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Fabulous Friday Five

28 Feb

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve got some cool stuff to share with you all so let’s get right to it.

  1. Usually I post from the mish mash here but instead of I’m just gonna pick a post from one of my favorite beauty bloggers The Nailsaurus! Now, I’m not into Legos but this nail art is hella cute
  2. I discovered a new crazy awesome vegan food blog! Check out Vegan Crunk
  3. Do you have a smart phone? If you do, I hope that means you’re doing your part to help give clean water to children in need via Unicef’s Tap Project
  4. Okay, I couldn’t not show you this awesome nail art from Set in Lacquer. I mean, Candy Crush, how adorable! Talk about talented, too, I would never have the patience for this
  5. Ruby Wing just released their newest collection, see it swatched at Pink & Polished!

So yesterday I broke not one but TWO nails at work and I’m pretty annoyed about it. You’ll be unlikely to see the index finger of either of my hands in any photos for the next few weeks or so unfortunately 😦 Despite that, I did put together a weekend mani:

Disclaimer: Polish gifted to me. All opinions are my own.

2014-02-27 23.39.41 copy

My mom gave me this polish (LA Colors Sassy Sparkle) because it’s her favorite glitter topper. I decided to try it out with this super simple mani. I used Color Me Monthly 1982 Vintage for my base coat, then painted silver and black stripes on my accent nail, plus added a line of gems. On top of all that, I used LA Colors Sassy Sparkle. I like the polish, but it doesn’t really make the radar for my favorite glitter toppers. Seems like something I might use if I didn’t feel like doing any actual nail art on a particular day, haha.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Crosshatch Nails

25 Feb

Good morning everyone! Sadly, the Mish Mash is over for the season which means I will be polishing of my own accord for awhile. Luckily, I have a great friend who readily supplies inspiration for me for painting my nails! Last night I asked him what colors (or as he would refer to them “colours”) to use and he suggested blue and green. Here is the result:

2014-02-24 22.14.54For this mani I used:

  • Base color: YouPolish Zombie Boogie
  • Crosshatching: Milani Blue Print

It was a super easy mani, I did my base coat then used a striping brush to create the crosshatching. I love this polish from YouPolish and have been dying for another reason to use it, so lucky me that my friend suggested green. I own a lot of blues, but Milani Blue Print came with a striping brush and is very easy to apply and is a great bright color that really pops on the green.

It’s tax season, and I’m wondering if anyone else is planning to spend a good chunk of their refund on nail polish, haha. Actually no, I’m saving most of it for a little vacation to DC, but some of it *will* go to polish. What are you planning to spend you refund cash on? Let me know in the comments!

PS: Check out LynBDesigns’ new logo! I designed it myself over the weekend. We have a great deal of design in exchange with polish, which I could totally get used to (in case any other polish makers need some design work 😉 )

OH! And congrats to the winners of Over the Top Coat’s giveaway! I’ll be mailing out my prize by the end of the week.

Fabulous Friday Five plus Chevron Nails and a New Top Coat

21 Feb

Hey friends, sorry I skipped out on this week’s mish mash challenge which was, sadly, the last mish mash of the 2013 season 😦 I wanted to do it but as you know, my work often interferes with my ability to create nail art. My project is nowhere near done, and I have tons I could be doing but I’m going update this anyway haha. Here’s this week’s fabulous Friday five:

  1. This week’s Mish Mash Challenge theme was seasons, and I fell in love with 2 of my fellow bloggers’ seasonal designs, so I’m going to feature two for this! I love what Small Budget Beauty did because she let her husband free-hand paint each of nails for a different season! Talk about trust! and it came out great.

    And shoutout to my fellow vegan The Bookish Manicurist who did some great freehand flower art!
  2. The 2014 Winter Olympics are going on (at least I think they’re still going…) and even though I haven’t watched even a single event, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate some sweet nail art.
  3. Speaking of the Olympics, check out one of the (many) abandoned stadiums from previous Olympics. This one is Sarajevo, where they held the 1984 Olympics.
  4. In case you haven’t heard, there’s something happening in Venezuela and Ukraine.



  5. Hooray for debunking bad nail advice — also read the comments in this article. Very interesting and you might learn something!

Okay so last night I did have a little time to do my nails for my weekend mani (mostly because I decided not to bring any work home with me even though I should have –oops). I like to sometimes ask one of my really good friends what I should do with my nails and he suggested “pink with black details of some kind,” so that’s what I did!

