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Try It on Tuesday/Nail Mail: Simply Sweet & Ellagee

29 Oct

Welcome to another Monday edition of Sassypaints’ Try It on Tuesday! I’ve got quite a treat for you today because omg, I got SO MUCH NAIL MAIL last week. Thanks to my participation with the amazing challenge group put together by Kimber of Kimber’s Lacquer Korner, I got the chance to participate in a polish-secret-Santa so to speak for Halloween this year. It was basically the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m not going to tell you who my elfster person is (I sent out her package last week, but she hasn’t gotten it yet), but I will tell you who had me: the fabulous Dionne from Glittery Fingers & Sparkly Toes. And the box she sent me was perfect X 1000. Here’s what she got me for polish:

2013-10-24 19.23.12


Here’s a list of what she sent:

  • Ellagee Not the Droids You’re Looking for (in a mini AND a keychain — that’s right, polish on a keychain. You have no idea how badly I needed this)
  • Ellagee Beam Me Up
  • Ellagee Rainbow Syrup
  • Sally Girl black (in the skull bottle — with a top hat, SO COOL)
  • Pure Ice Glow-in-the-Dark (didn’t realize how much I needed this until she sent it– Halloween here I come!)
  • Finger Paints Van Gogh’s Violet
  • Finger Paints Easel Come, Easel Go!
  • Finger Paints Peacock Portrait

Basically this was the most perfect gift in the history of perfect gifts. Thank you so much, Dionne, you are the best!!

So as you can imagine, it was a difficult decision for what to try for today’s TioT, but in the end, I picked Ellagee Rainbow Syrup because I had never seen it before.

Over the weekend, I also picked up a set of hot neons from Simply Sweet at TJ Maxx, so I just had to try Rainbow Syrup over the hot pink.

Disclaimer: Rainbow Syrup gifted to me by a fellow nail polish blogger. Simply Sweet Hot Pink purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

2013-10-28 20.50.17

I don’t know how Dionne knew I needed this polish, but I think it’s pretty obvious that I do. It’s a shimmery silver halo that doesn’t come out too well on my camera (I take my pictures with my Galaxy S3 fyi haha), but it’s stunning IRL. It was 100% necessary that I own this, so thanks to Dionne for getting it for me! Sadly, I couldn’t find it on Ellagee’s website to link it to you all (maybe I got the last bottle! Wouldn’t that be special?), but you should definitely check out her other stuff. I can’t wait to try the other I received — I bet they’re just as amazing.

Has anyone else gotten any interesting nail mail lately? I’d love to hear what you’re all be wearing for Halloween!


Fabulous Friday 5

25 Oct

Hello and good morning everyone! I hope you all enjoyed Kimber’s guest post for last week’s fab Friday and simultaneously aren’t too disappointed to see me back, haha.

I am sorry I missed last week’s post, but not that sorry because I got to see my friends from Philly!! It was really so great having Anne and Alastair here. They left on Sunday, though and I started missing them already. COME BACK FRIENDS, LIVE WITH ME!!

Anyway, a lot of stuff happened this week and last, so let’s get started:

  1. This week’s mish mash challenge theme was possibly my favorite so far: Rainbow. All the girls did such beautiful, colorful manis but I had to pick one to feature, and it’s definitely gotta be Sunshine Nails classy modern art:
  2. Petit Vour did a quick blog about why 3-free is better for you with some suggestions for alternatives to purchase, including LVX which is probably one of the nicest laquers out there and I would use 100% of the time of not for that silly “money” thing. Other 3-frees they didn’t mention are Piggy Paint, pretty much every indie brand ever and Zoya.
  3.  It’s almost Halloween, so keep your eye out for vegan candy options
  4. UN Women made a cool-but-mostly-scary ad campaign exposing sexism using real google searches.
  5. The Nailasaurus did this super cute Halloween patchwork design and gave us lay people a tutorial 🙂

Weekend Mani:

I finally found the opportunity to wear the 2nd polish I got in my YouPolish box at the beginning of the month, haha.

