Fabulous Friday 5

13 Sep

Good morning everyone! It’s another rainy and miserable Friday up here in Vermont, but we’re gonna roll with it. A little rain never hurt anyone, right? Until it floods the parking lot and I have to wade through 1.5 ft of water (and a waterfall!!) to rescue my car.


Happy Friday! Here’s today’s fab 5:

  1. Check out Light Your Nails‘ super cute stamping mani from this week’s Kimber’s Mish Mash Challenge. Love the shimmer, and she is super on-point with her stamping:
  2. Feministing answers the question: Should we do away with beauty pageants? (hint: yes)
  3. Ummm duh: study shows plant-based diets improve nutrition
  4. I’m so jealous of Glittery Fingers & Sparkling Toes who managed to get ahold of OPI Black Spotted when it was on sale last month (it sold out super fast 😦 ) but CHECK OUT HOW COOL IT IS!!
  5. Okay, fine, I admit I’m a sucker for vegan beauty boxes. I wasn’t going to but — I finally signed up for Petit Vour. They put up this stupid spoiler about their September box and HOW COULD I NOT??

Weekend Mani:

So I’ve been away for most of the week, trapped at my aunt’s place taking care of her hellhound. It’s basically meant I haven’t had much time for (or ability to) polish, and that’s made me pretty sad. To celebrate coming back home I did this super cute/fun half stripe mani for the weekend (which I have off!!!)

2013-09-11 21.35.30

For this mani I used:

  • Base coat: Color Club Lavender from their Blossoming collection
  • Stripes: Color Club Art Club Red & White Striping Brushes


Six is for Skinny People are People, too: Chelsea Cristene over at Role/Reboot wrote this fantastic article about skinny people at the gym. From the article:

And over the past several years, I’ve received comments telling me essentially this: Practicing healthy habits as a naturally thin person is superfluous, offensive to others, or, even worse, signifies that I have body image issues.

And let’s just talk about that! This is such a thing. I’ve been dealing it with it my entire life. People make me feel bad for trying to improve myself or my health. I told the nurse last night that I didn’t want to be weighed and she told me I “had nothing to worry about” and not to be self-conscious. What she didn’t understand is that I don’t weigh myself for a reason. I don’t weigh myself because I used to have an actual problem, I used to be controlled by the scale. And I’m better now. I got better by focusing on my health not my weight. And when people tell me that I “don’t need to worry” or “you’re too skinny to need the gym” it only makes my recovery harder.

Let’s just remember that everyone deserves to be happy and healthy, so let’s not take our own body concerns out on others.

Wow, sorry to bring out the body dysmorphism there at the end. I didn’t really intend to bring it all down to seriousness, but it seems like I always do.

Anyway, have a happy happy Friday, enjoy any nice weather if you’re lucky enough to have it!



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