Try it on Tuesday/Nail Mail: Incidental Twin Unnamed/Unreleased Glitter Topper

21 Oct

Okay this is my first Monday edition of Try it on Tuesday, and I think it’s really going to work out. I’m so proud of myself for finishing something early, haha.

So last week I ordered a custom order from my friend Sam over at Incidental Twin as part of a nail mail package I’m putting together for a polish swap on Elfster. Sam did such an amazing job making the custom polish, and of course I couldn’t help but get something for myself (etsy obsession strikes again!) and so I picked her awesome mini grab bag. I’ve gotten a grab bag from her before when I ordered my blogger polish set, and I had such a good experience and I just LOVE surprises, so it was the obvious choice. I already knew Sam wouldn’t let me down but boy did I hit the jackpot!

What she sent me was bottle of polish simply labeled “test topper.” It’s this beautiful sparkly blue with star glitters. It practically feels cold, it’s so perfectly styled for winter. It’s a glitter topper, so I decided to use it over a couple of my favorite colors, OPI Senorita Rosa-lita and OPI Unfor-greta-bly Blue. It looks so perfect over the blue, I can’t get over it.

Disclaimer: Purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

2013-10-17 21.39.29

So here’s the rundown:


  • This is the absolute perfect consistency. You know how some (all) glitter toppers have a thick consistency? Yeah forget all that, this is thin and light and easy to spread
  • Distribution of glitter is perfect! I never failed to pull at least one star out of the bottle. Not. Even. Once. And it was super easy to evenly distribute across my nails too
  • Pretty color for winter. You can tell on my middle finger (it’s the one on the top of this image — when I have small bottles I have trouble manipulating my hand around them to all fingers in one shot) that the tiny glitters appear blue on the nail as well as in the bottle. It’s like a winter wonderland for your nails. Also, I showed it to my sister on my nails (she didn’t see the bottle) and she immediately said the exact same thing. She didn’t say night sky or anything like that. She said winter. If that’s not a clear indication that this is my perfect winter holiday polish, idk what is.
  • It’s vegan!! Sam is always sooo good to me and she checks her ingredients carefully for each polish so she never sends me anything that isn’t vegan friendly (thanks Sam, you are the best!!)


  • I need this in a bigger bottle. I needed this before I even knew it existed.

Okay, that’s it. That’s my new favorite glitter polish!! What do you guys think? Are you a fan of those clunky glitter toppers with a thick consistency? Or are you ready to try a thinner consistency like this one? I wish I could make a gif set for you all of me just moving the polish around inside the bottle, you’d be amazed. But I’m not really a gif maker, haha.

ALSO I’ve been talking to Sam (we are kinda becoming polish bffs — hope you don’t mind Sam 😉 ) and she doesn’t have a name for this glitter, but I told her I would ask you guys for one. Anyone have any ideas for a name? Leave suggestions in the comments!

2 Responses to “Try it on Tuesday/Nail Mail: Incidental Twin Unnamed/Unreleased Glitter Topper”

  1. samanthaholloway October 21, 2013 at 11:22 pm #

    Yay polish BFFs!


  2. samanthaholloway October 21, 2013 at 11:23 pm #

    Yay Polish BFFs!


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