Nail Mail!!

7 Sep

Okay, at lastttt it’s time for nail mail! I feel guilty because I received these like a week a go, but I’ve been so damn busy I haven’t gotten a chance to really tell you about them.

Disclaimer: Polishes purchased by me at discounted “blogger rate.” All opinions are my own.

So I’ve been badgering poor Sam at Incidental Twin for basically a month or longer with questions about the vegan-ness of her polishes and she has been so, so good and patient with me. Finally, this past Nail Polish Friday, I placed an order with her for “I trust your judgement” and she sent me 4 super cute minis to try on this blog.

 2013-09-02 18.47.57

(Look she event sent me a note how sweet!)

I found Incidental Twin on Etsy while searching for fandom polishes (and there are so many awesome ones! Sadly I’m yet to find any Kingdom Hearts inspired polishes — but I could always make one myself, I suppose), and I’m so glad I did. Sam makes fabulous, super glittery polishes based off not just  Doctor Who and a bunch of other fandoms but also just based off cool science! Sam isn’t paying me to say this, I swear, but I do think you should pop over and check out her shop. And actually, just search fandom polishes in general because there are so many good ones! I love Etsy sooo much, I kinda have to hold myself back when I log on haha.

The four polishes Sam sent me to try out were Eagle Nebula (which you might remember from this week’s TioT), Pacific Rim (like from the movie 🙂 ), Space Demo (this is one I got as part of Sam’s “Grab bag” option — because I like adventure!! It’s not available in her shop, but you can preorder it) and the Ocean at the End of the Lane (a Neil Gaiman inspired polish).

For swatching, I applied one to each finger because I was deciding which one to wear for my TioT. Here they all are together:

2013-09-05 22.19.07

And here’s the break down:

Pacific Rim – A nice, sparkly blue polish. Very much like the water in a tropical paradise. It has nice purple tones that shine through in the light.

2013-09-05 22.20.00

Ocean at the End of the Lane – A super pretty tealish-blue with fantastic hexagonal glitter. I’ll give you a list of my favorite things in life: veganism, tumblr, beer, hexagonal glitter, books and text messaging. So basically this polish is high on my fave polish lists.

2013-09-05 22.21.18

Space Demo – This one is my “grab bag” polish. I ended up totally loving it! It’s super dark (Just like my soul)  with some small round glitters spread throughout. I did 2 coats of this polish but I kind of wish I had done a base color with this on top because I think you lose the pop of the glitter on the 2nd coat.

2013-09-05 22.21.52


Eagle Nebula Okay, we’re all familiar with this one. It’s a macintosh-apple-green color, pale and translucent with tiny reflective shimmery glitters. I like the subtly of this color and tbh, this has to be one of my favorite colors of all time. It’s so unique and really hard to find a color like this in a well-made form. For a more in depth review of this polish, check out Try It on Tuesday from September 3, 2013.

2013-09-05 22.23.57


So that’s it! Happy nail mail! I won’t have nail mail again for awhile I think because I just ordered a bunch of super boring base and top coats plus a cuticle eliminator from amazon instead of spending a small fortune on Etsy. Gotta wait 2 more weeks until it’s new polish Friday again (boo).

Have a great weekend everyone!



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