Try It on Tuesday: Anomalous Bloke (backdated)

13 Aug

IMG_20130813_143146 IMG_20130813_142303

It’s that time again (oh snap, when did it get Tuesday??), and I’ve got some pretty awesome swatches for you. For today’s TioT, I’m wearing LynBDesigns’ Anomalous Bloke from her “The Doctor Is In” collection.

That’s right. DOCTOR WHO NAIL POLISH. (If you think life doesn’t got better than this, she also makes Sherlock nail polish — some of which I purchased and will be using for other TioTs).

This is a very pretty green color and the images really don’t quite do it justice. It’s sort of like money meets Christmas, if that makes sense. It starts with a money-green base but has tiny red and gold glitters which really give it a nice Christmas-tree effect. It also gives a bit of texture, too. Here’s a quick pro-con list of this individual polish:


  • The pigmentation is fabulous. I’m wearing just 2 coats in the pics above.
  • This is long lasting (for me). I wore it 3 days and the only chipping I had was on my right index finger (which I can’t keep polish on to save my life)
  • SPARKLES, BABY. This has the kind of tiny glitter that is really eye catching without being overbearing. My best friend’s mom even complimented me on it last night 🙂
  • Easy to work with formula. There are few things I hate more than polishes that are too thick or too thin. This one was justttt right. I had no trouble evenly distributing the glitter.
  • Unlike a lot of glitter polishes, this was actually easy to remove. I usually do the cotton ball technique of soaking my nails for glitter polishes, but this one I didn’t have to. Polish removal was quick, clean and easy.
  • Best pro of all: It’s alllll vegan, baby. No animals harmed in the making of this polish! Can you be cruelty free with sexy nails? F-yeah


  • Okay, I swear LynBDesigns isn’t paying me to say this but I can’t really think of any cons. The polish is textured because of all the tiny glitters, so I guess if you don’t like that, that could be a con. I do kind of like textured polishes though, so even that I liked. I guess if there’s a con, it’s that Moffat is a misogynist, but that’s hardly LynB’s fault.

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