Try it on (T)Monday Color Me Monthly 1982 Vintage

19 Nov

(so we’ll just pretend I didn’t skip out on this past Fabulous Friday…)

Heyy friends it’s another try it on t’monday here at Vegan Nail Art, Baby, and this time I’m trying out my newest Color Me Monthly polish: 1982 Vintage.

I love Color Me Monthly because it’s a really affordable subscription ($7/month) and it’s always a fun surprise because they don’t notify me when they ship (love coming home to an unexpected polish!) and they have great taste! Never gotten a polish I didn’t love. Plus it’s indie and vegan which is just the best, right?

So this month, they sent out 1982 Vintage which is a gorgeous burgundy red. It’s aptly named in that it’s red like wine and it’s totally perfect for the holidays. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect color for the upcoming holidays, it’s like cranberries!


Sorry, mani and photo are not that hot, I was in a hurry haha. I threw some black striping on because I felt somewhat inspired.

Does anyone else get Color Me Monthly? I’m curious if everyone gets the same color each month haha.

Alright, I’ll see you all on Wednesday! Thanks for bearing with me while I sort my life/work sh*t out.

OH and if you’re thinking about skipping out next week, don’t! I’ve got something really exciting planned 🙂


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