Overall, I really liked both of these polishes, especially Eloquent Dust, which is no great surprise since I’ve been eyeing them for ages. As you all probably know by now, I was a HUGE fan of BBC’s Sherlock until I recently got fed up with Moffat and BBC’s general disrespect toward their fanbase. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the brilliance of fandom-based polishes, though! In fact, I think LynBDesigns has catered to fans better than BBC ever has. Nothing better than nail polish + fandoms imo 🙂

Try it on (T)Monday Color Me Monthly 1982 Vintage

19 Nov

(so we’ll just pretend I didn’t skip out on this past Fabulous Friday…)

Heyy friends it’s another try it on t’monday here at Vegan Nail Art, Baby, and this time I’m trying out my newest Color Me Monthly polish: 1982 Vintage.

I love Color Me Monthly because it’s a really affordable subscription ($7/month) and it’s always a fun surprise because they don’t notify me when they ship (love coming home to an unexpected polish!) and they have great taste! Never gotten a polish I didn’t love. Plus it’s indie and vegan which is just the best, right?

So this month, they sent out 1982 Vintage which is a gorgeous burgundy red. It’s aptly named in that it’s red like wine and it’s totally perfect for the holidays. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect color for the upcoming holidays, it’s like cranberries!


Sorry, mani and photo are not that hot, I was in a hurry haha. I threw some black striping on because I felt somewhat inspired.

Does anyone else get Color Me Monthly? I’m curious if everyone gets the same color each month haha.

Alright, I’ll see you all on Wednesday! Thanks for bearing with me while I sort my life/work sh*t out.

OH and if you’re thinking about skipping out next week, don’t! I’ve got something really exciting planned 🙂

Try it on Tuesday: Van Gogh’s Violet

12 Nov

Heyy everyone. It’s another Monday edition of TioT (you love it, I know you do) and this week I’m trying out another one of the awesome polishes Dionne sent me for Halloween.

This one is Finger Paints Van Gogh Violet, and it’s a lovely purple and silver glitter bomb. I decided to wear it over Wet N Wild Wild Card (I see what you did there Wet N Wild) because I wanted a color with a similar hue but that wouldn’t overwhelm the color of the glitters.

Disclaimer: Gifted to me by a fellow nail polish blogger. All opinions are my own.

2013-11-11 20.25.59-2

So let’s do some nitty-gritty pros/cons, shall we?


  • color, color, color! That’s the absolute best part of this. The main mini glitter is a perfectly pretty purple (did you see what I did there? Take that Wet N Wild)
  • Formula: easy to apply, easy to distribute, nicely done


  • The name. What the heck, Finger Paints, I don’t recognize this color from any Van Gogh paintings haha. I googled to see if maybe he made any paints of violets like the flower… not that I could find. If anyone knows of one let me know, especially if it’s this color purple
  • Staying ability: you can tell from the image that the glitter didn’t cling well to the tip of my nails (this photo was taken exactly 24 hours post-application, which is pretty normal for my photo-shooting), and I didn’t even do anything today — I drove 45 minutes and bought a half dozen vegan cupcakes, haha, not a whole lot of stress. For the rest of the nail, however, like most glitter bombs, it was kinda a struggle to remove.

The big question for the day is… have I found the better lighting/backdrop situation for nail photos? What do you think? Improvement from Saturday, at the very least, right?

And that’s it for me tonight! Have a great Tuesday, see you in a couple of days for the (on time!!) mish mash 🙂

Try it on Tuesday: Finger Paints & Ellagee

5 Nov

Woah, I did not even realize it’s Monday! I had a weird work shift because I spent half the day in another town looking at portable PA systems for my senior center, and it kind of felt like Sunday, you know? Anyway, it’s time for Try it on Tuesday (extra special Vegan Nail Art, Baby style aka on Monday).

I’m excited because I spent the whole weekend with bare nails (SHOCK & HORROR) and have been dying to paint them. I’m extra excited because I picked something to try out of the Halloween nail mail from Dionne!

You remember, right? That amazing box of polish she sent me? I’ve been dying to try them all, but I’ve been soooo busy I haven’t had a chance!

Today, though, I’m wearing my first polish from Finger Paints, Easel Come, Easel Go!

Disclaimer: Gifted to me by a fellow nail polish blogger. All opinions are my own.

It’s a great silver color with amazing pigmentation, but as far as I can tell, the name has zero relation to the color, haha. I guess they just liked the name 🙂

2013-11-04 22.12.58

I really love the metallic vibe of this silver, very reminiscent of liquid mercury or unicorn’s blood, haha. And like I mentioned above, the pigmentation is fabulous. The formula is a bit too liquidy, so I did just 2 really thin coats which worked out great. Then I threw a little bit of Ellagee Not the Droids Your Looking For which is a mostly gold-and-silver-but-just-a-little-blue-for-R2D2 glitter box. Love, love, love both these polishes!

Thanks so much to Dionne again for sending them, and that’s to everyone for continue to bear with my blogging. I’ve got a big project going on at work right now, but it’s over on Thursday and I promise to be back full force afterward!

Please don’t forget to check out my new facebook page, I swear it will be worthwhile 😉