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Fabulous Friday Guest Post: Liz from A-Mani-Maniac

29 Nov

(A Note from Marilyn: Hey all! As you know, I’m away this week but the fabulous Liz from A-Mani-Maniac has been kind enough to help me out by preparing a guest post for you all. Thanks so much Liz! Please check out her blog over at And don’t forget, I’ve still got my giveaway running until Tuesday, so check it out on my facebook page by clicking the “giveaway” picture on the right below my cover photo. Thanks guys, and enjoy this post from Liz!)

Hi all!  This is Liz from A-Mani-Maniac, and I’m pretty excited to be here guest posting for Marilyn.  My blog is pretty low-profile, but I thought this might be fun to do.  I hope she’s having a good time on vacay!

I had an entirely different mani set up for today…really, I did.  But I forgot the cardinal rule during winter, and the nail gods made me pay.  I didn’t moisturize the day I was going to photograph my post, and a really long, stupid story later, I had 6 broken nails and a ruined manicure.

Please take pity; my fingers still haven’t recovered, and this is the shortest my nails have been in months.  The breaks got so low, it made it impossible to have a nice straight edge.  Sigh…Anyway, the mani’s must go on, right?

I’ve been trying to do an OPAL effect mani for what feels like forever, but haven’t been able to come up with one that I’m happy with.  This still isn’t quite it, but it is pretty darn close.   Just a note – I had to make the photos a little on the dark side – the colors wouldn’t come out to play on the normal settings.  I hope you can see a little something of what I see in person.

Normal settings & sunlight
Darker settings

I used the dry marble technique.  I came across this back in March of this year, and just LOVE it!  I like making my own nail strips, but the down side is you have to plan.  It takes a good day to completely dry and make them easily workable, but it is so worth it.

I used a plain white base polish (Wet ‘n Wild A Blank Canvas), and for the dry marble I used six CND Shimmer effects.

Whew…this was a little longer than I had thought it would be!  I want to thank Marilyn for letter me take over the blog for the day, and I hope you all liked what I did.  Enjoy the weekend, don’t break the wallet today, and I hope you all make some good memories this season!!
Happy Holidays!

Happy birthday to me!

23 Nov

Soooo you all know I’ve been hinting at having something planned coming up… and now is the time for the big reveal! Are you ready?? The big secret is… I’m going away for the week! haha. Sorry friends! I’ll be gone Saturday, November 23 through Monday, December 2 (WHICH IS ALSO MY BIRTHDAY!) And I thought as a little gift to you all to make up for my absence and to celebrate my 26th birthday, I’d throw together a little giveaway for you all.

So here it is! Vegan Nail Art, Baby’s First-Ever Super-Spectacular Giveaway of Awesome!

Anddd here are our prizes:

  • THREE Beautiful Polishes from Incidental Twin
    *FEELS is a previously unreleased glitter polish from Incidental Twin! It will not be released in her shop until after MY giveaway!
  • TWO Nail Polishes of Your Choice from LynBDesigns
  • ONE Bottle of Sparkly Lotion from Maddieloos

All prizes are VEGAN-FRIENDLY and provided by my super generous and amazing friends on Etsy. Special thanks to Incidental TwinLynBDesigns and Maddieloos!

—>> Because I blog via WordPress, you MUST visit my facebook page to enter the giveaway via rafflecopter. CLICK RIGHT HERE TO ENTER.<<—

Okay, so I guess I should lay out the rules:

  • The giveaway is open November 23-December 3
  • You must enter via the Rafflecopter widget on my facebook page.
  • I will email the winners within 48 hours of the giveway ending
  • Winners must respond to my email within 72 hours. If I do not receive a response, I will choose a new winner.
  • This giveaway is US only (sorry, shipping costs are like yikes! and I have terrible luck with international couriers)

That’s it! Good luck to all!

Before I go, a couple of notes: a) thank you all soooo much for being awesome and continuing to follow me, like and comment on my blog posts despite my spotty attendence. b) Happy Thanksgiving for all you US people who are celebrating it — and remember! Thanksgiving is no fun for those being eaten: go turkey-less this Thanksgiving! Your body and our turkey friends will thank you 😉 c) I’ll be participating (or at least attempting to) in Nail Art Novice’s 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge in December, so expect somewhat fewer TioTs with that challenge taking it’s place/sharing Fab Fridays and d) don’t worry, this blog won’t be entirely abandoned for a week! I’ve got a guest blogger coming in one day while I’m gone 🙂

Just in case you scrolled past all that information looking for the widget, I’ll put this right here for you:

super spectacular giveaway.jpg

Fabulous Friday 5

22 Nov

Helloooo and good morning! It’s a wintery, yet fabulous, Friday here at Vegan Nail Art, Baby. I’m up early because I started tutoring at my local adult basic ed non-profit and I’m determined to finish this post before I leave to meet my first student.

