Try It On Tuesday: Beauty Concepts Silver and *BONUS* LA Colors Metallic Pink

28 Aug

Okay, so as you all know, this past Friday was payday for me, aka New Polish Friday. So in my travels I, of course, bought wayyy more nail polish than I intended too. My loot include 2 Orly glitter shades, 5 mini bottles from Incidental Twin on Etsy (see these next week in Nail Mail!) and a 3 pack of metallics from Beauty Concepts.

Now the last one I had never actually heard of before,  but the polish was very affordable, the packaging said animal cruelty free and there weren’t any non-vegan ingredients on the label (Note: some of their other shades may contain a couple of Red Lake dyes which can come from non-vegan sources), so I thought, I’ve blown my nail budget away anyway, what can it hurt?

I’m glad I bought them because, like I said, they were very inexpensive and since there’s a challenge for that coming up, I think they will be useful.

And, of course, I need a new polish per week for TioT anyway!

I decided to try out the silver (there were no names on the packaging) and here’s what it looks like:

2013-08-27 22.11.33-2

I had some LA Colors Metallic Pink sitting around from a bunch of polishes my sister gave me and my love of French tips demanded satiating, so I continued forth with such.

2013-08-27 22.11.51


Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons of the silver Beauty Concepts polish:


  • Super nice pigmentation. What you’re seeing is just one coat
  • Beautiful colors, all three of these colors look great on my nail
  • Super quick and easy removal. No soaking or acetone necessary 🙂


  • The smell is kinda terrible. Not like China Glaze Fast Forward terrible, but like… nearly.
  • The dry time for this is ages long. Forget touching anything for approx. 12 years without some serious Seche Vite action

Overall these are pretty standard, inexpensively, nondescript polishes. I love the metallics and for the price ($1.30 each, give or take) they were well worth it. And the silver looks fab with my metallic pink 🙂


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