Crosshatch Nails

25 Feb

Good morning everyone! Sadly, the Mish Mash is over for the season which means I will be polishing of my own accord for awhile. Luckily, I have a great friend who readily supplies inspiration for me for painting my nails! Last night I asked him what colors (or as he would refer to them “colours”) to use and he suggested blue and green. Here is the result:

2014-02-24 22.14.54For this mani I used:

  • Base color: YouPolish Zombie Boogie
  • Crosshatching: Milani Blue Print

It was a super easy mani, I did my base coat then used a striping brush to create the crosshatching. I love this polish from YouPolish and have been dying for another reason to use it, so lucky me that my friend suggested green. I own a lot of blues, but Milani Blue Print came with a striping brush and is very easy to apply and is a great bright color that really pops on the green.

It’s tax season, and I’m wondering if anyone else is planning to spend a good chunk of their refund on nail polish, haha. Actually no, I’m saving most of it for a little vacation to DC, but some of it *will* go to polish. What are you planning to spend you refund cash on? Let me know in the comments!

PS: Check out LynBDesigns’ new logo! I designed it myself over the weekend. We have a great deal of design in exchange with polish, which I could totally get used to (in case any other polish makers need some design work 😉 )

OH! And congrats to the winners of Over the Top Coat’s giveaway! I’ll be mailing out my prize by the end of the week.

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