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Fabulous Friday Guest Post: Liz from A-Mani-Maniac

29 Nov

(A Note from Marilyn: Hey all! As you know, I’m away this week but the fabulous Liz from A-Mani-Maniac has been kind enough to help me out by preparing a guest post for you all. Thanks so much Liz! Please check out her blog over at And don’t forget, I’ve still got my giveaway running until Tuesday, so check it out on my facebook page by clicking the “giveaway” picture on the right below my cover photo. Thanks guys, and enjoy this post from Liz!)

Hi all!  This is Liz from A-Mani-Maniac, and I’m pretty excited to be here guest posting for Marilyn.  My blog is pretty low-profile, but I thought this might be fun to do.  I hope she’s having a good time on vacay!

I had an entirely different mani set up for today…really, I did.  But I forgot the cardinal rule during winter, and the nail gods made me pay.  I didn’t moisturize the day I was going to photograph my post, and a really long, stupid story later, I had 6 broken nails and a ruined manicure.

Please take pity; my fingers still haven’t recovered, and this is the shortest my nails have been in months.  The breaks got so low, it made it impossible to have a nice straight edge.  Sigh…Anyway, the mani’s must go on, right?

I’ve been trying to do an OPAL effect mani for what feels like forever, but haven’t been able to come up with one that I’m happy with.  This still isn’t quite it, but it is pretty darn close.   Just a note – I had to make the photos a little on the dark side – the colors wouldn’t come out to play on the normal settings.  I hope you can see a little something of what I see in person.

Normal settings & sunlight
Darker settings

I used the dry marble technique.  I came across this back in March of this year, and just LOVE it!  I like making my own nail strips, but the down side is you have to plan.  It takes a good day to completely dry and make them easily workable, but it is so worth it.

I used a plain white base polish (Wet ‘n Wild A Blank Canvas), and for the dry marble I used six CND Shimmer effects.

Whew…this was a little longer than I had thought it would be!  I want to thank Marilyn for letter me take over the blog for the day, and I hope you all liked what I did.  Enjoy the weekend, don’t break the wallet today, and I hope you all make some good memories this season!!
Happy Holidays!

Fabulous Friday Guest Post: Kimber from Kimber’s Lacquer Korner

18 Oct

(A Note from Marilyn: Hey friends! First, I want to start by thanking Kimber from Kimber’s Lacquer Korner who has been sooo helpful and amazing by preparing this fabulous guest post! Second, I want to apologize that I’m not around for the Fab 5, but I promise I’ll be back 100% next week. Thanks to everyone for their support in my blogging endeavors and extra special thanks to Kimber for being awesome! Have a fabulous Friday and enjoy XOXO)

Hi everyone! I am so thrilled to be here today! When I heard that Marilyn needed someone to guest post for her, I jumped at the opportunity. I adore her blog, and her nail art, and am simply thrilled to be a part of it.

If you don’t know me, I’m Kimber, and I blog over at Kimber’s Lacquer Korner. I do a lot of Indie Polish reviews, and somehow managed to bring together and awesome group of ladies (Marilyn included!) to do nail art challenges together. Every Wednesday we’re undertaking the Mish Mash Challenge (although lately I’ve been so busy that I’ve missed a few), and it’s great fun.

Today I wanted to share a little bit of nail art with you all. I’ll be honest – my first attempt failed miserably. I had wanted to do an awesome water marble for Marilyn’s blog, buuuuuut it did not end well. I’m fairly certain that there are still spots of nail polish on my walls. Yikes!

My very fave form of nail art is stamping, so after my epic marble fail I decided that I would stick with the tried and true. I started with a base of A-England Camelot, my favorite black in the entire universe. Then I added Revlon’s Chroma Chameleon (this stuff is supposed to be a duochrome, but more on that – and Revlon in general- later) in Aquamarine. Then I grabbed my handy Mash stamping plates and some Konad Black polish and stamped the geometric image from plate Mash-47. I have a love of stamping duochromes since the black really pop against the color change.

Unfortunately this polish isn’t all that duochrome. In fact, I was really let down with the color change, but at least the color is still pretty.









I do love this particular stamp, but I really wish I had used a different base color. The duochrome just isn’t strong enough for me, being only visible at extreme angles.

After I chose this polish, I also realized that there is a bit of controversy surrounding Revlon and whether or not they truly test on animals. Revlon itself states that they have not tested on animals since 1989, however there are reports all across the internet that this may not be quite true. I don’t have a ton of Revlon polish, but I really want to believe that they truly are not testing on animals again, since they do make some great polish. I rarely wear Revlon since I’m not certain about their practices. How about you all? What have you heard about Revlon and animal testing? Do you own or wear any Revlon? I thought this would be the perfect forum for this discussion!

I’d like to thank Marilyn for having me today. I just love her blog and admire her commitment to all things Vegan. Every time I read her blog, I learn a little more. She’s certainly opened my eyes to many things that I wasn’t aware of or had only heard in passing. Not only that, but she’s just a sweetheart! I’m so glad to have met her!

Thanks for tolerating my ramblings, and I hope you enjoyed a little peek at what I have to offer. I hope to see you all around the community!

Happy Polishing!