A Giveaway! And Funky French Tips

10 Feb

I mentioned on Friday that Over the Topcoat was putting together a giveaway and that I was participating — and it’s now live!

The giveaway is to celebrate her (almost) 1700 likes on facebook (approx 1650 more than I have lol), and she has TEN prizes, including mine! I’m giving away 3 polishes from one of my polish-making BFF Sam over at Incidental Twin.

2014-02-08 21.19.27The polishes are Spectre, Ooky and Devil’s Own from her Halloween collection. For a chance to win them and a bunch of other fabulous prizes, head right over to Over the Topcoat and enter the giveaway!!

Once again, to enter the giveaway GO HERE:

And have fun!

I’ve mentioned before the I love French tips, but it seems like I’ve hardly shown any off so I thought I’d put together some funky Frenches to show you. I love this twist on French tips because white and pink is so boring and in the words of Ben & Jerry, if it’s not fun, why do it? Haha.

2014-02-09 23.10.48For this mani, I started with a base coat of Color Me Monthly Seven Sisters (seen also here) for all except my accent nail (I always use my ring finger as my accent nail because, tbh, it’s my nicest formed nail). On my accent finger, I used Finger Paints Easel Come Easel Go (which has recently become my favorite silver because it’s super easy to open the bottle and all my other silver polishes require hulk strength to open haha), and then I used the silver to do the tips on my blue nails and the blue to do the tip on my silver nail. It’s a quick and easy manicure, made all the quicker by using Ellagee’s Glass topcoat (I cannot recommend this topcoat highly enough!). I normally paint my tips free hand, but because my nails are so short right  now, I totally cheated and used a bandaid as a guide. If you’re ever having trouble with French tips, a bandaid will always be the trick.

Before I go, a couple of reminders:

  1. Girl Scout cookies went on sale this weekend! Support your local chapter by buying any of their vegan cookies: Lemonades, Thin Mints, Thanksalot and (my favorite) Peanut Butter Patties. YUM!
  2. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Also, I’m going to be putting together a little FAQ section sometime soon, and I’ve got a few questions for it (frequently asked one haha), but if you’ve got anything you want answered in addition, email me thesecretvegan@gmail.com or leave a comment 🙂

One Response to “A Giveaway! And Funky French Tips”

  1. thebookishmanicurist February 12, 2014 at 7:57 am #

    Love your French mani, the silver & blue look great together!

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