Mish Mash at Last

9 Nov

Sup playas! I’m doing the world’s fast mish mash challenge post because my sister got married today (yes, yes, congrats to her and all that — but bear in mind that this was part 1 of 2 because she’s having her “real” ceremony next summer and this was basically just paper signing and photos by the freezing cold lakeside) and I’ve got to be at her reception to help set up in like 10 minutes (as I wrote that sentence, I got a call for my mom asking me where the heck I am — duh mom, I’m updating my blog DON’T RUSH ME).

This week’s challenge theme was “halographic” and I picked one from my patch of amazing polishes from Dionne’s Halloween package. This one is called “Beam Me Up” which I picked for my wishlist primarily because I loved the name, haha.

2013-11-08 08.14.49

It’s a pretty gold-flecked halo (which you can barely see because I’m still figuring out the best lighting/backdrop in my new apartment!), perfect over the Sally Girl black Dionne also sent me 🙂

Alright gotta run! Don’t forget to check out all the other beautiful challenge manis!!


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