Try It on Tuesday – Eagle Nebula (and my first successful ombre!)

4 Sep

Wow, sorry I am sooo thrown off by Labor Day. I totally thought I had another day before try it on Tuesday but I was just being dumb. I thought I’d have nail mail for you today and tiot tomorrow, but noppppe. Instead it’s gonna be TioT today, Mish Mash tomorrow, nail mail on Thursday (hopefully!) and Fab Friday on, well, Friday. If nail mail doesn’t happen Thursday, it will def happen Saturday or Sunday.

Anyway, so for today’s TioT, I used one of the polishes handcrafted by Samantha over at Incidental Twin. I love Samantha because she is soooo patience and helpful! I bugged her terribly with a thousand questions about her products and ingredients and what-have-you. She helped me out soooo much! (Note: not all of her polishes are vegan — her pinks, reds and purples contain carmine.) Her products are 3-free and all handmade. If you look at the pics on her blog and her about page, I think it’s pretty obvious that she’s actually a mad scientist.

I placed an order online for basically anything she had that was vegan, totally at her discretion, and she came through with four awesome shades for me. I picked one for today (because I totally did not realize it was Tuesday until an hour ago and I was already wearing it/had already swatched it haha) and the rest you will just have to wait to see in nail mail on Thursday (though let’s be real, it will probably be Saturday).

The shade I picked to wear is called Eagle Nebula from her Outer Space collection ($9 on Etsy). It’s this super shimmery mid-tone green color. (If you’re wondering what the eagle nebula is, it’s this really pretty stuff in space)

A couple of notes: 1. The polish in the picture is the mini version, her regular sized bottles are much larger and 2. In the interest of full disclosure: While I did pay for this polish, I purchased it at a discounted-for-bloggers rate. All opinions above and below are my own.

2013-09-02 20.36.21 2013-09-02 20.36.07

Here’s the run down:


  • It’s got tons of that tiny shimmer glitter I love so much. The glitter looks kind of silver in the bottle, but in the light it reflects back green, blue and purple.
  • It’s nicely formulated and easy to apply
  • Such a unique color, I love it it! It’s kind of difficult to tell from the pictures, but it reminded me a lot of apples
  • It’s pretty much translucent (which can also be a con see below haha) which means it would make a great coat over another polish (stay tuned for how I use this during the spring!)
  • It’s super long lasting, no chips over 3 days 🙂
  • It’s vegan, heck yeahh


  • The smell was a little funky. I’m not put off by nail polish smells (except China Glaze Fast Forward, ewww), but my sister (who is pregnant with a super sensitive nose) did not approve haha
  • As I mentioned, it’s pretty much translucent which meant I had to put on 3 coats


On my nails, this reminded me sooo much of apples (I just visited an orchard for my job, which is probably why I had apples on the brain), I just had to throw some red on there for a candy apple look. When my sister was cleaning out her shelves (again) she found and gave me a couple more polishes include this one

2013-09-02 23.22.51

2013-09-02 23.23.07

I did the ombre with OPI A Oui Bit of Red (which I have to assume is from their La Collection de France from a few years ago?) and I’ve never been successful before but look! It sort of worked! The photos are kinda bleh, I might actually fix them up at work tomorrow.

Anyway, happy (late evening on) Tuesday everyone!

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