2013-10-24 21.15.44

  • Base color: Glow-in-the-Dark green from Blue Cross Beauty Products
  • Glitter: YouPolish Calaveritas


6 is for Sherlock! They’ve released the “for real guys, this time we mean it! (again!)” release date for BBC’s Sherlock season 3 in the US. It’s supposedly January 10, 2014. Yes, 2014. When did season 2 air… oh yeah, January 2012. Fuck you, BBC.

Sorry, whew. I’m actually just — GRRRR. Okay, maybe I’m the only fan who is angry about this whole f-ing thing, I don’t know but like… okay, here’s the deal: I loved Sherlock. LOVED IT. I dedicated literally the entire year of 2012 to that TV show. I was obsessed. I have read/viewed/reviewed more fan art than I can even recount, I have watched the series more times than I’d like to admit and I have obsessed like a tween boy band fan about Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch and Mark Gatiss. I have been f-ing dedicated. And I’m certainly not the only one. There are sooo many fans. So many people who, like myself, have overlooked a fair bit (LOTS) of sexism to pull for a show they find entertaining and exciting, but do the show runners/creators/writers/actors give a damn? Evidently not because it’s taken them 2 goddamn years to put anything together. And who knows if this air date is actually worth anything? I’ve heard lots of release dates over the past 2 years only to have my hopes shot down. At this point, I’ll be honest that I’m considering not watching at all. I just don’t know if they deserve me. GRRR.

Okay moving on…

Sorry about the tirade at the end there, friends. Something about the bonus number 6 really gets my fire going, you know? Y’all probably think I’m crazy now, but I don’t care because I know I’m awesome

Alright, I gotta get up and go do something productive haha, but before I go I just wanna make a shout out to Dionne over at Glittery Fingers & Sparkly Toes who sent me an AMAZING nail mail package for Halloween. Check it out on my new facebook page and make sure you like the page while you’re there so you’ll be up to date on exciting happenings here at Vegan Nail Art, Baby!

Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge: Rainbow

24 Oct

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for another challenge, and this week’s theme is: Rainbow.

You might be able to tell from my logo that I’m a big fan of rainbows, so I was pretty pumped for the challenge. Lucky me, I happened to have every color in the rainbow (ignoring indigo because wtf isn’t that just blue, too?) in polish bottles that came with a striping brush except purple which made it super easy to make this striped mani.

2013-10-23 20.52.42

I loved the stripes by themselves, but I was inspired by some Tegan and Sara fan art I made for a friend of mine a little while ago to add the heart using sharpie.

2013-10-23 20.53.01

In case you’re curious, here’s the fan art I made:



(yes, that’s lyrics to all my favorite songs in the background because I have an unhealthy obsession)

So the polishes I used for this mani were:

  • Base coat: You can’t really see it, but I used LVX Rive
  • Rainbow: Art Club striping brushes red, yellow, green; Milani striping brushes orange and blue; Wet N Wild On A trip (which I applied using a toothpick because I couldn’t find my regular striping brush haha)

I really loved this mani, and so did pretty much everyone I ran into over the past few days. I originally painted it on Sunday and have just been maintaining it through touch ups since because I adore it.

A couple of little non-mish mash related things: I have a facebook page now and y’all should probably go like it because I may-or-may not be plotting something that involves using it later (like perhaps a giveaway?) and because I’m going to keep it up today and post there a lot. Really! I am! Or at least I’m going to try 🙂

I wanted to give another shout out to Kimber, who hosts this challenge and who did a guest post for me on Friday. I’m so grateful for both the guest post and for involving me in this challenge which has just been so much fun and constantly educational. Thanks Kimber, you’re amazing!

Alright, that’s it for me, folks. I’ll be back on Friday for a fabulous 5 (though I really want to make it 10 since I skipped last week and have sooo many things to post about!). Make sure you check out the other beautiful manis from the challenge below!



