Fabulous Friday Five plus Chevron Nails and a New Top Coat

21 Feb

Hey friends, sorry I skipped out on this week’s mish mash challenge which was, sadly, the last mish mash of the 2013 season 😦 I wanted to do it but as you know, my work often interferes with my ability to create nail art. My project is nowhere near done, and I have tons I could be doing but I’m going update this anyway haha. Here’s this week’s fabulous Friday five:

  1. This week’s Mish Mash Challenge theme was seasons, and I fell in love with 2 of my fellow bloggers’ seasonal designs, so I’m going to feature two for this! I love what Small Budget Beauty did because she let her husband free-hand paint each of nails for a different season! Talk about trust! and it came out great.

    And shoutout to my fellow vegan The Bookish Manicurist who did some great freehand flower art!
  2. The 2014 Winter Olympics are going on (at least I think they’re still going…) and even though I haven’t watched even a single event, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate some sweet nail art.
  3. Speaking of the Olympics, check out one of the (many) abandoned stadiums from previous Olympics. This one is Sarajevo, where they held the 1984 Olympics.
  4. In case you haven’t heard, there’s something happening in Venezuela and Ukraine.



  5. Hooray for debunking bad nail advice — also read the comments in this article. Very interesting and you might learn something!

Okay so last night I did have a little time to do my nails for my weekend mani (mostly because I decided not to bring any work home with me even though I should have –oops). I like to sometimes ask one of my really good friends what I should do with my nails and he suggested “pink with black details of some kind,” so that’s what I did!

2014-02-21 10.32.55 copyThe overall manicure turned out nicely, but it was hellish to put together.

Disclaimer: Products purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

You might wonder why I put a disclaimer there since I don’t usually review polishes during my fab Fridays but, well, I’m about to say some not too nice things about putting this manicure together and that might be considered a review. So here we go!

For this I used Wet N Wild How I Met Your Magenta for the base color (I love this color but I hate the formula for this polish — it’s too tacky and weirdly thick. I like most Wet N Wild polishes but their Fastdry stuff sucks) and used my Art Club black striping brush to create the chevron tips free hand (this was the easiest and quickest part of the whole mani). The top coat is where things got complicated. I recently purchased, on the advice of a fellow beauty blogger, a set of polishes/nail art tools from the brand Essence which is apparently very popular where she lives in the EU but can only be purchased from Ulta here in the States. I purchased some nail art pens, a stamping set and their “Gel-Look” top  coat. I decided to test out my new top coat for this mani and boy do I regret it. You all probably know by now that Ellagee Glass is my go-to top coat, and I’m sticking by my conclusion that it is the best and only top coat I will ever need after this experience. Essence Gel-Look top coat is super thin and difficult to work with, plus it takes 100 years to dry (small exaggeration). 0/10 would not recommend. I ended up topping my top coat with Ellagee Glass just to get this manicure to dry. Ugh. I’ve still got hope for the stamping set and nail art pens I bought from Ulta, but this top coat in no way gets my recommendation. In the end, I still love the look of this mani and will probably recreate it in the future 🙂

No bonus today because I’m actually at work right now and should get back to that project of mine… Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


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