Try It On Tuesday: YouPolish

9 Oct

So while I’m carefully avoiding all social media including Facebook, Twitter and extra-importantly Tumblr so that I don’t accidentally view any S.H.I.E.LD. or Supernatural spoilers, I’ll post a real quick TIOT.

This month I ordered YouPolish’s October polish box, here it is:

2013-10-04 14.14.21

The great thing about YouPolish’s monthly boxes are that you get to choose the polishes you receive; I picked Calaveritas, a pink-black-white glitter bomb with round and square glitters plus some skull-shaped glitters and Zombie Boogie, a soft green halo. Both polishes are from her Halloween selection. The sticks you see in the center are fimo art stick, one shaped like a jack-o-lantern, one shaped as a ghost gourd thing (?) and the white one is some kind of skeleton mouse maybe? I can’t really tell haha. Anyway, so far I’ve only gotten to try one of the two polishes.

Disclaimer: Polish purchased by me. All opinions are my own

2013-10-04 14.55.06


So let’s get right down to it:


  • Love, love, LOVE this color. It’s completely unlike anything I have in my collection. Idk if I’ve ever said anything bad about halos, but if I have, I take it alll back
  • Wonderful consistency. This painted on in two coats super smoothly and with a smooth gloss finish
  • Great pigmentation! I mean, look, BOOM pigments yes
  • Easy to remove without much effort using acetone nail polish remover
  • Lasted TWO days, not too bad for me
  • It’s vegan!!


  • Con being that I can’t reasonably justify buying everything she makes due to responsible financial management

I really loved this color and received a lot of compliments. I’ll probably use this one a lot, especially since I’ve just been asked to model as a Vegan Zombie for some zombie trading cards πŸ™‚

I got a little excited because I went to a cabaret Saturday night, so I did a little art using tape and a piece of the fimo sticks included in the box.

2013-10-04 15.11.51


Love this color with the purple tape! Green and purple are made for each other haha. I’m not a huge fan of fimo sticks, though, because I get distracted by anything protruding from my nails. Mani looked cute on Saturday night though πŸ˜‰

Tiny little life update: I know I said I just moved but… I’m moving again. I’m moving back in with my sister because the thing with the old lady didn’t work out (no details but it wasn’t ideal for either of us, especially since I work so freaking much). This time, though, I’m moving into my sister’s second floor apartment so I will have a space of my own (where I won’t have to worry about anyone else’s needs), I’ve just got to wait for the electrical to be finished up (SOON SO SOON) so we can put a bit of carpeting down, and some tile in the bathroom/kitchen. I sort of had a mental breakdown because I realized I have to OMG actuallyΒ buy furniture and own things but I’m recovering from that now. I bought a Japanese-style futon so I don’t have to buy a real bed (EVER MWAHAHAH) and I can take it with me when I move (again) because it rolls up and fits in a duffle bag. I already own a set of plates (4 haha) and my sister is giving me a couple of pots/pans. Plus I can have an actual house warming party because it will really be my house! I’ll need a closet solution because, well, there are no closets but I can order a free standing one (or DIY one using pvc pipe if I’m ambitious). And what more could I need?? Besides curtains, a table (could get a Japanese-style low to the ground so I don’t have to buy chairs…), toast, microwave, silverware, shower curtains, etc. haha. But it’s all going to be fine. Just fine. It’s okay to own more than 1 piece of furniture. It’s okay. Really. I’m fine. Not freaking out by being bogged down by material goods. Not at all.

Anywhooo… oh right! Exciting news! I just received a press sample from Rainbow Honey (I promise it’s more vegan than it sounds haha) for their Final Battle collection coming out this weekend! It was a great surprise because they emailed me about it the day it was delivered and the collection is based on Final Fantasy VII!! I’ll swatch it this weekend (after I finish clearing the upstairs apartment for the carpet guys) and hopefully have it for you next Tuesday πŸ™‚

And PS I have some friends coming to visit in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS OMG so I will be missing Friday 5 on October 18. Don’t be sad though! Kimberly from the mish mash challenge will be guest posting so it will be like I never left πŸ™‚

Have a good night everyone, see you tomorrow for the challenge πŸ˜‰

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