Fabulous Friday 5 (Spectacular Saturday Edition)

21 Sep

Hmmm could anything else possibly go wrong in my life? Unlikely. FYI I got a flat tire on my way to the bank today. Called AAA to fix it bc I was on a busy road and didn’t want to risk my life to switch out a tire (much happier to risk the repair man’s life, thanks! Also last thing in the world I wanted was for rapist A or kidnapper B or even creepy dude #809 to stop to help me) and they were quick but still by the time they reached me, the bank had closed. UGHHHH. And of course all the tire sales places are either closed on Saturdays or are only open until 4 (and I work until 5 fml) and none are open on Sunday. I mean, who could possibly need to replace a tire on a weekend? How absurd. And I’m supposed to be moving tomorrow morning so how awesome is it going to be moving my stuff (which isn’t packed yet!) without my car?? YAY LIFE.

Anyway, sorry for the delay on Fab Friday. It’s my favorite post every week, but it just wasn’t happening yesterday. But without further ado…

  1. This week’s Mish Mash challenge theme was cold, and I had such a hard time picking which post to feature in the fab 5 because everyone just such an amazing job! In the end, I couldn’t not pick Kimber’s Lacquer Korner because OMG have you seen these freaking adorable penguin nails???
  2. September is the Vegan Month of Food (Vegan MOFO) and isn’t that the best thing ever??? It means my instagram feed is full of delish food pics and every vegan blogger I follow posts a delish new recipe pretty much daily! Vegan Yack Attack just posted an amazing recipe for Cheezy (the z means it’s not real cheese 😉 ) Butternut Squash Macaroni AND they’re giving away a copy of Vegan Slow Cooking for Two-or-Just-You.
  3. Eye shadow on your nails, say whattt? Yes that’s right, someone I follow finally did it (I’ve been considering trying it myself for awhile and am glad to have an example to look toward!). Check out Set in Lacquer‘s eyeshadow nail art and tutorial:

  4. SEPHORA by OPI is being discontinued which means it’s on crazy sale. If you use OPI, stock up killa.
  5. I’m not gonna get preachy, but meat-and-dairy eaters, if you haven’t seen the pics of factory farm waste lagoons, disturbing pics hit the net this week, so now is the time to wake up (FYI no, I’m not going to put the pic here — totes not appropriate for a nail blog — but click the link to see it)

No weekend mani because I left my nails unpainted (THE HORROR!) for the Vermont Ice Ball, but here’s a pic of me, my friend Chelsea and Julia from the USA Luge Team (that’s me in the middle, aka the short one they’re both bending down to haha)

To see more pics from the VT Ice Ball (and my nail art! and vegan food! and beer!), check out my instagram


Six is for Skin Care: There’s a giveaway for some of B’Tyli’s Vegan Skin Care products over at Vegan Beauty Review, so check that out!!

**SUPER BONUS** there’s also a new app for preventing, reporting and responding to street harassment

Have a great weekend everryyyy (or what’s left of it!)



One Response to “Fabulous Friday 5 (Spectacular Saturday Edition)”

  1. Kimber September 23, 2013 at 5:10 pm #

    Thanks so much for featuring me! Also, those waste lagoons??? OMG……That is crazy and horrid. I mean, not just what’s *in* that horrific thing, but look at the size!!!!! Makes me happy that I really cannot stomach meat (Years ago, I bit into a hamburger and found a giant vein. After that, I couldn’t stomach eating anything that has had a heartbeat.) And, thankfully, soy milk is a big fave of mine. I’m not sure how anyone can see that pic and not be sick to their stomachs. 😦

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