2014-02-21 10.32.55 copyThe overall manicure turned out nicely, but it was hellish to put together.

Disclaimer: Products purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

You might wonder why I put a disclaimer there since I don’t usually review polishes during my fab Fridays but, well, I’m about to say some not too nice things about putting this manicure together and that might be considered a review. So here we go!

For this I used Wet N Wild How I Met Your Magenta for the base color (I love this color but I hate the formula for this polish — it’s too tacky and weirdly thick. I like most Wet N Wild polishes but their Fastdry stuff sucks) and used my Art Club black striping brush to create the chevron tips free hand (this was the easiest and quickest part of the whole mani). The top coat is where things got complicated. I recently purchased, on the advice of a fellow beauty blogger, a set of polishes/nail art tools from the brand Essence which is apparently very popular where she lives in the EU but can only be purchased from Ulta here in the States. I purchased some nail art pens, a stamping set and their “Gel-Look” top  coat. I decided to test out my new top coat for this mani and boy do I regret it. You all probably know by now that Ellagee Glass is my go-to top coat, and I’m sticking by my conclusion that it is the best and only top coat I will ever need after this experience. Essence Gel-Look top coat is super thin and difficult to work with, plus it takes 100 years to dry (small exaggeration). 0/10 would not recommend. I ended up topping my top coat with Ellagee Glass just to get this manicure to dry. Ugh. I’ve still got hope for the stamping set and nail art pens I bought from Ulta, but this top coat in no way gets my recommendation. In the end, I still love the look of this mani and will probably recreate it in the future 🙂

No bonus today because I’m actually at work right now and should get back to that project of mine… Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Fabulous Friday Five

15 Feb

Well, happy Valentine’s day! No doubt you’re all basking the beautiful chaos of the most recent snowstorm to sweep the East Coast.

What’s that, you’re not basking? Your car is buried in 2 feet of snow and all the trees around your  house are covered in ice causing them to break and bend? Pffffttt it’s not so bad is it–



2014-02-14 10.53.04

Oh. Okay then. Perhaps the chaos is *not* so beautiful.

But! It did result in a lot of people (not me) having the day off, and snow days can be fun, right?

Anyway, it’s Friday and let’s get on with our fabulous Friday five!

  1. I think this week’s challenge was my favorite out of the whole bunch because I love the black and white manicures! And I have to show you all Glittery Fingers & Sparkling Toes fabulous black, white and silver ombre. I’m extra jealous because I’m terrible at ombres.
  2. I made a terrible (and belated) attempt at a Valentine’s mani (see the bottom of this post), so I thought I’d show you one I saw and loved from Nail Addicted Sisters because I’m ashamed haha
  3. I’m a little late in showing this to you all, but Vegan Beauty Review put together a cruelty-free fashion guide for Valentine’s day!
  4. Do you have any idea how much the federal government of the United States has spent on marriage promotion???? LIKE A BILLION DOLLARS. Feministing put together a handy list of 5 things on which that money could have been better spent.
  5. You might have heard that Michael Sam, soon-to-be-professional football player has come out publicly! It’s been sad that a lot of football coaches have been reacting negatively, but this one newscaster gets it right.

Alright, and now I’ll show you all my weekend mani aka last-minute Valentine’s manicure

2014-02-14 19.02.21So I originally intended something much more deluxe than this — a “modern art” mani using every shade of pink I own à la Nail Art Novice but then I tried doing the manicure while drunk and… no, just no. Do not paint your nails if you have vodka in your system. JUST DON’T. This has been a public service announcement from Vegan Nail Art, Baby.

Moving on, I decided last minute to paint my nails as you see above. I started with a base coat of OPI A Oui Bit of Red then used Wet N Wild Make Them Boys Go Loco (from their Fergie collection haha) on all but my accent nail. On my ring finger, I painted a misshaped heart in black (to match my own heart).


6. Don’t forget Over the Topcoat has a fab giveaway still going, and I’m providing a prize!!

Alright that’s it for me because I have a ton of work left to do!

xoxo Happy Valentine’s Day

Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge — Black & White

12 Feb

Hey check me out! Posting the Mish Mash on time 🙂

So This week’s mish mash theme is black and white which is absolutely perfect because that’s my favorite color combination! Well, actually my favorite color combination is black, white and pink. I’ve based my entire apartment and wardrobe off this color scheme, so obviously I had to cheat and use pink for the mish mash.

