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Nails at last! (Wet N Wild I Red a Good Book)

26 Jun

Woah, it’s been a long time! Sorry about that, folks. Things got crazy and my nails were in super bad shape due to stress and abuse, but things are looking better than ever. My nails have regrown themselves over the past 3ish weeks because of one important factor: NO WORK. Can’t believe what a difference giving up my job has made on my overall health! The doctors weren’t lying — stress is really bad for you! Haha.

Anyway, you’re probably all wondering why I’m not working and the answer is… I’m on a road trip! I gave up all 3 of my jobs and ran off with everything I own packed up in the backseat of my car. I’m currently traveling across the country to various cities and baseball parks and just relaxing overall. I’m planning to settle down (or as close as a person with wanderlust like me can come to settling down) in either Portland, OR or New Orleans, LA sometime in the near-to-far future.

A quick recap of my road trip adventures so far can be found on my instagram and my travel blog, home)base(less.

Courtesy of my lack of work and my road trip, I’ve finally had time to start painting my nails again! Here’s a mani from Wednesday:


This is a manicure I did at an Ohio service area on my way between Cleveland and Detroit. I had to make a couple of phone calls and I figure, meh, why not paint my nails? I used Wet N Wild I Red a Good Book from their Megalast collection, and I topped my accent nail with… idk! I have no idea what the name of this polish is. It looks like this:

2015-06-26 12.26.51

And it came in one of the VeganCuts nail polish boxes (or was it the beauty box??) that my friend Heidi gave me for my birthday in December. If anyone knows this brand, please let me know because I really like the color!

***UPDATE*** Some in depth googling has led me to the identity of this polish! It’s Elysian Misapplied Magic, and it came to me in the VeganCuts nail art box — which is sold out, but probably coming back soon 🙂

Alright, I’ve gotta head out because I’m visiting my aunt and uncle in Detroit (well just north of there), and I think we’re heading to Greenfield Village today. Thanks for reading!