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Fabulous Friday Five (and a sincere apology!)

27 Dec


Haha sorry for running off on you all. I know I said I’d be back with a holly manicure for the 12 Days of Xmas challenge but… then I lost power in my apartment. Then I got crazy busy at work. Then my laptop screen stopped working (because of the cold in my apartment caused by lack of electricity!) Then I got lazy. Then the holiday happened and yikes where did the time go??? I’m sorry for taking such a long unannounced hiatus. I’ll try to be in touch sooner next time haha.

Anyway it’s Friday! So let’s see what the top 5 for this week are:

  1. I’m not the only one who slacked on their mish mash this week haha! But of those I did get to see, I’m loving Pee Before Polish’s Stylized Xmas trees! So cute and I love the colors!
  2. Y’all probably know that I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who but that my tolerance for the show has been… waning. I didn’t watch the 50th Anniversary because, well, a few things beginning with Clara literally exists to save the Doctor and you’re telling me that’s not sexist?? and ending with so you’re saying the Doctor can’t be female or non-white because…he’s actually an alien who has no control over the form he changes into and is also FICTION?? So anyway, I didn’t watch the Christmas episode (goodbye Matt Smith) and I’m glad I didn’t because apparently I would have hated every moment of it: ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special was everything fans dislike about the Moffat era
  3. VEGAN VARNISH! This is is a feature in the upcoming Nail It! Magazine. Even if you don’t have a sub, it’s still cool to see people thinking about what goes into their nail polish
  4. Wanna see some scary facts (like the fact that only 1 of the top 250 films had a non-white female lead)?? Check out this interesting post over at
  5. Look! Set in Lacquer did a top-ten-in-2013 post so I don’t have to haha.


Andddd I’ve been away for ages and have hardly painted my nails at all in my offtime so here’s today’s manicure:

2013-12-27 10.33.45 copy 2013-12-27 10.34.41 copy

I received an order from Ellagee right after Thanksgiving, and I have been dying to try what I got! This one is La FÊe Verte, and it’s a silver-green thermal. You can absolutely tell just how cold my hands were this morning because I tried to warm the polish up for pictures, but they went back to green before I could get into position for photos haha. Even cold and all green, it’s shimmery and perfect! Such a good choice on my part haha. Can’t wait to try the other one I picked up — it glows in the dark!

Alright friends, that’s it for me today! I’m going to try to get back into a regular schedule of blogging again. Probably Wednesdays for the mish mash and Fridays for the Fab 5. If I get in an odd TioT, so much the better! Sorry again for the hiatus, please forgive me 🙂


Fabulous F’Saturday Five

14 Dec

I’m ashamed to say, I was lazy yesterday. I didn’t update for that reason. I’ve come down with a cold, so I called out of my tutoring sessions, too, so you’re not the only one who got left behind. I also decided not to participate in yesterday’s 12 Days of Christmas mani because the theme was Christmas animals and I was completely uninspired haha.

Anyway, I’m back, and here’s this week’s fabulous five:

  1. I want to welcome Aly back to the Mish Mash Challenge after she’s been away for awhile! I picked her to feature this week partly because of that and also because I love the stamp and colors she chose!
  2. You’re going to clutch your heart when you read this next article, which one of my friends shared with me on facebook a couple of days ago. Here’s a touching tale of a mother cow trying to protect her babies from the cruelty of the dairy industry: a mother cow gives birth to twins, she brings one in with her from the field to the farmer waiting to take her baby to the veal crates. The other she hides away in the field. The farmer is mystified because the cow has no milk for him to steal from her, despite her recent pregnancy. Finally, he discovers the calf in the field and that she has been secretly nursing it, thus resulting in no milk for the farmer to take from her. Sadly, according to the article, the farmer did not let her keep her calf and that baby was, too, sent to the veal crates. Never let someone tell you that animals cannot feel.
    alone from the herd
  3. UGH Time once again reminds us that women don’t matter
  4. It’s time to give up zoos. Captivity is the worst kind of life for a wild animal. People say that zoos are educational, but you know what they are? A way for people to watch an animal die behind a piece of glass instead of in the wild. Here are 10 reasons to skip your next zoo visit.
  5. Ohhhh lookie! LVX Nail polish giveaway!! This is one of my absolute favorite polish brands. Vegan, cruelty free and proudly advertised as such. Definitely check this one out!

I haven’t got a bonus for you today, but maybe next week. I’ll be back tomorrow with my holly manicure 🙂

12 Days of Christmas AND Mish Mash Challenge: Decorations & Stamping

12 Dec

I had this ready yesterday and I should have posted but… I was lazy. I watched the Mentalist and went to bed instead haha.

So this is a weird post because this week the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge and Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge fell on the same day. So I decided… well, why not do both at the same time?

The 12 Days of Christmas theme was “decorations”

And the Mish Mash theme was “stamping.” I don’t have very many stamping plates, just the ones that came with the kit my mom bought me, so I was kind of limited. In the end, I picked one that reminded me of the poofy decorations my family makes using tissue paper.