Try it on Tuesday/Nail Mail: Incidental Twin Unnamed/Unreleased Glitter Topper

21 Oct

Okay this is my first Monday edition of Try it on Tuesday, and I think it’s really going to work out. I’m so proud of myself for finishing something early, haha.

So last week I ordered a custom order from my friend Sam over at Incidental Twin as part of a nail mail package I’m putting together for a polish swap on Elfster. Sam did such an amazing job making the custom polish, and of course I couldn’t help but get something for myself (etsy obsession strikes again!) and so I picked her awesome mini grab bag. I’ve gotten a grab bag from her before when I ordered my blogger polish set, and I had such a good experience and I just LOVE surprises, so it was the obvious choice. I already knew Sam wouldn’t let me down but boy did I hit the jackpot!

What she sent me was bottle of polish simply labeled “test topper.” It’s this beautiful sparkly blue with star glitters. It practically feels cold, it’s so perfectly styled for winter. It’s a glitter topper, so I decided to use it over a couple of my favorite colors, OPI Senorita Rosa-lita and OPI Unfor-greta-bly Blue. It looks so perfect over the blue, I can’t get over it.

Disclaimer: Purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

2013-10-17 21.39.29

So here’s the rundown:


  • This is the absolute perfect consistency. You know how some (all) glitter toppers have a thick consistency? Yeah forget all that, this is thin and light and easy to spread
  • Distribution of glitter is perfect! I never failed to pull at least one star out of the bottle. Not. Even. Once. And it was super easy to evenly distribute across my nails too
  • Pretty color for winter. You can tell on my middle finger (it’s the one on the top of this image — when I have small bottles I have trouble manipulating my hand around them to all fingers in one shot) that the tiny glitters appear blue on the nail as well as in the bottle. It’s like a winter wonderland for your nails. Also, I showed it to my sister on my nails (she didn’t see the bottle) and she immediately said the exact same thing. She didn’t say night sky or anything like that. She said winter. If that’s not a clear indication that this is my perfect winter holiday polish, idk what is.
  • It’s vegan!! Sam is always sooo good to me and she checks her ingredients carefully for each polish so she never sends me anything that isn’t vegan friendly (thanks Sam, you are the best!!)


  • I need this in a bigger bottle. I needed this before I even knew it existed.

Okay, that’s it. That’s my new favorite glitter polish!! What do you guys think? Are you a fan of those clunky glitter toppers with a thick consistency? Or are you ready to try a thinner consistency like this one? I wish I could make a gif set for you all of me just moving the polish around inside the bottle, you’d be amazed. But I’m not really a gif maker, haha.

ALSO I’ve been talking to Sam (we are kinda becoming polish bffs — hope you don’t mind Sam 😉 ) and she doesn’t have a name for this glitter, but I told her I would ask you guys for one. Anyone have any ideas for a name? Leave suggestions in the comments!

Fabulous Friday Guest Post: Kimber from Kimber’s Lacquer Korner

18 Oct

(A Note from Marilyn: Hey friends! First, I want to start by thanking Kimber from Kimber’s Lacquer Korner who has been sooo helpful and amazing by preparing this fabulous guest post! Second, I want to apologize that I’m not around for the Fab 5, but I promise I’ll be back 100% next week. Thanks to everyone for their support in my blogging endeavors and extra special thanks to Kimber for being awesome! Have a fabulous Friday and enjoy XOXO)

Hi everyone! I am so thrilled to be here today! When I heard that Marilyn needed someone to guest post for her, I jumped at the opportunity. I adore her blog, and her nail art, and am simply thrilled to be a part of it.

If you don’t know me, I’m Kimber, and I blog over at Kimber’s Lacquer Korner. I do a lot of Indie Polish reviews, and somehow managed to bring together and awesome group of ladies (Marilyn included!) to do nail art challenges together. Every Wednesday we’re undertaking the Mish Mash Challenge (although lately I’ve been so busy that I’ve missed a few), and it’s great fun.