I know I missed last week’s post, but I’ll make it up to you, I swear! Here’s this week’s fab 5:

  1. This week’s theme for Kimber’s Mish Mash challenge was grey and I fell in love with Over the Top Coat’s perfect gradient. Love the pop of color this glitter topper gives!
  2. It’s November (almost the end of it but bear with me, I’ve been busy!) and that means it’s time to deal with… sexist assholes who think women who participate in No Shave November are disgusting beast hippies who will never enjoy the touch of a man again in their lives. Well, I’m sure you can imagine how I feel about that.
    Here’s a few facts about me: I don’t shave my legs. Ever. I think it’s totally unnecessary, inconvenient, expensive, time consuming and potentially painful. I don’t shave my legs in the winter, I don’t shave my legs in the summer. I stopped shaving in July of last year, and I did it because I was trying to be body positive and accept myself as I am and to make people accept me as I am. At first, I felt really embarrassed. Like, they’re my legs but my boyfriend at the time and even some of my friends were like… eww. But why? What is gross about body hair? Men have body hair. ALL OVER. On their legs, their stomachs, their chest… everywhere. And that’s… fine? But a woman with leg hair is…. gross? Ugh, no. Sorry but I’m pretty sure if we look back through the annals for history, we will find that women in ancient and historical times had body hair just like women in current times have body hair. No body was telling Catherine the Great to shave her legs, ya feel me? It’s all perfectly normal. Everyone has body hair! If it wasn’t natural, I don’t think we would be growing it like we do.
    So why, then, do we shave? Well, because capitalism obviously. You know what costs money? Shaving cream. Razor blades. Depilatory creams. Waxing. It’s all $$$ for corporations, salons, etc. Beyond that, though, why do men insist we do it? Well, you know the best way to keep a woman out of politics, the office, etc? Give them too many other things to worry about. Keep them busy making themselves fit some idealistic, unachievable bizarre image of a “perfect” woman and keep them from thinking. UGH PATRIARCHY. Anyway, someone on tumblr posted a really beautiful response to No-Shave-November-is-not-for-the-ladies attitude. You can view it on my main blog. (Oh, and a side note to sexist assholes who think that I’m disgusting because I don’t shave… FYI I have no shortage of men who want to touch me, hairy legs or otherwise. And my sex life is definitely healthier — and hotter — than yours 😉 )
  3. Leesha’s Lacquer did this amazing-and-cute mani she’s calling “Floral Frenchies.” I LOVE French manicures like I can’t express, and this one is too fabulous not to show you
  4. It’s almost Thanksgiving here in the US, and I’d like to encourage you all to adopt a turkey instead of eating one. Instead eat stuffed seitan like this one from Vegan Yack Attack!
  5. I’m sure you all heard about Renisha McBride, the 19-year old girl who was shot and killed when she went to the door of a white man after crashing her vehicle in his neighborhood. It’s a truly sad tale of how racism is still the norm in America and is wayyy too accepted in our society, media and lives. Gradient Layer has been doing some amazing pieces about her, what happened and why it matters.


6 is for Sexual Health: New York Magazine did an amazing piece a couple of weeks ago about abortion where instead of just writing about the laws and if it’s okay or not okay or whatever, they did something revolutionary: they actually talked to real people who have had abortions. I know, crazy, right? What opinion could those people even have, amirite? The truth is that 1 in 3 women will have an abortion by age 45 (that’s right from their article) and when men are sitting around on their little committees and people are out protesting, real people are actually affected. And there’s such a stigma associated with “getting abortions” but the truth is, by stigmatizing people who have abortions, you’re probably stigmatizing someone you know. Y’all just gotta read the article, it’s really interesting and breathes a human quality into the issue.

And before I go… DEFINITELY stop by my facebook or my blog tomorrow because I’ve got a big announcement!!


Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge: Grey

21 Nov

Hey friends, it’s pretty late night but I’m committed to completing this challenge on time haha. My life has been a hot mess lately, and I’m crazy extra busy this week because I’m working in berserker mode and blah blah, the situation isn’t really important. I work too much, I’m exhausted when I get home and I drink a lot, haha. That basically sums up my life at the moment.

Anyway, this week’s Mish Mash challenge theme was grey and when I went to choose my polishes for this mani I realized… I only own one grey, haha. I had an OPI grey at one point from their Germany collection, but I lost it or loaned it to someone (or, more likely, my mom stole it off my shelf when I leant her the key to my apartment last week). Since my polishes are organized by color, I’m pretty confident in my assessment that I only own one grey polish. It’s funny, too, because I’ve been looking for a light grey for awhile now and have had such a difficult time finding a nice, opaque light grey polish.

So I used the only grey I do own: Thunderstorm from E.L.F.’s Villains collection.

2013-11-20 22.36.27

It’s a pretty dark grey, which is disappointing because I really wanted to do light grey with dark grey and black dots for this challenge. Instead, I decided to use some light pink and white for the dots, and I think it turned out pretty cute. I love the color combo and accent nails are my favorite because it gives me a reason to be lazy haha. Does anyone have any recommendations for a light grey I can purchase? I don’t want something that is going to look tan or white or too dark or green, I just want a nice 20% black color, you know? Please definitely leave any suggestions in the comments!

