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12 Days of Christmas AND Mish Mash Challenge: Decorations & Stamping

12 Dec

I had this ready yesterday and I should have posted but… I was lazy. I watched the Mentalist and went to bed instead haha.

So this is a weird post because this week the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge and Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge fell on the same day. So I decided… well, why not do both at the same time?

The 12 Days of Christmas theme was “decorations”

And the Mish Mash theme was “stamping.” I don’t have very many stamping plates, just the ones that came with the kit my mom bought me, so I was kind of limited. In the end, I picked one that reminded me of the poofy decorations my family makes using tissue paper.

2013-12-10 21.21.05

I started with a base coat of Finger Paints Easel Come Easel Go which is by far my favorite silver polish. I then stamped with Sally Girl Black, China Glaze White on White, and OPI Oui Bit of Red over it. Quick, easy, painless. Covers both themes or nearly does haha.

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Twelve Days of Christmas: Bells

9 Dec

Another day, another mani.

Today’s theme is Bells and I put together a very quick, jingle bell mani for this theme.

2013-12-08 19.31.18

I started this mani with a base coat of Sephora by OPI Looks like Rain, Dear (which is officially my new favorite gold polish ever). Then, on just my ring finger (because I’m lazy), I painted a yellow half circle on the bottom half of my nail using Color Club Yellow. When that dried, I painted the a black outline using my Art Club Black and made the cross at the bottom like the cross you see on the bottom of jingle bells. I free handed the bow using a red striping brush.

This is the kind of bell I was trying to recreate:

I hope you can see it, haha. I think it looks pretty cute.

Unfortunately, I painted my nails with school glue before putting my polish on (so I could peel it off rather than soak my nails) and my nails seem to be repelling the glue, so all my nail art popped off between last night and this morning, haha. Guess that means it will be easy to get started on the mish mash challenge!

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Twelve Days of Christmas: Festive Colours/Glitter

8 Dec

It’s time again for another 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge mani and today’s theme is “Festive Colours/Glitter.”

It was difficult again to decide what to do for this challenge… mostly because I have sooo many different colors/glitters I could use. I recently reorganized my polishes into my brand new Helmer and I went through each drawer to decide which colors to use… then I realized I have about 30 glitters I could have used and decided to narrow it down to 3.

2013-12-07 19.02.40

For this mani, I started with a base color of Wet N Wild Sugar Coat, which is basically the same color as my natural nails, then I painted straight french tips using Sephora by OPI Looks Like Rain, Dear. Over that, I painted Color Me Monthly’s December 2013 color, Wrapped in Tinsel (which arrived this morning and I thought I would hate but I actually love) except on my ring finger, on which I used OPI Simmer & Shimmer instead. To add to my festive look, I played red gems on each nail. In between each coat, I used Ellagee’s new top coat Glass (which I got for free when I made a purchase from her on black Friday). Glass is a fast dry top coat that reminds me a lot of Seche Vite but actually smells less chemically and dries not necessarily faster but actually harder. I was able to take only 3-5 minutes between coats where I might wait half an hour or longer with Seche Vite.

Alright friends, that’s it for me tonight. You’ll see me in a couple of days for another challenge mani! Don’t forget to check out the other gorgeous, festive manis from the other challenge ladies.

Twelve Days of Christmas: Food

5 Dec

Day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge with Nail Art Novice! And today’s theme is “food.”

Okay, don’t judge me, maybe I’m an alcoholic but… instead of Christmas “food” I decided to do holiday drinks, haha. I just didn’t feel like painting a dozen candy canes or gingerbread men, bor-ing. Especially when cocktails are so delicious!

2013-12-04 22.54.03

(I have to apologize for my index finger — for the life of me, polish is not drying on that finger even with Seche Vite haha)

I started with a base coat of China Glaze White on White (still on my table from my last 12 Days mani haha) then painted a triangle of green, blue, or red on each nail. I outlined each triangle with Sharpie and added a stem to make a glass. Done!

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Twelve Days of Christmas Nail Art: Snow/Winter

4 Dec

Oh friends, I’ve missed you! I’ve missed painting my nails everyday, I’ve missed writing, I’ve missed everything! As you know, I’ve been away for about a week and a half, visiting some friends in Philly for Thanksgiving. I had a really great time with all my friends, but I’m still kind of glad to be home. It’s less expensive being home, and I like going to bed before 1am haha.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! My friends and I had a spectacular all-vegan Thanksgiving and had soooo much food. I made cranberry sauce from scratch (with bourbon yum!), stuffed mushrooms, carrots with fennel and maple syrup and more! We had a holiday roast from Gardein in place of a turkey, which was really nice. Highly recommend 🙂

So I think I mentioned I’m starting up with a new challenge group for the holiday. This one is called the Twelve Days of Christmas Nail Art challenge and it’s hosted by Nail Art Novice who does some wonderfully cute nail art over on blogspot. The challenge actually started on December 1 (you can see above that the theme was presents), but I was still traveling and wasn’t able to put together a mani for it.

Today, though, I’m home! The theme is Snow/Winter and I decided to do a snowstorm-gradient with snowflakes.

For this mani, I used China Glaze’s ombre set Wait Teal You See. I’m terrible at ombres, but I tried my best, okay? I started with a base color of White on White, then sponged on the For Audrey, Aquaedelic and just a touch of Turned Up Torquoise on the tips. Using striping colors from Art Club and Milani, I threw on a freehand snowflake on each nails. To create the “snowstorm” effect, I used a dotting tool to create some snow balls then I used Luxe and Lush glitter bomb as a top coat. As an accent, I added a gem to the center of each snowflake.

2013-12-03 22.29.59

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Alright, it’s getting late here and I’ve got to watch Supernatural before bed but before I go…


Kyla, Tina and Amanda have all won prizes, thanks so much for entering!

Have a great night everyone 🙂