Someone Else’s Nails!

29 Apr

Hi friends, sorry I’ve been kinda flakey. I’ve been totally nuts planning a vegan, gluten-and-nut-free masquerade party this past Saturday! Luckily, I had a bunch of awesome friends who came to help me and it came together great! Though I have enough left over Ethiopian food to feed a medium sized army lol.

I had a fabulous idea to make a photo booth using my Macbook and I’m going to share some pics with you so you can see the kind of night we had:

Marilyn-Alastair-blog copie

Me and my friend, Alastair (whose nails you can see here!) Yes, I am wearing a tiara. And yes my mask is FABULOUS

Chelsea-blog copie

Chelsea in her super elegant forest goddess handmade mask (see Chelsea’s nails below!)

Everyone-blog copie

Almost everyone in this pic is a practicing vegan!! And of course we all have the most fabulous masks


Me, my mom (see her nails below!) and my sister. Aren’t we adorable?

What a night! So glad we all had fun, but I’m sorry to have shirked my blogging duties!

Now I’m back but I don’t have any of my own nail art to show you! I’ve been far too busy to do anything spectacular or creative on my own nails, BUT I did sponsor a nail art contest at my work the past two weeks! Three of the girls I work with submitted nail art, and I’ll show them to you (and judge them) now 🙂

The first entry is from Chelsea, our day time graphic designer/all around copy shop person. (She’s the one posing in the second masquerade photo.) This manicure was made using all Wet N Wild polishes and done just before Easter:



The second entry is from my mom, Linda (the person in the middle of the bottom picture from the masquerade), who is the co-owner of the copy shop where I do graphic design. My mom is probably the only person I know irl who is more obsessed with nail art and nail polish than I am! For this competition, she did some fabulous galaxy nail art using a combination of LA Colors, Wet N Wild and Diamond Costmetics:


The third and final contestant for my nail art contest is Jenna aka my minion (yes, that’s what we call her, though my mom did try to promote her to “grasshopper”but that nickname never stuck). She did some nice patriotic nail art for us using Wet N Wild and E.L.F. polish:


Everyone had the opportunity to submit twice, but no one did, so those are our entries! I’m the judge, obviously, so I have to pick one and I picked……

Chelsea! Congratulations! (She doesn’t actually read this blog, so I’ll have to tell her when I see her at work today lol).  I love everyone’s art, but I had to pick just one and I loved the cute little bunny art work on Chelsea’s nails! The prize for my contest is 2 bottles of vegan friend polish, which I’ll probably be picking up today if I have some time haha. Maybe I’ll pick up some mini polishes as consolation prizes for our other submissions.

What do you all think, did I make a good choice? Let me know in the comments 😉





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