A Fabulous Mish Mash Saturday — and Short Nail Reveal!

1 Feb

I was definitely planning to post this on Thursday so I would be only a day late on my mish mash and a day early on my fab 5 (one day late, one day early, it cancels out to make me on time), but then as usual, I got busy and now I’m late on both 😦 Sorry!

Okay so big change this week! I decided to file my nails wayyy down! Short nails are trending right now, and I felt like I needed a mini-nail make over. Personally, I’m not in love with the look of short nails — I think they make my fingers look stumpy — but they’re a lot easier to manage and shape, plus they don’t interfere as much with my typing (which I do constantly due to my jobs and my blogs). Besides, they’ll grow back 🙂

So this week’s mish mash challenge theme is “green” which gives me an excellent chance to show off a polish I’ve been secretly in love with — Ellagee Get Away from Her, You Bitch! 2014-01-29 22.19.04

This polish is amazing because it glows in the dark. I tried to get a photo of it for you, but my camera absolutely refuses to pick up the glow-in-the-dark bits. My photo of this in the dark looks like this:

2014-01-29 22.22.08Can you see it? haha. If you go to Ellagee’s shop, though, someone did manage to get a nice image.

As you can see in the top image, I did a little green stroke across my nails and added gems for fun. I used Ellagee Glass (my all time favorite) for my top coat.

Speaking of the Mish Mash challenge, let’s get down to this week’s fabulous f’Saturday five (or perhaps we should call it the Spectacular Saturday 6?).

  1. As always, I like to feature one of my fellow mish mashers as number one in my top five, and this week it’s definitely Nail Art Novice with her block-style nail art! She used all 40 of her green nail polishes, and if that’s not dedication idk what is. And, on top of it all, it’s a beautiful manicure.
  2. You probably remember I did a lot of swatching this past week and last, including Sue.me Lacquer’s first collection and I’m pleased to tell you all that her shop is live! Her polishes are now available for purchase on Etsy and Storevy.
  3. I am so happy, I might cry — Lolita, the beautiful orca that has been enslaved by the Miami Seaquarium for over 40 years finally has a chance at freedom. I’ve probably mentioned Lolita before, if not on this blog, she comes up a lot on my main blog, but for those who don’t know much about Lolita: she is an orca captured at a young age in the last live-capture of orcas in Puget Sound and sent to prison at the Miami Seaquarium where she has been forced to perform for forty years. She has been without another orca since 1980. She also lives in a tank so small, it is actually considered illegal. Sadly, she has been excluded from the Endangered Species Act which would have protected her because of some totally bs grandfather laws. And now, at last, ALDF (Animal Legal Defense Fund) has gotten her protection under the Endangered Species Act and she might finally be able to retire. For more information about Lolita and her life, please watch Lolita: Slave to Entertainment. It’s an old documentary (2005) so just remember she’s been suffering for almost 10 years since that movie was made.
  4. So on Wednesday, I did some swatching for Rainbow Honey and I want to remind you that you can get $5 off your next order if you use the code ILOVENAILBLOGS at www.rainbowhoney.com. Also, if you want to see a couple more swatches, Sassypaints2012 also did some (and her photos are a lot nicer than mine!) so check that out too.
  5. For those of my readers planning to sit down and watch the Super Bowl tomorrow, please remember that chickens are the real losers at the Super Bowl 😦 please consider a healthier, cruelty-free snack option to enjoy with your game! And good luck to whichever team you’re rooting for 🙂



Six is for Sh*tty Things Celebs Have Said — my new favorite Tumblr. If you’re ever wondering what a celebrity has done that was harmful or offensive toward a group of people, this tumblr keeps track of it all. Sadly, there’s A LOT of information on it (because celebs do and say a lot of crappy stuff). It’s organized by tags so if you’re looking for a specific asshat celeb — like say Jared Padalecki — you can just type into your address bar: shittythingscelebshavesaid.tumblr.com/tagged/Jared-Padalecki (or change Jared-Padalecki to any other celebrity such as Jennifer-Lawrence) and voila, at your fingertips you have all the evidence you need to demonstrate to your friends that while, yes, you enjoy a certain actor’s roles you do not necessarily agree with their choices/hate speech.

Okay, I’ve got the day off which means I have 10000 things to do, so I’m off to accomplish things! Make sure you check out the other cute manis by the ladies of Kimber’s Mish Mash challenge! And have a great weekend 🙂


2 Responses to “A Fabulous Mish Mash Saturday — and Short Nail Reveal!”

  1. A Polished Prance February 7, 2014 at 11:12 am #

    That is a lovely green! I think your nails look lovely and they still have a fair amount of length. At least they aren’t total nubs lol 😉

  2. TheBookishManicurist February 7, 2014 at 7:29 pm #

    Your nails still look lengthy to me and such a cool shade of green polish!

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