Fabulous F’Saturday Five

14 Dec

I’m ashamed to say, I was lazy yesterday. I didn’t update for that reason. I’ve come down with a cold, so I called out of my tutoring sessions, too, so you’re not the only one who got left behind. I also decided not to participate in yesterday’s 12 Days of Christmas mani because the theme was Christmas animals and I was completely uninspired haha.

Anyway, I’m back, and here’s this week’s fabulous five:

  1. I want to welcome Aly back to the Mish Mash Challenge after she’s been away for awhile! I picked her to feature this week partly because of that and also because I love the stamp and colors she chose!
  2. You’re going to clutch your heart when you read this next article, which one of my friends shared with me on facebook a couple of days ago. Here’s a touching tale of a mother cow trying to protect her babies from the cruelty of the dairy industry: a mother cow gives birth to twins, she brings one in with her from the field to the farmer waiting to take her baby to the veal crates. The other she hides away in the field. The farmer is mystified because the cow has no milk for him to steal from her, despite her recent pregnancy. Finally, he discovers the calf in the field and that she has been secretly nursing it, thus resulting in no milk for the farmer to take from her. Sadly, according to the article, the farmer did not let her keep her calf and that baby was, too, sent to the veal crates. Never let someone tell you that animals cannot feel.
    alone from the herd
  3. UGH Time once again reminds us that women don’t matter
  4. It’s time to give up zoos. Captivity is the worst kind of life for a wild animal. People say that zoos are educational, but you know what they are? A way for people to watch an animal die behind a piece of glass instead of in the wild. Here are 10 reasons to skip your next zoo visit.
  5. Ohhhh lookie! LVX Nail polish giveaway!! This is one of my absolute favorite polish brands. Vegan, cruelty free and proudly advertised as such. Definitely check this one out!

I haven’t got a bonus for you today, but maybe next week. I’ll be back tomorrow with my holly manicure 🙂

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