Today I wanted to share a little bit of nail art with you all. I’ll be honest – my first attempt failed miserably. I had wanted to do an awesome water marble for Marilyn’s blog, buuuuuut it did not end well. I’m fairly certain that there are still spots of nail polish on my walls. Yikes!

My very fave form of nail art is stamping, so after my epic marble fail I decided that I would stick with the tried and true. I started with a base of A-England Camelot, my favorite black in the entire universe. Then I added Revlon’s Chroma Chameleon (this stuff is supposed to be a duochrome, but more on that – and Revlon in general- later) in Aquamarine. Then I grabbed my handy Mash stamping plates and some Konad Black polish and stamped the geometric image from plate Mash-47. I have a love of stamping duochromes since the black really pop against the color change.

Unfortunately this polish isn’t all that duochrome. In fact, I was really let down with the color change, but at least the color is still pretty.









I do love this particular stamp, but I really wish I had used a different base color. The duochrome just isn’t strong enough for me, being only visible at extreme angles.

After I chose this polish, I also realized that there is a bit of controversy surrounding Revlon and whether or not they truly test on animals. Revlon itself states that they have not tested on animals since 1989, however there are reports all across the internet that this may not be quite true. I don’t have a ton of Revlon polish, but I really want to believe that they truly are not testing on animals again, since they do make some great polish. I rarely wear Revlon since I’m not certain about their practices. How about you all? What have you heard about Revlon and animal testing? Do you own or wear any Revlon? I thought this would be the perfect forum for this discussion!

I’d like to thank Marilyn for having me today. I just love her blog and admire her commitment to all things Vegan. Every time I read her blog, I learn a little more. She’s certainly opened my eyes to many things that I wasn’t aware of or had only heard in passing. Not only that, but she’s just a sweetheart! I’m so glad to have met her!

Thanks for tolerating my ramblings, and I hope you enjoyed a little peek at what I have to offer. I hope to see you all around the community!

Happy Polishing!

Facebook Though

17 Oct

O. My. Gawd. I’ve just made a facebook fan page for my blog. Am I crazy? Or am I perhaps planning something big in the near to month-and-a-half-from-now future?? Like the page to find out 😉


Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge: Flower

17 Oct

Happy (late evening on a) Wednesday everyone! That’s right, it’s Wednesday so it’s time for this week’s challenge hosted by the lovely Kimber of Kimber’s Lacqer Korner. This week’s challenge theme is “flower,” so (after some experimentation and general procrastination) here’s what I ended up with:

2013-10-10 22.25.16

It was a pretty simple mani overall. I started with my basecoat, then made a small 4 or 5 dot flower on each nail using a dotting tool. Then I took the same dotting tool and randomly placed dots of various colors around the flowers. Took under 15 minutes to complete thanks to the wonders of Seche Vite!

The polishes I used for this mani were:

  • Base color: LVX Rive
  • Flowers: ELF Bubble Gum Pink
  • Dots: Wet N Wild Caribbean Frost, Beauty Concepts Silver, Art Club Yellow, Art Club Black

Sorry that was a bit of a rush job, guys, I’ve been busy moving back to my sister’s, fixing up her upstairs apartment (by which I mean starting it over from scratch including putting in and painting all new cabinets, floors, carpets, etc), work post-break in, and, of course, preparing for my friends to come visit!!

I know I mentioned this before, but because my friends are visiting from Philly, I’m not going to be around to post this week’s Fabulous Friday 5! I’m a little sad (but mostly not because YAY FRIENDS!!) but in my place I have such a treat for you that I know you won’t be disappointed! Stay tuned this Friday for a guest post from none other than Kimber from the Mish Mash Challenge!!! Please make sure you show her lots of love 🙂

I won’t see y’all before then, so have a great weekend everyone!! XOXO

Please don’t forget to check out all the other beautiful flower manis from this week’s challenge!