Alright, that’s it folks. I’ll definitely be back for Fab Friday AND you’ll see a bonus post on Saturday which y’all had better stop by for it because it’s a SUPER IMPORTANT UPDATE (SERIOUSLY!).

Also, on an unrelated note, I made a big girl decision and purchased my own domain name! You can now find me at!

Don’t forget to check out all the other beautiful grey manis this week!

Try it on (T)Monday Color Me Monthly 1982 Vintage

19 Nov

(so we’ll just pretend I didn’t skip out on this past Fabulous Friday…)

Heyy friends it’s another try it on t’monday here at Vegan Nail Art, Baby, and this time I’m trying out my newest Color Me Monthly polish: 1982 Vintage.

I love Color Me Monthly because it’s a really affordable subscription ($7/month) and it’s always a fun surprise because they don’t notify me when they ship (love coming home to an unexpected polish!) and they have great taste! Never gotten a polish I didn’t love. Plus it’s indie and vegan which is just the best, right?

So this month, they sent out 1982 Vintage which is a gorgeous burgundy red. It’s aptly named in that it’s red like wine and it’s totally perfect for the holidays. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect color for the upcoming holidays, it’s like cranberries!


Sorry, mani and photo are not that hot, I was in a hurry haha. I threw some black striping on because I felt somewhat inspired.

Does anyone else get Color Me Monthly? I’m curious if everyone gets the same color each month haha.

Alright, I’ll see you all on Wednesday! Thanks for bearing with me while I sort my life/work sh*t out.

OH and if you’re thinking about skipping out next week, don’t! I’ve got something really exciting planned 🙂

Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge: Faux Stone

15 Nov

Helllllloooo friends! You might be thinking, huh isn’t mish mash supposed to be on Wednesday?

Yeah. Well. WELL.

Okay, so you’d be thinking right buuut you know what else is on Wednesday? Apparently me drinking half a bottle of vodka, that’s what!

I was going to do my challenge mani, I swear I was. But then I had the afternoon off from work and I just… yeah, vodka. I was kinda exhausted from life and I needed a night off.

But now I’m back! A day late and this time only 2 vodka cocktails in!

Right, so, onto business. This week’s challenge mani theme is “faux stone” and I’ve been thinking about it for so long it’s hard to believe it’s finally here! When I saw the list at the beginning, I was most pumped about this theme. You know why? Because I’m from the mother-f-ing granite capital of the world my friends!

BOOM! Barre granite my friends, Barre f-ing granite. We’re famous for the stuff (really! look it up!) and I recently helped publish a book about it. Barre ROCKS! (Do you get it, do you?? rock like granite GET IT??)

Right, so to emulate the “granite” look I decided to start with a white-ish base then covered it with grey-silver (it’s kinda difficult to tell in that picture, but Barre granite has these little sparkly-silver flecks in it) topped with a black-and-white glitter bomb.

2013-11-14 21.39.47

The polishes I used for this mani were:

  • Base color: Seche Rebuild and Incidental Twin Spectre
  • Glitter bomb: A’dore Shattered

That’s it! I posted a mani (almost) on time and that’s not bad, right?

Don’t forget to check out the other manis from the challenge ladies, and I’ll (try to) see you tomorrow for Fab Friday 🙂

Try it on Tuesday: Van Gogh’s Violet

12 Nov

Heyy everyone. It’s another Monday edition of TioT (you love it, I know you do) and this week I’m trying out another one of the awesome polishes Dionne sent me for Halloween.

This one is Finger Paints Van Gogh Violet, and it’s a lovely purple and silver glitter bomb. I decided to wear it over Wet N Wild Wild Card (I see what you did there Wet N Wild) because I wanted a color with a similar hue but that wouldn’t overwhelm the color of the glitters.

Disclaimer: Gifted to me by a fellow nail polish blogger. All opinions are my own.

2013-11-11 20.25.59-2

So let’s do some nitty-gritty pros/cons, shall we?


  • color, color, color! That’s the absolute best part of this. The main mini glitter is a perfectly pretty purple (did you see what I did there? Take that Wet N Wild)
  • Formula: easy to apply, easy to distribute, nicely done


  • The name. What the heck, Finger Paints, I don’t recognize this color from any Van Gogh paintings haha. I googled to see if maybe he made any paints of violets like the flower… not that I could find. If anyone knows of one let me know, especially if it’s this color purple
  • Staying ability: you can tell from the image that the glitter didn’t cling well to the tip of my nails (this photo was taken exactly 24 hours post-application, which is pretty normal for my photo-shooting), and I didn’t even do anything today — I drove 45 minutes and bought a half dozen vegan cupcakes, haha, not a whole lot of stress. For the rest of the nail, however, like most glitter bombs, it was kinda a struggle to remove.

The big question for the day is… have I found the better lighting/backdrop situation for nail photos? What do you think? Improvement from Saturday, at the very least, right?

And that’s it for me tonight! Have a great Tuesday, see you in a couple of days for the (on time!!) mish mash 🙂