2013-12-10 21.21.05

I started with a base coat of Finger Paints Easel Come Easel Go which is by far my favorite silver polish. I then stamped with Sally Girl Black, China Glaze White on White, and OPI Oui Bit of Red over it. Quick, easy, painless. Covers both themes or nearly does haha.

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Twelve Days of Christmas: Bells

9 Dec

Another day, another mani.

Today’s theme is Bells and I put together a very quick, jingle bell mani for this theme.

2013-12-08 19.31.18

I started this mani with a base coat of Sephora by OPI Looks like Rain, Dear (which is officially my new favorite gold polish ever). Then, on just my ring finger (because I’m lazy), I painted a yellow half circle on the bottom half of my nail using Color Club Yellow. When that dried, I painted the a black outline using my Art Club Black and made the cross at the bottom like the cross you see on the bottom of jingle bells. I free handed the bow using a red striping brush.

This is the kind of bell I was trying to recreate:

I hope you can see it, haha. I think it looks pretty cute.

Unfortunately, I painted my nails with school glue before putting my polish on (so I could peel it off rather than soak my nails) and my nails seem to be repelling the glue, so all my nail art popped off between last night and this morning, haha. Guess that means it will be easy to get started on the mish mash challenge!

Check out the other belles manucures (that’s French for beautiful manicures, BELLES, get it??) from the other fabulous challenge ladies 🙂

Twelve Days of Christmas: Festive Colours/Glitter

8 Dec

It’s time again for another 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge mani and today’s theme is “Festive Colours/Glitter.”

It was difficult again to decide what to do for this challenge… mostly because I have sooo many different colors/glitters I could use. I recently reorganized my polishes into my brand new Helmer and I went through each drawer to decide which colors to use… then I realized I have about 30 glitters I could have used and decided to narrow it down to 3.

2013-12-07 19.02.40

For this mani, I started with a base color of Wet N Wild Sugar Coat, which is basically the same color as my natural nails, then I painted straight french tips using Sephora by OPI Looks Like Rain, Dear. Over that, I painted Color Me Monthly’s December 2013 color, Wrapped in Tinsel (which arrived this morning and I thought I would hate but I actually love) except on my ring finger, on which I used OPI Simmer & Shimmer instead. To add to my festive look, I played red gems on each nail. In between each coat, I used Ellagee’s new top coat Glass (which I got for free when I made a purchase from her on black Friday). Glass is a fast dry top coat that reminds me a lot of Seche Vite but actually smells less chemically and dries not necessarily faster but actually harder. I was able to take only 3-5 minutes between coats where I might wait half an hour or longer with Seche Vite.

Alright friends, that’s it for me tonight. You’ll see me in a couple of days for another challenge mani! Don’t forget to check out the other gorgeous, festive manis from the other challenge ladies.

Fabulous Friday 5

6 Dec

Holy yikes what a crazy whirlwind week of manicures! I’m used to changing my polish everyday, but this went wayyy beyond that. One of my manicures I only got to wear for less than an hour! Anyway, it’s Friday and I’ve posted practically everyday this week, might as well keep the record going! Here’s this week’s Fab 5:

  1. This week’s Mish Mash theme was Around the World and I fell in love with Light Your Nails postal stamp mani! So cute and vintage and absolutely perf for the theme
  2. Why Aren’t We Laughing at that Female Comedian? Ann Friedman made us a handy chart
  3. Calling all nail polish bloggers! SueMeLacquer’s new (vegan-friendly!!) polish line is coming out in January and she’s looking for swatchers 🙂 Please apply here
  4. So this happened to me on Facebook the other day:

    Yes, that’s me, liking an article I thought I might use later for one of my Fab 5 posts (aka this one — see bonus #6) and that’s my grandma commenting. That happened and I’m posting it here to remind y’all to watch out for family members that are actually stalking you on FB even though you never see them online lol
  5. Watch this video from the Representation Project.


Six is for Sex Tips: Read the article that got me in so much trouble with my grandmother, you will not regret. I Tried Cosmo’s Weirdest Sex Tips So You Don’t Have To by Anna Pulley.

That’s it for me, I’ve got tutoring to do and work after that! Have a fabulous Friday everyone 😉

Twelve Days of Christmas: Food

5 Dec

Day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge with Nail Art Novice! And today’s theme is “food.”

Okay, don’t judge me, maybe I’m an alcoholic but… instead of Christmas “food” I decided to do holiday drinks, haha. I just didn’t feel like painting a dozen candy canes or gingerbread men, bor-ing. Especially when cocktails are so delicious!

2013-12-04 22.54.03

(I have to apologize for my index finger — for the life of me, polish is not drying on that finger even with Seche Vite haha)

I started with a base coat of China Glaze White on White (still on my table from my last 12 Days mani haha) then painted a triangle of green, blue, or red on each nail. I outlined each triangle with Sharpie and added a stem to make a glass. Done!

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