2014-02-11 22.12.57Believe it or not, I did this mani entirely freehand, no tape. I went into this without a real plan, except I knew I wanted a white base, black tips and to sneak some pink in there. I started with a base coat of China Glaze White on White and used LA Colors Metallic Pink and a striping brush to make a clean line diagonally from one side of my nail to the tip. After that dried, I used my Art Club Black striping brush to make a clean line over the pink line and then filled in the top triangle. It was fantastically easy to create this look using just striping brushes.

That’s it for me, but I’ll see y’all on Friday! Don’t forget to check out the other gorgeous manicures from the other challenge ladies 🙂

A Giveaway! And Funky French Tips

10 Feb

I mentioned on Friday that Over the Topcoat was putting together a giveaway and that I was participating — and it’s now live!

The giveaway is to celebrate her (almost) 1700 likes on facebook (approx 1650 more than I have lol), and she has TEN prizes, including mine! I’m giving away 3 polishes from one of my polish-making BFF Sam over at Incidental Twin.

2014-02-08 21.19.27The polishes are Spectre, Ooky and Devil’s Own from her Halloween collection. For a chance to win them and a bunch of other fabulous prizes, head right over to Over the Topcoat and enter the giveaway!!

Once again, to enter the giveaway GO HERE:

And have fun!

I’ve mentioned before the I love French tips, but it seems like I’ve hardly shown any off so I thought I’d put together some funky Frenches to show you. I love this twist on French tips because white and pink is so boring and in the words of Ben & Jerry, if it’s not fun, why do it? Haha.

2014-02-09 23.10.48For this mani, I started with a base coat of Color Me Monthly Seven Sisters (seen also here) for all except my accent nail (I always use my ring finger as my accent nail because, tbh, it’s my nicest formed nail). On my accent finger, I used Finger Paints Easel Come Easel Go (which has recently become my favorite silver because it’s super easy to open the bottle and all my other silver polishes require hulk strength to open haha), and then I used the silver to do the tips on my blue nails and the blue to do the tip on my silver nail. It’s a quick and easy manicure, made all the quicker by using Ellagee’s Glass topcoat (I cannot recommend this topcoat highly enough!). I normally paint my tips free hand, but because my nails are so short right  now, I totally cheated and used a bandaid as a guide. If you’re ever having trouble with French tips, a bandaid will always be the trick.

Before I go, a couple of reminders:

  1. Girl Scout cookies went on sale this weekend! Support your local chapter by buying any of their vegan cookies: Lemonades, Thin Mints, Thanksalot and (my favorite) Peanut Butter Patties. YUM!
  2. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Also, I’m going to be putting together a little FAQ section sometime soon, and I’ve got a few questions for it (frequently asked one haha), but if you’ve got anything you want answered in addition, email me or leave a comment 🙂

Fabulous Friday Five!

7 Feb

Sorry I skipped the mish mash this week, truthfully I had something great planned — the theme was Animated Movie/TV show and I was totes planning a Frozen manicure — but my art skills did not live up to the task. But hey, I really *wanted* to do something, and that counts, right?

Anyway, it’s Friday so let’s get on with some fabulous posts from the internet this week.

As I mentioned, the theme this week’s mish mash was Animate Movie/TV, and there wasn’t much for me to chose from haha. Only two of my fellow bloggers finished their manicures and connected them to the inlinkz, and I’m not going to pick between them, I just going to show you both!

  1. Small Budget Beauty did a super cute mani based on the little guys from Despicable Me (which I’ve never seen but the minions are pretty identifiable). It’s kind of hard not to adore it, look at the one-eyed one!
  2. A Girl and Her Chicken Named Betty did some nail art as for something called “American Hetalia” which I have also never seen and actually never even heard of haha. I can still admire her art skills though!
  3. Did you hear that us millennials aren’t buying cars because we’re cheap and we want to be poor and that’s dragging our economy down? haha nothing at all to do with the low wages we receive coupled with the high price we all paid for college LOL
  4. Take a look at this neat and super easy nail art from Lucy’s Stash! I’m kind of in love with everything about it. Especially the nail art pen — I wish I could get this brand in the states. They’re cruelty free and their nail polish is vegan (unlike Sally Hansen which sells a similar product)
  5. Check it out — new giveaway from Llarowe!

FYI I’ve joined up with Over the Topcoat for a giveaway! I’ll announce it on Monday and post some nail art — maybe some stamping if I can figure out how haha. Have a great weekend everyone 🙂